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In a year during which many of us were cooped up with the kids and not able to take a vacation because of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to plan for that first vacation as a family—when the time is right for you. After all, we have just 18 summers with our kids before they fly from the nest (at least that is what we all hope!).

At AAA, we want to help families with their travel planning over the long haul—not just identifying where to go but also engaging the kids in the planning process. Think of it like a financial plan, a long-term investment in educating your kids about the world around them and creating valuable shared memories that you can’t put a price tag on.

To ensure that our travel agents have the tools to build a multiyear vacation plan individualized for every family, AAA has launched a Certified Family Travel Specialist program in partnership with the Family Travel Association (FTA). To earn the certification, travel agents must complete the FTA course curriculum and final exam; fulfill specific AAA University Family Travel coursework; and successfully graduate from industry training programs, including Royal Caribbean’s University of Wow, Disney’s College of Knowledge and a handful of others from which they can select.

In addition, AAA’s program places special emphasis on engaging the youngest members of the family in the vacation planning process. Through a partnership with author Shannon Jones and her collection of stories featuring KeeKee, a fictional cat that travels the world, kids will learn about the value of traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. When you schedule a planning appointment with a AAA Certified Family Travel Expert, your child will receive a special Welcome Kit filled with goodies from KeeKee to start the process. Learn more at