There are simple ways to cut back that won’t interrupt your lifestyle

AAA World Article

Cutting back on spending doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems. Whether you want to reduce your spending to save more money or pay off high-interest debt, there are simple ways to cut back that won’t interrupt your lifestyle. 

If you’re ready to save and spend less, here are 10 ways to cut your spending:

  1. Stick to a budget
    Creating and sticking to a budget may seem mundane and restrictive, but it can be one of the best ways to get your spending under control. It may take some trial and error to develop a budgeting strategy that will work for your lifestyle. One solution is to give every dollar you earn a purpose and a place to go.

    By designating a category for every dollar you spend, you can quickly get your budget in order. This will also help you evaluate areas where you may be overspending or not spending enough. For example, you may discover that you’re spending a larger percentage of your income on dining out, when you should be putting those dollars to good use and saving them in your retirement savings account.

  2. Use cash-only
    By using your credit or debit cards, you don’t see your money leave your wallet. When you stick to a cash-only system, it’s harder to part with your hard-earned cash. Before you part with your money, you may think twice about a frivolous purchase. 

    You can also try the envelope system. Divide your cash into spending categories. Once the cash is gone from a certain envelope, you can no longer spend in that category.

  3. Try purchase alternatives
    Instead of going out to dinner for date night, try staying in and having a game night. Making better financial decisions, big or small, can help you cut expenses quickly. After a while, making the inexpensive choice may become second nature.

  4. Use coupon apps
    Who doesn’t like cash-back on items they already purchase? Downloading apps such as Ibotta or SnipSnap helps you find deals, discounts, and rebates on items you already purchase. Before you head to the store, browse a coupon app to discover the offerings available.

  5. Remove saved credit card information
    By saving your credit card information, online retailers make it super simple for you to purchase items in a matter of seconds. Removing your account information from your favorite retail sites will give you more time to think about your purchases before you hit submit. This extra few minutes may end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run. 

  6. Try no-spend challenges
    Implementing money challenges may give you an extra boost of motivation to cut back on spending. For example, try a no-spend week where you can’t spend money on anything besides your basic necessities. Trying a no-spend week will force you to get creative and utilize the resources you already have.

  7. Negotiate lower prices
    Many consumers assume that the listed price is what they have to pay. However, negotiating can aid you in receiving discounts, deals, and even cut some of your expenses in half. Start by calling your cable provider and request a discount for your loyalty. You may be surprised at the number of retailers and service providers who are willing to offer you a deal simply because you asked.

  8. Unsubscribe from retailer newsletters
    Retailers temp you to purchase their items by flooding your inbox with their latest sale or discount. Unsubscribing can help you avoid the temptation of making impulse purchases. To unsubscribe from a newsletter you can usually find an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

  9. Enlist a savings buddy
    Cutting your spending is better when you enlist a saving buddy to support you. Recruit one of your friends, your spouse, or a family member to hold you accountable to reducing your expenditures. Knowing someone is encouraging you and monitoring your progress may decrease your chances of breaking your new spending habits.  

  10. Compare prices
    Whether you’re purchasing a new refrigerator or a pair of work shoes, always compare prices before purchasing an item. Taking the time to properly research the quality and cost of your purchase will ensure you receive the best deal available.


 Cutting your spending doesn’t have to be hard. Get creative and find ways you can begin reducing your expenses today!