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Long line of orange traffic barriers at a construction zone



Road construction and maintenance are necessary undertakings that keep roads safe and enhance our mobility in the long-run. On average, over 700 fatalities occur in work zones each year. Follow these AAA tips to keep those in vehicles and those working on the roads safe:

  • Plan Ahead. Before traveling, look up the latest traffic conditions on the route you plan to take. Information on active work zones is available from many agency and private-sector websites, apps, and on social media to help you plan your trip, and possibly avoid work zones altogether.
  • Minimize Distractions. Be aware of your surroundings, avoid changing radio stations, and put your phone away when driving through a work zone. Work zones can change daily, so anticipate new traffic patterns and look out for other drivers and road users.
  • Check Your Speed. Obey posted work zone speed limits, look out for stopped or slow traffic, and maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you to reduce the risk of crashes with other vehicles and with highway workers.
  • Be Careful Around Large Vehicles. Large vehicles can be harder to maneuver and slower to respond, so avoid making sudden lane changes in front of trucks or buses and look out for construction vehicles.
  • Be Prepared for Sudden Stops. Work zones sometime cause congestion, delays, and traffic queues. Be alert and watch for sudden stops.
  • Read the Signs. Signs provide guidance to road users of traffic laws or regulations within the work zones. Remember that signs, cones, barrels, and flaggers are there to help you drive safely through the work zone.
  • Do Your Part. Work zone crew members are working to improve the road and make your future drive better. Stay calm and drive safely.