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AAA + Apple

AAA, one of North America’s largest and most trusted membership organizations, now provides roadside services through Apple’s Roadside Assistance via satellite (available on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 models).

The groundbreaking satellite connectivity services offered on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 are already providing critical emergency support to iPhone users, and AAA, the foremost leader in roadside assistance, is excited to now have the ability to communicate with those individuals stranded in remote locations.

We’re proud to be the launch partner for Roadside Assistance via satellite. Safety is at the core of who we are, and we are taking that commitment to the next level by providing roadside assistance to people who previously would have been unreachable. We know firsthand how stressful it is to be stranded with a breakdown, especially in a remote location and without cell service. AAA, through Apple’s satellite connectivity services, aims to bring comfort and peace of mind to these individuals and reassure them that help is coming.

By working with Apple to deliver Roadside Assistance via satellite, AAA continues to contemporize its services to meet members where and when they need us. Plus, we’re excited to introduce AAA to those iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 users who may not know us!

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How the service works

Connecting to AAA

If someone needs roadside assistance but is off the grid, type “roadside” into the “To:” line in the Messages app to activate the feature.

After answering a few questions, iPhone 15 and 14 users will be guided to connect to a satellite. Once the connection is established, details from their questionnaire will be shared with a AAA agent, who will be directly connected with the user to gather additional information to understand better what’s happening and their location.

Once an individual requests Roadside Assistance via satellite, their coordinates are sent to AAA so we can begin identifying how to respond best. AAA will work closely with the responding service provider to ensure they have the necessary details to locate the person stranded.

Individuals waiting for AAA to arrive can periodically check on the status of help via their text thread in the Messages app. Beyond roadside assistance, AAA plays another critical role, serving as a calming voice in an undeniably stressful situation. We will check in every 15 minutes to see how the person is doing and give any other updates.

If an individual requires emergency services but is already connected to AAA via chat, we will first ask that they return to the home screen to enter another request or to dial 911. This will allow them to communicate directly with emergency services. If the person prefers to stay on the line with AAA, we will contact those services on their behalf. Our goal is to let the person know AAA is here for them and will do what we can to get additional help to their location.

Users can check out the Tips app on their iPhone to learn how to prepare. They can also go to Settings > Emergency SOS > Try Demo to get familiar with how to make a satellite connection on their iPhone.

AAA Member vs Non-Member

Another reason AAA was drawn to working with Apple is that anyone, AAA member or not, with an iPhone 15 or 14 can request Roadside Assistance via satellite, even if they don’t have a membership.

AAA members who request Roadside Assistance via satellite will be covered by their benefits. Individuals who are not AAA members will be responsible for paying at the time of service. AAA will let the person know this before help is dispatched and provide the average commercial rates for service based on the area where they are located.

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