College Graduates at Graduation with Classmates



From Memorial Day to Labor Day, teens spend more time on the road attending graduation parties, holiday celebrations and commuting to and from summer jobs than any other season. It is among the most dangerous of times for teen drivers.

According to NHTSA more than 60% of all alcohol related traffic fatalities during the weeks of prom and graduation seasons nationwide involve young people between the ages of 15 – 20 years. Impaired driving can lead to injury, death, loss of scholarships, incarceration and suspension/revocation of one’s license and fines.

Helpful tips for parents:

  • Let your child know you trust them
  • Insist on knowing the details of where they are going
  • Set firm check-in times
  • Offer to pick them up, no questions asked
  • Click here to watch an important video with your teen
  • Do your best to remain focused
  • Driving drowsy is dangerous, if you are feeling tired, you should not be driving
  • Take a pair of comfortable shoes to change into for driving; fancy high heels or bulky dress shoes that you aren’t accustomed to can make hitting the pedals difficult
Graduation is a time for you and your teen to celebrate, but before you party, take the time to talk with your teen about drinking and driving – it can save a life. In addition to drinking and driving, accidents can happen anytime a driver is distracted, even for just a few seconds. It is critical to have heightened focus particularly at graduation time.