Finding the best pair for you can take a lot of time and research

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Whether you want to binge-watch  your new favorite television series, listen to an album or podcast, or nap without having to listen to those around you, comfortable headphones with a powerful sound are a must. Between getting the right fit and the right features, finding the best pair for you can take a lot of time and research. To help make the process a little easier, we’re sharing some of our favorite picks for travel headphones.

Over-the-Ear | Wireless or Wired | Noise Canceling | $349

Probably the most comfortable headphones we’ve tested, this model features a decent wireless range and a 20-hour battery life that can be aided by power-saving features. These headphones are lightweight, easy-to-use, and deliver a powerful sound with a lot of bass. Like most wireless headphones, consider using them wired if you’re watching tv or a movie to avoid any latency.

In-Ear | Wireless | $159 

Tiny and tangle-free, Airpods provide a rich, high-quality sound. Features like auto connect and battery status work with Apple devices, but sound quality still delivers with Android devices (without as many bells and whistles). Airpods provide five hours of listening time or two hours of talk time on a single charge, but the charging case holds up to 24 hours’ worth of extra power. Like most in-ear models, Airpods won’t block out all external sound, but their design manages to stifle conversation and the roar of a jet engine.

On-Ear | Wireless or Wired | $299 

With up to 40 hours of sound on one charge, Beats Solo3 also features simple-to-use multi-function on-ear controls. Available in a variety of colors, the ear cushions are soft enough for moderate lengths of time.

Over-the-Ear | Wireless or Wired | Noise Canceling | $348

This Sony model is perfect if you want more control over the sound and noise cancelation than is available with the Bose Quiet Comfort model. With up to 30 hours of battery life and a quick charge feature, this model also has a companion app that can customize your sound profile. For a cheaper model, try the Sony WH-700N at $198.

In-Ear | Wireless | $185

If you’re looking for travel headphones you can stow in your pocket that deliver above-average sound, these are worth checking out. They have a decent 5-hour battery life and the charging case can provide you with a total of 15 hours of sound.

In-Ear | Wireless | $55

With a simple, compact and portable design and an 8-hour battery life, these headphones are one of the best values out there. They feature a decent sound with deep bass, and their in-ear fit blocks a fair amount of noise.