April 2018


associates high-fivingDuring the Buzz Session in March, Berni announced a one-time Special Recognition Award for all Associates. This bonus takes advantage of the new tax laws and passes the benefit down to all Associates in acknowledgment of the team’s hard work in the service of our Members last year.

The one-time award will reward Associates for delivering value during a challenging year. Associates will receive an amount between $200.00 – $1,000.00 depending on their years of service with the Organization. The award is in addition to other performance based incentives, making for a lucrative spring for Associates.


The mission of all Associates is to help Members and other customers while achieving the business goals of the organization. Volunteerism enhances that primary responsibility by providing opportunities for volunteer and charitable activity as representatives of ACA.

AAA Club Alliance is committed to providing and participating in volunteerism opportunities that are local, regional, and across our footprint. Associates and their friends and families can connect with each other while providing impactful service to the communities and the Members we serve.

associates at a walkathon with ronald mcdonaldWe are so committed to volunteerism in our communities, ACA offers Volunteerism Time Off (VTO). VTO is a paid leave benefit provided to active full-time and part-time Associates. Each year, every eligible Associate may take advantage of one full day paid equal to their regular work schedule.

Look for our current ACA Associates serving our communities by participating in these upcoming events:

  • AAA Children’s Outing in Cincinnati
  • United Way Campaign (throughout the footprint)
  • Walks to end Alzheimer’s
  • Participate in your own personal charities and local events

Help us help you help others. It’s the AAA ACA way!


Most drivers would never keep driving on a flat tire. They know it would be unsafe or cause harm to the vehicle. So when it comes to items like air filters, why would so many of us rather keep using them and ignoring a mechanic’s suggestion to have them changed?

Let’s brush back the dust and shed some light on your car’s air filters and why it’s important to keep them clean.

Air filtersEngine Air Filter—Every engine burns a precise mixture of air and fuel in order to get where you’re going. Your car’s air filter cleans the air that is pulled from the harsh outdoor environment and into your engine, removing dust, dirt, and grime that would otherwise harm delicate internal parts.

A clogged engine air filter can impede the overall performance of your car and end up costing you more money over time. A dirty filter prevents your engine from burning the optimal air/fuel mixture, reducing miles per gallon, damaging spark plugs, and causing undue wear and tear on your engine.

While some mechanics will recommend you change filters every 3,000 – 5,000 miles or along with every oil change, others feel this is a bit excessive and recommend changing them once a year. The truth is, it largely depends on how much you drive and where you are driving.

Cabin Air Filter—Did you even know you had a Cabin Air Filter? This filter does the same thing as your engine air filter, but it addresses the air that blows into your vehicle, removing pollution and allergens from the air you breathe.

Your cabin air filter, while not critical for the performance of your vehicle, can have an impact on those riding in your car—particularly if they suffer from allergies. A clean cabin air filter means you’re breathing pollutant-free air. It also improves the performance of your climate control system and prevents dust and dirt from being blown around inside your car.

Celebrate pollen season by talking with your mechanic about replacing those surprisingly significant filters!


Winter’s tight grip has finally let up! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and it’s time to enjoy the outdoors again. Begin fueling your mind and body with some of spring’s best superfoods to preform your very best in and out of work. Eating healthfully may also help you shed some of that unwanted “winter weight.

fresh foodWalnuts & Asparagus: Good for your mood

  • Walnuts are packed with an amino acid your body needs to create the feel-great chemical serotonin. Eat up.
  • Asparagus’s anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and health-promoting Vitamin B may help get you out of a slump.

Spring Onions & Legumes: Good for weight loss

  • Spring onions are loaded with vitamins. They’re tasty enough to eat raw or include in all your favorite spring recipes.
  • Legumes, the underrated superfood, may help curb cravings, boost fat burning, and even attack belly fat.

Spinach & Artichokes: Good for energy

  • Spinach is rich in muscle-building protein, fiber, and vitamins A, C, and K, making spinach one of the healthiest greens out there.
  • Artichokes are one of the most potent high-fiber foods and may nourish the digestive tract helping to reduce energy-draining inflammation.

Salmon & Strawberries: Good for your skin

  • Salmon has many benefits. Hint: the deeper the color of the salon, the richer it is in this antioxidants.
  • Strawberries fight inflammation and are loaded with antioxidants which may help repair sun damaged and dry skin. Plus, they taste delicious.

Eggs & blueberries: Help with the memory

  • The yolks are chock-full of choline, a key nutrient for recall.
  • The secret ingredient in blueberries is anthocyanins, which may help improve the brain’s resilience.

Enjoy your fresh, spring fruits, veggies, and proteins for their robust flavor as well as for their natural abilities to support a healthy body and help prevent disease.