Senior Citizens Friends Drivng in a Car



Helping Mature Drivers Find Their Perfect Fit
Developed by the American Society on Aging in collaboration with AAA, AARP and the American Occupational Therapy Association, CarFit is an educational program that uses a 12-point checklist to help older drivers determine how well their vehicles "fit" them. Steering wheel height, seats, mirrors, head restraints, and many other elements of the vehicle must be adjusted to accommodate the physical changes associated with aging, and can improve safety and comfort while driving a vehicle.

Each CarFit evaluation takes only 15 minutes, and ensures a proper "fit" based on the following criteria:

  • Safety belt use
  • Steering wheel tilt
  • Head restraint setting
  • Positioning to air bag
  • Line of sight over steering wheel
  • Positioning to gas pedal
  • Positioning of brake pedals
  • Mirror adjustment
  • Neck mobility
  • Operation of parking brake
CarFit can also provide valuable information to seniors that have difficulty:
  • Reaching the shoulder harness and buckling/unbuckling the seat belt
  • Getting into and out of their vehicle easily
  • Turning their head to look over their shoulder while changing lanes
  • Sitting comfortably, without knee, back, hip, neck or shoulder stiffness or pain
  • Operation of ignition key
  • Operation of other vehicle controls