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Whether you’re setting off on an epic summer road trip or just driving around town, AAA’s trusted Roadside Assistance is always there when you need it. Here’s a quick list of how AAA can help*:


Towing Service—up to five miles, 100 miles or even 200 miles depending on your membership plan

Tire Change—replace your flat with your spare

Battery Service—test and jump-start your battery, or replace it with a new battery purchased at AAA rates 

Out-of-Fuel Service—free delivery of enough gas for you to reach the nearest open service station

Stuck Vehicle Service—pull your vehicle from a ditch or mud

Lock-Out Service—get you back into your car

Bicycle Coverage—pick you up if you are stuck on the road with a disabled bicycle


Now is a great time to make sure your AAA membership plan meets your current needs. Does it give you enough towing miles? Is every household driver covered? Do you have easy Automatic Renewal? If not, visit to make changes at least a week before going on a trip.


*Limitations apply. See Member Benefits Guide ( for details.