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Who wants to lug their camping, hiking or snow sports gear across the country, the state or even town for their next adventure? Hauling gear can be challenging; it takes up a lot of space, and transporting it can be expensive. With more AAA members opting for trips to experience the great outdoors nowadays, AAA has partnered with Arrive Outdoors to make it easy to rent high-quality camping, hiking, ski and snow equipment and have it delivered to your destination hassle-free.

As a AAA member, you can visit to reserve rental gear at the best rate, and if you need to, you can change or cancel your order at any time before it ships. Equipment can be delivered anywhere in the contiguous US, including your home, a hotel, an Airbnb or FedEx locations across the country. When you’re finished with the gear, simply place the items back in the box, adhere the free return label, and drop it off at any FedEx location.

Renting gear from Arrive Outdoors is the easiest way to experience all that the great outdoors has to offer.