IDrive on the Go


We all want our young drivers to be safe behind the wheel. Educating teens about the risks associated with distractions, alcohol and drug use is so important that AAA is collaborating on a new project to provide teens a hands-on learning experience.

IDrive on the Go is a mobile learning lab which contains equipment to provide teens multiple simulation experiences. To create an impaired driving experience, the lab houses a golf cart which teens can actually drive while wearing special goggles that simulate how vision and coordination are affected by alcohol or marijuana use.

IDrive on the go trailerThe dangers associated with all forms of distraction are simulated when teens perform certain tasks while driving the golf cart – such as texting or reaching for objects – or a passenger talking or playing loud music. Through actual experiences, teens soon learn how distracting these activities can be for the person behind the wheel.

Other simulation stations can create awareness of the importance of wearing seat belts properly as well as the potential dangers of deployed airbags. Real traffic safety advice to keep teens safe.

Our first IDrive on the Go unit will be piloted in Richmond, Virginia in December 2016 in partnership with the Virginia State Police. Through ongoing fundraising and special events, the Foundation hopes to create a series of these mobile learning labs to broaden outreach in all regions served.