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AAA: Travelers Should Prepare Now as Hurricane Florence Takes Aim at East Coast

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best—travelers should use the next few days to plan wisely

September 11, 2018 – Hurricane season is peaking just as Hurricane Florence is gaining strength and taking aim at the East Coast.

According to the National Hurricane Center:

“There is an increasing risk of two life-threatening impacts from Florence—storm surge at the coast and freshwater flooding from a prolonged heavy rainfall event inland. While it is too soon to determine the exact timing, location, and magnitude of these impacts, interests at the coast and inland from South Carolina into the mid-Atlantic region should closely monitor the progress of Florence.”

“With the potential for catastrophic consequences, AAA is urging travelers to use the next few days to prepare for the possibility of travel delays and cancellations,” says Marilyn Buskohl, AAA spokeswoman.

AAA offers the following tips for travelers who may be impacted by Hurricane Florence:

Safety. Will your trip take you in the path of the storm? Will your personal safety be at risk?

Contact your travel agent—they will have access to the latest travel updates/cancellations and can help you explore all option available to you.

Investigate cancellation/rebooking options NOW. Plan ahead, understand the situation may change quickly as the storm approaches. Understand cancellation requirements and penalties if applicable.

Travel insurance. Know what coverage any purchased travel insurance does/does not provide.

Monitor. Continuously monitor the situation as things can quickly and dramatically change. Heed all evacuation advisories and/or orders.

Air Travel. Check your airline flight status before leaving for the airport.

Accommodations. Check with your hotel for local updates on the storm’s impact.

Prepare. Carry enough medication in your carry-one luggage for two to three times the length of your trip.

Child/Pet Care: Arrange emergency back-up child and/or pet care as applicable - Carry all applicable contact information on your person and not in checked luggage.

Home Access: Leave a house key with a trusted friend or relative and carry their telephone number with you – This person can take care of any home care essentials, mail, and/or access information you may need.

Travel Funds: Have emergency funds available for hotel stays, food, and basic necessities - check all credit card available credit limits and expiration dates.

Bills: Take care of critical items/bills which are due immediately upon your return BEFORE YOU GO - examples: mortgage payments, tuition bills, school registrations, college applications, legal documents, etc.

Miscellaneous: Carry important numbers with you for any one you might need to contact to advise your delay - examples: Jury duty, court appearance, etc.

Bonus: AAA will continue to monitor Hurricane Florence. The storm will likely have an impact on East Coast gas prices this week should the storm follow its projected path. 


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