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Nine Tips for Success When Preparing for a New School Year

As summer winds down, children are filled with anticipation for the start of a new school year. Parents begin thinking about getting back into a routine after the rush of summer fun is over. Keeping kids focused on learning and excited for school are top-of-mind. Here are nine ways to help you win as a parent this back-to-school season:
Headed to School 
  • Stay organized– Keep important papers filed neatly in a cabinet or a file box. Color coding files by child is a great way to find items quickly. Help your kids stay organized with bins and baskets for their supplies and school work.
  • Stock up on supplies– Have an adequate amount of paper, pens, pencils, erasers and crayons on hand. Not only is easier than having to run out last minute for more, but back-to-school sales are highly competitive and make the price on these essentials far cheaper than at other times of the year.
  • Be creative– Give your child time to create. Provide them with a supply of markers, glue, scissors and drawing pencils. The International Society for Technology in Education reports that being creative motivates children to learn and increases emotional development and critical thinking.

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  • Provide a place to study– When children have a home space specifically designated for learning, it helps them take ownership of their studies and promotes responsibility.
  • Have all the lunch essentials– Build an organized area where you can keep all of your lunch supplies, and encourage your kids to help pack their own lunches. Having a cool lunch bag is a bonus!
  • Be prepared with all the best technology– Check with your school and see what kind of tech items will be needed. Make sure your computers, calculators and printers are up to date.

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  • Stay healthy– Provide hand sanitizer for backpacks and lunch bags, as well as travel-size tissue packs. Have your students wash their hands as soon as they come home. And, make sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies around to stop the germs before they spread.
  • Plan ahead– Calendars and planners are essential to staying ahead of important dates and projects.
  • Make time to relax– Kids and parents alike need time to refresh and reenergize. Encourage your kids to have playtime and take time for yourself too.