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Former AAA Safety Patrollers: Tell Us Your Story


From 1920 to today, the AAA School Safety Patrol Program has played an important role in helping young students learn leadership skills.


“Being on the AAA School Safety Patrol was fantastic,” says AAA member Barry Sherman, who served on the AAA Safety Patrol during the late 1950s. “It gave me great core values that lasted all my life. I retired as a highly decorated police officer, a volunteer firefighter and paramedic.”


Next year, the AAA School Safety Patrol will celebrate its 100th Anniversary. As we prepare to celebrate this milestone, we invite all former patrollers to share their story. We want to hear about your experiences and how the program influenced your life. Be sure to include the name and location of your school. 


“The AAA school safety program is wonderful. I hope it lasts 100 more years,” says Sherman.

Send us your photos and personal story.


Photo by woodleywonderworks