Making the bed instantly becomes easier.

AAA World Article
For those of us who change the bed, there’s probably one part of the process we look forward to the least: putting the fitted sheet on the bed. It often takes multiple attempts to determine which side of the fitted sheet is the long side and which is the short side.

 However, Reddit user Nolapatrona just blew our mind with a simple trick that will change your sheet game forever. Apparently, the corner of your fitted sheet that houses the tag always goes at the bottom right side of your mattress. Who knew?

 Of course, an easy trick is to buy stripped sheets and then the direction the stripes run make putting the fitted sheet on the bed a breeze.

 Now that you’ve learned how to easily make your bed by getting the fitted sheet on easily, how often should you change your sheets? According to Carolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Lab at Good Housekeeping Institute, you need to change your sheets at minimum every two weeks. In an ideal world, you should shoot to change your sheets weekly. This minimizes the germs, sweat and body oils that your sheets can accumulate over time.

 Sweet dreams!