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AAA is marking National Drive Electric Week (Sept. 23-Oct. 2) by making it easier for everyone to ‘drive electric’ and have confidence in their battery.

Given that ‘range anxiety’ continues to be a concern for those who own or would like to own a fully electric vehicle, AAA Club Alliance (ACA), the fourth largest club in the national AAA federation, has partnered with Recurrent to ease such concerns.

“With this new partnership between ACA and Recurrent, we can provide AAA members who drive electric vehicles with personalized monthly battery reports as a benefit of Membership,” said Colleen St. Leger, Vice President of Business Acceleration and Innovation, AAA Club Alliance.

Nearly all auto manufacturers offer electric vehicles today. The electric vehicle market size in the United States is currently more than $24 billion and is projected to reach more than $137 billion by 2028.

AAA’s latest consumer survey, taken in February, reveals that one-quarter of Americans say they would be likely to buy an electric vehicle (powered exclusively by electricity, i.e., not a hybrid) for their next auto purchase, with millennials leading the way (30%). Of those who want to buy electric, the common factor is a strong desire to save on fuel costs, with 77% citing this as a top reason for interest. AAA believes with rising gas prices, Americans’ conversion to electric vehicles will continue to increase. However, consumer hesitation surrounding range and accessibility to charging continues to draw concerns.

As America continues to lean into the idea of electric, AAA did find some hesitation, with top objections like range anxiety, cost and accessibility holding consumers back:

  • Higher purchase price – 60%
  • Concern there are not enough places to charge – 60%
  • Concern about running out of charge when driving – 58%
  • Unsuitable for long-distance travel – 55%
  • High cost of battery repair or replacement – 55%
  • Unable to install a charging station where they live – 31%

Automakers have made great strides to improve range, yet consumer anxiety over it remains a barrier to adoption. AAA finds that consumers have a reasonably accurate understanding of current electric vehicle range. Six in 10 (60%) Americans think electric vehicles can travel between 100 to 350 miles before running out of charge, which aligns with today’s electric vehicle capabilities. These findings suggest the improvement in range alone hasn’t been enough to address consumer range anxiety concerns as previously hoped.


“With higher gas prices this year, we are certainly seeing a lot of interest in electric vehicles,” said Bob Kazmierczak, Director of Approved Auto Repairs, AAA Club Alliance. “There are some basic things to consider before deciding whether to purchase an EV, from daily driving habits to charging plan to the cost of ownership. Drivers should also review all tax refund and incentives to make sure their purchase would qualify.”


EV charging stations are popping up everywhere from AAA Car Care Centers to rest areas, fast-food restaurants and shopping centers. There are currently more than 51,000 public plug-ins in the U.S., with more expected soon.

The AAA mobile app includes information on where to charge in the gas finder section. Simply change your filter to “electric,” and charging stations near you will appear.




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