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By Angelica Beneke

home security myths and facts

You may love to travel, but do you ever think about how well your home is protected while you’re gone?

Investing in home security is a great first step. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most common home security myths and the real truths behind them.

  1. MYTH - My pet will set off the sensors.
    FACT - If your system isn’t set up by a professional, this could happen. But you have options. You can program motion detection systems so that pets of a certain weight don’t set off the system. Or you can place sensors in high areas where pets can’t jump to (usually 7 feet high) or places around the house they can’t access.
  2. MYTH - My dog is the most effective security system.
    FACT - Dogs are not the most reliable way to protect your home from intruders. Many burglars carry weapons for the sole purpose of disabling anyone or anything in their way. For your home’s safety and your dog’s, it’s best to install a home security system.
  3. MYTH - My home is too old for a modern home security system.
    FACT - Many modern home security systems are wireless, so it’s possible to set up a system without wiring. If you prefer to have the wiring, that’s not a problem. You can have the house wired with the help of a professional.
  4. MYTH - I have insurance. I don’t need a security system.
    FACT - Insurance only replaces lost, damaged, or stolen items after the theft has occurred. It’s not designed to monitor suspicious activity around your home or notify the police that there is an intruder. What if you are home during a break-in? While insurance can replace physical items after a theft, it can’t replace peace of mind.
  5. MYTH - Home security systems can easily be tampered with.
    FACT - Many components of home security systems are wireless, so an intruder would have a hard time trying to deactivate the system.
  6. MYTH - There’s a delay between the alarm being set off and the security company being notified.
    FACT - While it’s possible for authorities to make it to your home in time to catch the intruders, home security isn’t just about catching criminals in the act. It’s also about minimizing losses and damage to your home. Burglars often target homes without home security systems; in fact, homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be burglarized, according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security. Depending on the service, the homeowner can arrange the system to immediately notify police.
  7. MYTH - I live in a safe neighborhood.
    FACT - Burglars usually live within 2 miles of the homes they’re targeting, so it’s easy for them to pick up on schedules of fellow residents. Then they can break in when folks go on vacation.
  8. MYTH - My neighbors will look out for anything suspicious.
    FACT - While it is a good idea to ask for your neighbors’ help in watching your home while you’re away, your fellow neighbors can watch your home for only so many hours a day. It’s great as an added precaution, but having a security system that can monitor your home at all times is even better.
  9. MYTH - Having a home security system doesn’t make any difference to home insurance
    FACT - If you can provide an insurance company with a security alarm certificate from the company, most offer anywhere from a 2 to 10% discount on your home insurance premium. Monitored alarm systems generally generate larger discounts than unmonitored systems. To receive these discounts, all you have to do is be a homeowner.
  10. MYTH - Home security is complex and hard to set up.
    FACT - Many home security systems have easy-to-operate interfaces that offer a wide choice of settings and configurations that can be easily customized. Don’t know which ones to choose? Here are some tips on how to set up your home security system and set up the best way to protect your home from intruders.

Protecting your home with a home security system doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, as the home security myths would have you believe. With the right system and the right kind of help, you can be assured that your home will be protected at all times.

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