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For the first time in years wedding season is in full swing but just because we can gather again does not mean those gatherings will go off without a hitch. Given that most weddings represent a significant financial investment - from the ring to the honeymoon - AAA is highlighting the value of wedding insurance so when things don’t go as planned you can still live happily ever after.

 “While the widespread disruption we saw during COVID has subsided, there will always be events that don’t go as planned, or don’t go at all, for a variety of reasons,” says Sonia Medina, spokesperson for Insurance at AAA. “For most people, a wedding is not a minor expense. It is a significant investment that should be protected.”

While COVID was an exceptional cause for cancellations, the truth is that weddings are cancelled or otherwise disrupted on a regular basis. Wedding insurance is a relatively minor expense to ensure peace of mind.

Mishaps you may want to insure against include:

  1. The bride, groom or a guest critical to the wedding gets sick.
  2. Cancelled flights prevent the bride, groom or critical guests from getting to the wedding.
  3. An extreme weather event makes it impossible to get to the wedding venue.
  4. The wedding gown is lost or sustains irreparable damage days before the wedding.
  5. The wedding venue has a fire, closes down or is otherwise unable to honor the commitment for your event.
  6. The caterer/vendor is a no-show.
  7. The photographer/videographer is a no show or does not deliver as promised.
  8. Valuable wedding gifts or rings are stolen or lost.
  9. A wedding guest is injured at the reception in your backyard
  10. A disrupted honeymoon due to severe weather, illness, cancelled flights, or issues with accommodations.


Protection again all of these possible mishaps should be considered in advance of the wedding. Many can be covered by wedding insurance or additional riders on a homeowner’s policy.

“And, given the popularity of destination weddings, travel insurance is also an important consideration, not just for the bride and groom, but for anyone investing in the trip,” Medina adds.

Policies and coverage varies so AAA recommends speaking to a knowledgeable insurance advisor well before the big day.



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