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Jenifer Moore
Public Affairs Specialist, OH
O: (513) 762-3105 ext. (5503105)
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Cincinnati, OH (February 13, 2018) – As the most romantic day of the year approaches, AAA car buying experts reveal what our cars say about our dating style. “Once you get behind the wheel, you broadcast certain personality traits,” said Jenifer Moore, AAA spokeswoman. “Some are good, some aren’t. Just like a person, every vehicle has its good and bad qualities. It’s up to the car owner to showcase the good and dim the bad.”

AAA car buying experts reveal what certain styles say about you:

  • Sporty cars: You’re in it to win it.  As a fun, risk taker who lives in the moment, you’ll ignore eye rolls about your $1,000 rims as you leave the scoffers in the dust.
  • Truck: You’re dependable and not afraid to get dirty, and you have an air of mystery about you. As the go-to person for anyone who needs to move a couch, you sometimes feel taken advantage of – but, rest in the knowledge that you’ll always be needed.
  • Small sedan: You’re practical and economical, but you still need some pizzazz in your day-to-day life.  For example, you enjoy high-end restaurants – but you are also always on the lookout for discount coupons for them.
  • SUVs: You’re an outdoorsy soul who enjoys the open road, tailgating and camping.  Traveling light is not in your vocabulary.  Cargo space is required for sports equipment, friends, family and pets. The “26.2” sticker plastered on the back bumper demonstrates your penchant for extremes.
  • Luxury cars: You’re either a hard worker or born lucky.  As a result, you like the finer things in life and are proud to show it. Just don’t let that luxury get to you.
  • Hybrid/electric vehicle: You’re looking to save the planet – or at least save on gas.  You’re a humble person who wants a reliable car.
  • Mid-size sedan: You’ve settled down a bit and are more established.  To you, sacrificing a few MPGs is a good trade-off for more room, comfort and features.  If you’re building a family, you are one step away from a minivan.

AAA’s advice? Drive the vehicle that best fits your personality. “Drive what you love and your true personality will shine through,” said Moore.  “But show some love to your vehicle by using these simple maintenance tips.”

  • Battery. Check for loose cables and corrosive buildup. Make certain your battery is fully charged. If it’s more than three years old, have it tested.
  • Radiator. Fill as needed with 50/50 blend of anti-freeze and water.
  • Windshield washer / wiper blades. Add no-freeze windshield-wiper fluid to the reservoir. Replace worn wiper blades.
  • Belts. Make sure drive belts are tight but not cracked, glazed or frayed. Belts should not deflect more than half an inch when pushed with your finger.
  • Hoses. Check for leaks, bulges and cracks. Make sure clamps are secure.
  • Oil, transmission and brake fluid levels. Change oil and replace oil filter. Check your owner’s manual for the proper way to check your vehicle’s transmission and brake fluid levels.
  • Air filter. Replace air filter every 7,500 miles or when dirty.
  • Tires. Tire tread should be at least 1/16 of an inch on normal tires (past Lincoln’s head when inserting a penny into the tread, head first). Tires lose a pound of pressure for every drop of ten degrees Fahrenheit in the outside temperature. Inflate to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure (check owner’s manual or sticker on doorjamb).




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