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An Easier Way to Schedule an Appointment

Making an appointment with your AAA travel advisor just got easier—much easier. That’s because AAA is now using the platform Yocale for client appointment scheduling and management. Using Yocale on their smartphone or computer, AAA advisors and members can schedule an in-person or phone appointment, selecting the type of service desired during the process. If a virtual appointment sounds more appealing, that also can be accomplished easily using Yocale Meet, which brings Zoomlike functionality to Yocale.

The appointment can be scheduled by either the member or the AAA travel advisor, and both receive automated reminders.
During virtual meetings, it’s easy to share brochures, websites and documents for a collaborative experience.

Need to change an appointment? No problem. Both parties can manage and modify their appointments, and both receive notifications of any changes.

AAA members who’ve used Yocale say they love the system because they can
more easily make and manage their appointments, and it’s simple to communicate at any time.

You can access Yocale to schedule your appointment on at either the link to your AAA Store or on the website’s Travel Agent Locator. If you already have a trusted AAA travel advisor, they provide their personal appointment scheduling link in all correspondence with members.