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3.8 3.5 star 51 reviews

7730 East Central Avenue
Suite 100
Wichita, Kansas 67206
(316) 685-5241

Landmark: Located in Piccadilly Square Shopping Plaza

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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51 reviews - 3.8 3.5 star

Patricia Jackson 6/11/2021 5 stars

Love AAA services

j a z squad 6/11/2021 5 stars

Ronn Gifford 6/8/2021 5 stars

Great way to get the best car insurance rates.

Richard Sweet 3/23/2021 5 stars

Great company

Chance white 3/23/2021 5 stars

Cassandra “Saga” Carrington 3/19/2021 5 stars


Greg Flekal 12/20/2020 5 stars

Mikey J 11/16/2020 5 stars

Napy_boi 11/12/2020 4 stars

Darin Walker 10/24/2020 1 star

Worst place customer service ever! We booked a cruise got insurance for coverage in case of problems. Wife had health issues and we had to cancel in advance of the trip. These people won't even return phone calls to resolve the repayment of our trip! Matt Bert and his boss won't do anything. I will never do business with this company again. We have been waiting since March of 2020 for our refund.

Andres Contreras 10/12/2020 3 stars

Bob Lipp 8/23/2020 5 stars

Easy to join! Good benefits!

Shelly Myers-Begane 8/6/2020 5 stars

I was so impressed with how quickly AAA arrived when my tire went flat, plus how pleasant,professional and efficient they were.

Dee Morey 7/6/2020 5 stars

Great assistance received

Phyllis McKelvey 6/17/2020 5 stars


Mary Wright 6/11/2020 5 stars

Lamont Wilson 6/5/2020 5 stars

Robert Ruiz 6/4/2020 5 stars

Kansas Doula Collective 4/1/2020 5 stars

travel planning, maps, insurance agents Jeremy Jaekel & Isaiah Hernandez saved $1,600 for us

Sheila Rutherford 1/14/2020 5 stars

Friendly, very helpful

Shirley VanDyke 12/28/2019 5 stars

Gave me what I asked for.

DarthVoldemort 12/22/2019 2 stars

Maggie Gordon 12/18/2019 5 stars

Very friendly and professional service, even right before closing.

George Fisher 12/11/2019 4 stars

Rolanda Willard 11/20/2019 4 stars

Staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

Nick Farha 10/29/2019 1 star

Carolyn Kitchens 9/30/2019 1 star

I am a 42 year member but seriously looking at other options. I can change a tire but the lug nuts were too tight for me to handle. My “hour” wait was at 58 minutes with no contact. A wonderful stranger got the lug nuts off and changed my tire. I am upset because this is not the first time that I needed help from AAA Also there are so many options on the 800 number that makes the frustration more frustrating. When I did get a real time person, she was courteous

AbuSafir Johnson 9/26/2019 1 star

Cynthia Wilson 9/19/2019 1 star

Have had great experience over the past few years but this year they changed their policy and would not come jump start my truck as it no longer qualified. Maybe they should have told me that at the first of the year before I paid. This same truck they had come out for service 3 years ago and no problem. Shame you pay money and they won't even come jump start a simple 12 volt battery. And yes I paid extra for the premium service.

Virgina Otto 9/17/2019 5 stars

Great pool and programs for all ages.

Julie Thompson 8/21/2019 5 stars

Margaret Bryant 7/27/2019 4 stars

Terry Powers 7/10/2019 5 stars

Since spring, we have been going in to this AAA office to get free maps, order Trip Ticki's and purchase U.S.A. atlas along with the world atlas. Every single time we have been greeted with the upmost kindness and assistance. If we have to wait, it's simply because they are assisting other people with the same kindness and assistance that is given to us. This AAA location is the BEST!

Candi Rockett 5/24/2019 1 star

If I could give this location a zero I would. I am absolutely furious with their customer service and sales tactics. We told the sales person what we needed to be covered for travel insurance and if they were able to accommodate. They said yes that it was no problem, everything we needed was covered with travel insurance. BOLD FACE LIE. When we returned from our vacation after a few hiccups we put in our claim, which the sales person told us would not be a problem, and low and behold our claim was denied. We had several things happen that made it impossible for us to make all of our locations. Im sorry I should have taken a picture of myself vomiting my guts out. Or the picture of when we had to change our tire to get it patched. We are literally out several thousands of dollars on bookings we couldnt make. We took all precautions for a month long vacation with AAA's assurance if anything went wrong we would be covered and we were not. When we confronted the sales person he said he was mistaken and told us what he promised us was actually NOT covered. Just flat out said he lied. We used to think highly of AAA. But several thousands of dollars later....our minds are changed. Do not recommend. I definitely recommend going through a REAL travel agent and/or an insurance broker. Thanks for nothing AAA Wichita East.

Jonathan Scholtz 5/16/2019 5 stars

Shop this location for maps and vehicle accessories.

Bob Amyx 4/30/2019 5 stars

Nice pit stop with an amazing selection of grub.

Dustin Hooks 4/19/2019 1 star

I signed up with travel insurance at this agency. I specifically asked before signing up if the coverage included not being allowed entry into a country while on vacation due to a prior criminal conviction. I was told that yes, the policy covered that. While on vacation, I was denied entry at the Canadian border. I called AAA and informed them of the situation and let them know I had been denied entry. I was told to file a claim and to list that reason on the form. Afterward, they would wait to see what the claims company had to say. Much to my surprise, my claim was denied. When I called AAA they said there was nothing they could do. They even refused to refund me the original $150 I paid for the policy that they sold me under false pretenses. Do not use this agency. They will tell you anything to make a sale. I'm now having to get my bank and attorney involved to get my money back which will cost much more than $150. It's the principle though and I'm not willing to let it go. Especially after being out thousands of dollars for my claim being denied in the first place. I will tell all my friends who travel and buy insurance to avoid this specific agency and the associate Victor Stevenson like the plague.

Jeremy Bishop 4/5/2019 3 stars

Steve Marshall 8/30/2018 4 stars

Quick service

Kevin Smith 6/23/2018 5 stars

Courteous staff and very helpful

Ivy Martinez 4/30/2018 1 star

Expect to wait forever if you need a jump and are in town 1hr maybe even 2 hours smh

Ahmed Almusawi 3/14/2018 1 star

I signed up and was told my membership will work right away, turns out I won't have the plus membership until one week. It doesn't say that any where in the website. I thought to just cancel it then I was told they would not give me the membership fee back Why ? I didn't even use the membership I asked to speak to supervisor and he didn't even talk to me but instead he kept talking to me through the representative

MR KNOW it SOME 2/12/2018 5 stars

Sad to see so many unapprecative people on here. AAA helps you and to my knowledge they are the only ones who will come out and INSTALL a battery on the spot.

Bruce Cairns 11/21/2017 1 star

I have a longstanding issue with roadside service. My complaint is not necessarily with the roadside tech although he may have been the party who dropped the ball. My wife’s car has had battery problems and we purchased and had installed a new AAA battery for it. After continued problems and roadside assistance calls, I ended up taking the car to my mechanic who determined that the issue was that the battery was the wrong size for the vehicle’s compartment. It was shorting out, but fortunately had not set the backseat on fire yet although it had been searing the foam. I called AAA to have one of their techs come out to confirm the situation and get a replacement battery. The tech did so and got the necessary authorization from a supervisor of some sort to make the exchange. The correct size battery was not in stock and would have to be ordered. That was months ago and the backseat has been out of place ever since that time. Now I admit that I haven’t been dogged in following up on this, but AAA has totally fallen short on any kind of follow up whatsoever. My biggest beef is the complete nuisance it is to try and follow up when even a call to the local office lands me in a phone tree that does not get me where I need to be and has me being passed back and forth between departments.

Kerri L 8/8/2017 1 star

Austin Smith 8/1/2017 1 star

Was told about 3:40ish that they would be here between then and five ten but then close to five said he'd be there by 5:18. So probably another thrity minutes I'll have to sit here and wait.

Josh Wilson 5/23/2017 4 stars

The prices are good or I would have left already.. Our agent is Duffy and he is completely horrible.. We almost got our insurance canceled because he got 2 notices to provide paperwork he had already and it was never done. DO NOT USE DUFFY! THIS WASN'T OUR FIRST ISSUE WITH HIM. *Management definitely came through today and fixed all my problems in a matter of 5 min which was extremely helpful. Like I said before good company but terrible agent!*

Karen Lippoldt 8/4/2016 5 stars

The staff is fantastic and very helpful

Carlos Cuellar 6/24/2016 5 stars

William Cauble 3/9/2016 5 stars

The customer service here is great and the people really care about helping you.

Andre Reich 7/9/2015 5 stars

Samantha was terrific in helping me obtain info for our upcoming trip. She has a great attitude and very knowledgeable. Great asset to your team. Thanks.