A green car is made up entirely of green leaves set on four tires with fancy chrome wheels.

Green Car Guide

By providing AAA Members with the latest information about fuel-efficient vehicles and advanced automotive technologies, the AAA Green Car Guide can help you make better car-buying decisions. The AAA Green Car Guide: 

  • Defines fuel-efficient criteria and explains why buying a car that gets good gas mileage and produces low emissions is good for both you and the planet.
  • Explains the differences between various types of fuel-efficient cars, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to choose one that's best for you.
  • Previews the fuel-efficient, low-emitting cars scheduled to come on the market in the next few years.
  • Evaluates cars both on the road and on a track to determine their usefulness in daily driving.

Find your next car, SUV, or truck that best suits your driving needs!

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