Did your city make the list?

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Today, the average American spends more than 300 hours a year behind the wheel, according to a survey from the Foundation for Traffic Safety. That’s a lot of time commuting—and likely, sitting in traffic. 

INRIX, Inc., a transportation analytics and connected car service, recently published their 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard ranking the most congested cities and highways in America. They report Americans lost an average of 97 hours per year sitting in traffic, costing nearly $87 billion dollars, or an astounding $1,348 per driver.

Most Congested Cities
Out of the 60 most populated urban areas in the U.S., Boston and Washington D.C. rank as the top two most congested cities, losing 164 and 155 hours respectively per driver. Chicago and Seattle tie for third place losing 138 hours sitting in traffic.

New York City was also one of the most congested metros, with the “last mile” taking drivers seven minutes or more to get through at an average speed of 9 MPH.

As for cost of congestion, Boston drivers lost up to $2,291 per year due to congestion, followed by Washington D.C. ($2,161), Seattle ($1,932) and Chicago ($1,920). Wichita, Kansas had the lowest cost of congestion in cities studied at only $304 per driver per year.

Impact Rank City

Hours lost 
In Congestion

Cost of Congestion
per Driver


 Boston, MA

164 $2,291
 2  Washington, D.C. 155 $2,161
 3  Chicago, IL 138 $1,920
 4  New York City, NY  133 $1,859
 5  Los Angeles, CA 128 $1,788
 6  Seattle, WA 138 $1,932
 7  Pittsburgh, PA 127 $1,776
 8  San Francisco, CA 116 $1,624
 9  Philadelphia, PA 112 $1,568
10  Portland, OR 116 $1,625

Boston also ranked number eight in the top 10 most congested cities in the world – the only city from North America to make the list. Ranked number one is Moscow at 210 hours lost per driver.

Most Congested Roads
It’s no surprise that 9 of the top 10 most congested roads come from the top 5 most congested cities.

For the fourth year in a row, the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95) in New York City tops the list, wasting 29 minutes per day, or 114 hours per driver per year in traffic. Other cities with the most congested roads include Chicago (2 roads), Los Angeles (2 roads), Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston.

Top roads to avoid include:

Rank City Road Name   From  To

Daily Delay  (mins.)

Delay (hours)


New York City

Cross Bronx


29 114
2 Chicago I-90 | I-294 Stevenson
I-294 26 102
3 Chicago I-290 (Eisenhower Expressway)
I-94 I-294  23 93
4 L.A. I-10 I-405  I-110
19 74
5 Pittsburgh I-376 I-79  Pennsylvania Turnpike
18 72
6 Philadelphia I-76 I-476 I-676 13 53
7 Boston I-93 Massachusetts Ave. Connector
13 53
8 New York City I-278 Brooklyn Queens Expressway
Long Island Expressway
Manhattan Bridge
13 51
9 L.A. I-5  Hollywood
13 50
10 New York City I-87 Major Deegan Expressway
Robert F. Kennedy Bridge
Cross Bronx Expressway
12 49

Key Findings
“Congestion costs Americans billions of dollars each year. It will continue to have serious consequences,” said Trevor Reed, transportation analyst at INRIX. “If we’re to avoid traffic congestion becoming a further drain on our economy, we must invest in intelligent transportation systems to tackle our mobility challenges.”