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Welcome to our AAA Club Alliance Alumni page. As alum you’re part of a great legacy of professionals playing a role in helping people get to where they’re going for more than 100 years. We believe that ACA is fueled by relationships with our Associates, present and past, and Members working together supporting our core objective of helping us help others.

Whether you’ve chosen a new career or a different organization to pursue your goals, we invite you to stay connected with us– follow us on social media or join our alumni network and we will send you periodic news and updates. We wish you much success in whatever you’ve chosen to do - stay in touch.

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Think you might want to come back? Or, perhaps you have a friend or colleague who would be a great fit? You can visit anytime to see what opportunities are available.

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Previous Employment VERIFICATION

For employment/salary verification, call The Work Number 800-367-5690.

Employer codes:

  • AAA Club Alliance Inc.: 12315
  • Allied Region Associates income verification for years prior to 2017: 16310
  • Allied Region Associates - if you need current income verification and income verification for prior to 2017 please provide both codes.
  • OAC Legacy Associates - if you need income verification prior to 2023 please contact the myHR team at 544-285-5126



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