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Six tricks to make travel simple and seamless


I am on the road over 200 days out of every year traveling around the world for work. Some of these work trips turn into family travels when my husband and son are able to come along for the journey. With thousands of trips under my belt, I’ve learned a few tricks to make travel as simple and seamless as possible – whether I’m on the road for business, leisure or a little bit of both!

 Dorothy Dowling

  1.  It’s all in the preparation: Being organized from the outset is the best way to set yourself up for a successful trip. I always have a suitcase packed and ready to go to keep up with my travel schedule, which means I have duplicates of most of my essentials. Ensuring you have an organized suitcase is my most valuable travel tip.

  3.  Get there safe: The majority of travelers are arriving at their hotel by car, so whether you are enjoying a road trip adventure or simply driving your rental to the hotel, it is important to get there safe and sound. I’m the first to admit that I am directionally challenged, so I often rely on navigation apps and tools such as AAA’s TripTik Planner to get to my destination. That said, safety is a top priority: never drive distracted.


  4.  Healthy travelers make happy travels: it’s easy to fall into bad habits when on the road and while I encourage a little indulgence on your vacation, keeping yourself healthy should still be a top priority. New environments bring new germs, so taking my vitamins and staying hydrated help me stay healthy so I can enjoy the trip.


  5.  Keep amenities in mind: Keeping my normal routine intact when I travel is extremely important to staying on track mentally and physically, so I always ensure there is a gym at my hotel so I can squeeze in my early morning workout. Determine what amenities will help you and your family stay in routine – such as Best Western Hotels & Resort’s complimentary breakfast to get the day started quickly.


  6.  Stay energized! Knowing there will always be a hot coffee available in the lobby is really important to me, I often grab a cup on my way back to my room from the gym before breakfast starts. This is especially important when my sleep pattern is thrown off by time zones!


  7.  Go. Get. Rewarded. Traveling for work, pleasure or the in-between, every traveler should make the most of their rewards. It is always exciting to check my point balance and know that I can share the gift of travel with my family. I share my points with family so they can join me on a work trip, or enjoy their own travel adventures.