• 36-month Limited Warranty – includes 36 months FREE nationwide replacement. 
  • Designed for a proper Original Equipment (OE) fit: - AAA batteries are made to meet or exceed your vehicle’s OE design and power specifications.  AAA batteries are specifically designed to meet specialized needs while providing the right fit for import and domestic vehicles.
  • High-impact cover: - The heat-sealed case-to-cover design of AAA batteries limits leaks and damage, ensuring the safety and integrity of the battery over time.
  • Maintenance-free, convenient flush top means safer and better performance: - AAA batteries have a flush top design that’s engineered to help take the worry out of tight spaces.  This flush cover design means easier installations with less interference from raised surfaces.  The maintenance –free design:
    • Eliminates the need to add water, which prevents overfill issues
    • Prevents harmful impurities from entering the battery
    • Eliminates unnecessary risk to the user since there is no need to open the battery
    • Helps prevent degradation of the battery’s performance.
  • Optimized Energy Grids: - The plate plays a critical role in the performance of the battery’s overall power system.  The ability of the plate to store and deliver power is directly proportional to how well it supports the vehicle’s power needs.  The AAA battery’s full-frame structure provides better transfer of current from all sides of the plate.  These optimized grids and plates provide a longer battery service life. 
  • Eco-Friendly: We recycle every battery we replace at an EPA approved recycling facility.
  • Added security of flame-retardant, safety vents: - Specialized safety vents help keep the cover of AAA batteries dry, corrosion-free, and allow for remote tube installation if required. 
  • Supported by decades of American ingenuity: - Innovative battery design, optimized manufacturing processes, and strict quality control.  All AAA batteries are manufactured in USA.  From the recycling of old batteries to the manufacturing of individual components and completion of the finished battery, everything is made in the USA.
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