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Borrow for Less With a Low-Cost AAA Auto Loan


The smartest way to finance your next vehicle is with a low-cost auto loan through AAA. Through our partnership with trusted lenders, AAA provides competitive loan rates for qualified buyers on both new and used vehicles.

Enjoy low rates and convenient terms. As a qualified borrower, you’ll be eligible for our most competitive rate, with terms customized to suit your budget.

Get preapproved. By applying and being approved for an auto loan in advance, you can shop for vehicles with confidence, knowing just how much you can afford and the rate you’ll pay—all before you set foot on the dealer’s showroom floor.

Apply online or over the phone. Use AAA’s streamlined process to close your loan and pay your auto dealer all from your smart device.

Visit, or call 833-345-5626. In Connecticut, call 800-332-5626.