Careful - That Leaves a Mark


I’m sure you think that as long as you don’t accidentally drive into a tree, they aren’t a concern for your car, right?


The problem is that leaves carry sap and pollen—both of which have acidic properties, just like bird droppings. The acids in sap and pollen are corrosive to your car’s paint.

Don’t park under trees. Because trees make leaves, and leaves fall off, and leaves do damage to cars.
Get a cover for your car. This will also protect it from bird droppings, hail, and more. The downside is that if you don’t have a cool or expensive car, the cover will make your neighbors think you’re full of yourself.
Remove leaves from your car right away. Use your hands to do this. You’ll want to use a broom if there are a lot of leaves, but you’re likely to scratch your car’s  paint with the broom, which defeats the purpose. 
Wash away the stains immediately. Use a soft cloth and a liquid car wash solution to wash away sap/pollen residue. And when fall ends, get your car washed and waxed.
Don’t let leaves bully you. The next time you’re a victim of a wicked foliage attack, stand up and defend yourself!

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