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The Fastest Growing Cities In America


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, major U.S. cities were among the most rapidly growing areas in the country. Although many larger cities have retained much of their population, some experienced a loss in the last year. However, according to the United States Census Bureau, mid-size towns saw significant increases and packed the list of the fastest-growing cities in America. Find the top fifteen below and a discussion about why they’re growing so quickly.
Georgetown of TexasGeorgetown, Texas. Photo by Aimintang/

From July 2020 to July 2021, the fastest-growing cities in America were in the country’s south and west regions. The United States Census Bureau suggests that COVID-19 and natural disasters caused migrations from around the country to cities found mainly in Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

Additionally, the nation’s most populous cities saw some of the steepest population declines. Whether you count by the growth percentage or hard numbers, these cities grew the most last year.

1. Georgetown, Texas grew by 10.5% and has increased its population (now 75,420) twofold in under seven years.

2. Leander, Texas grew by 10.1% for a total population of 67,124.

3. Queen Creek, Arizona grew by 8.9% for a total population of 66,346.

4. Buckeye, Arizona grew by 8.6% for a total population of 101,315.

5. New Braunfels, Texas grew by 8.3% for a total population of 98,857.

6. Fort Myers, Florida grew by 6.8% for a total population of 92,245.

7. Casa Grande, Arizona grew by 6.2% for a total population of 57,699.

8. Maricopa, Arizona grew by 6.1% for a total population of 62,720.

9. North Port, Florida grew by 5.5% for a total population of 80,021.

10. Spring Hill, Tennessee grew by 5.4% for a total population of 53,339.

11. Goodyear, Arizona also grew by 5.4% for a total population of 101,733.

12. Port St. Lucie, Florida grew by 5.2% for a total population of 217,523.

13. Meridian, Idaho also grew by 5.2% for a total population of 125,963.

14. Caldwell, Idaho also grew by 5.2% for a total population of 63,629.

15. Nampa, Idaho grew by 5.0% for a total population of 106,186.

Fort Myers Florida cityFort Myers Florida city. Photo by ablokhin/

The south and west regions of the United States contain cities renowned as excellent places to raise families. Additionally, cities in these regions generally have warmer weather and more favorable tax and living conditions for retirees. Young families are following career opportunities and the affordable housing these cities offer.

Furthermore, the current strain in the housing market has motivated families to look elsewhere for affordable housing. Many of the top growing cities offer burgeoning, less expensive housing options. Combine that with increased work opportunities for a powerful allure—for both working families and entrepreneurs.