AAA Auto Wash - Cincinnati

3.9 3.5 star 104 reviews

5215 Madison Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
(513) 271-1145

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Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your AAA Auto Wash location is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our associates are required to wear face coverings and we ask that you wear one as well. We also practice social distancing and only one associate works inside each vehicle to perform interior window cleaning and dusting.
Location Hours
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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104 reviews - 3.9 3.5 star

Rashawn Grant Image
Rashawn Grant 5/4/2021 4 stars

Miss Lashay Image
Miss Lashay 5/3/2021 1 star

Joseph Sharkey Image
Joseph Sharkey 4/19/2021 5 stars

Shari Sands Image
Shari Sands 4/18/2021 5 stars

Lisa Phillips Image
Lisa Phillips 4/6/2021 5 stars

Best full service Car wash in Cincinnati. No tipping allowed and AAA members receive a discount. Professional and courteous service.

Ken Maxwell Image
Ken Maxwell 4/5/2021 3 stars

kim p Image
kim p 4/5/2021 2 stars

Sandee Barnes Image
Sandee Barnes 4/3/2021 5 stars

They do a wonderful job inside & out

Chris Shuman Image
Chris Shuman 4/2/2021 1 star

After going here my blind spot detectors don’t work anymore . Maybe the company can fix it doubt it but I won’t be return . The staff is friendly and nice my exterior clean was fine but the interior clean for paying over 20 dollars is terrible you are better off spending 20 minutes your self cleaning . Lesson learned don’t pay for something you can do yourself and do it much better

Fire Water Image
Fire Water 3/16/2021 2 stars

Friendly people that do a less than ok job. Only one lane was open until I turned off my car because they were taking so long. The other lane opened because there was a good line behind me and I was not going to go forward until the car before me was going to get vacuumed. The outside got cleaned. There vacuums didn’t vacuum up my dog hair, which is fine because it’s hard to get up. I had my trunk open to let them know that I needed things vacuumed. I forgot to check it at the car wash and they didn’t do anything back there.

Dan O'Keeffe Image
Dan O'Keeffe 3/16/2021 5 stars

Visited AAA Car Wash for first time because I needed a complete clean, inside and out. They did a great job. Upon final dry, one of the techs noticed that one of my wipers had come off. The manager directed me to go buy one from a local auto parts store and bring it back with the receipt. I did, and he replaced it for me and refunded the cost. All took about 10 minutes. I appreciate quality service, but I respect and appreciate accountability even more. Thank you, AAA!

Brian Sucher Image
Brian Sucher 3/13/2021 5 stars

Long Leg Legend Image
Long Leg Legend 3/10/2021 1 star

They didn’t vacuum under seats and the wipe down game was trash my whole point of coming here was to get my car vacuumed out thanks a lot never coming here again

Deborah Olowe Image
Deborah Olowe 3/8/2021 3 stars

The cup holders should have been cleaned they were not touched it was still particles and dust in them also they should have wiped down interior side doors better. Sorry I can't show you pictures.

Reginald Lumpkins Image
Reginald Lumpkins 3/7/2021 5 stars

These guys and gals clean your vehicle so clean you could eat on it?? I'm just mashing yo potatoes????

Katrina Hicks-Mayes Image
Katrina Hicks-Mayes 3/7/2021 3 stars

I had to ask them to come back to my car for my center console. I also had to go back because they forgot my tire wet.

Anthony Moore Image
Anthony Moore 3/6/2021 5 stars

Kenneth Keck Image
Kenneth Keck 3/5/2021 5 stars

Best auto wash on Cincinnati

tanya harris Image
tanya harris 3/5/2021 5 stars

Kraig Porter Image
Kraig Porter 3/4/2021 5 stars

wandathrasher thrasher Image
wandathrasher thrasher 3/4/2021 5 stars

Will Skillman Image
Will Skillman 3/3/2021 2 stars

I’ve been very loyal to this car wash for many years. The quality has been gradually declining since AAA took over. I just had my car cleaned there for the last time. Hardly touched the interior. I know it is fairly inexpensive, but please at least try to make an effort. Very disappointed.

john ellington Image
john ellington 3/1/2021 3 stars

Rush job, when it gets busy!

Miss D Image
Miss D 2/28/2021 5 stars

Vanessa Arp Image
Vanessa Arp 2/27/2021 4 stars

For only $17 they cleaned my car inside and out! It's not 100% but how can you complain when it's so cheap! I wish they had one closer to where I live. But everytime I'm in the area I swing by! ??????

Amy Beckett Image
Amy Beckett 2/24/2021 5 stars

They do a great job! Interior and exterior look great

amber stanton Image
amber stanton 2/24/2021 5 stars

Kathy Washington Image
Kathy Washington 2/24/2021 5 stars

Fast , friendly service

Chris Birck Image
Chris Birck 2/5/2021 5 stars

Clean car, very happy

Bethany Sizemore Image
Bethany Sizemore 1/28/2021 5 stars

They did a great job and expediant

Mike B Image
Mike B 1/25/2021 5 stars

Great full service place!

Buddy Morrison Image
Buddy Morrison 1/22/2021 3 stars

Car wash

dalia abdulkader Image
dalia abdulkader 1/21/2021 5 stars

Mychelline Thompson Image
Mychelline Thompson 1/20/2021 2 stars

After paying $20, I was unsatisfied. The wash was sloppy, dirt spots left on car, black color place on car where unpolished (dull look), wax wasn't Evenly distributed over car. The gas station car wash does it much better

Cheryl Montgomery-Morris Image
Cheryl Montgomery-Morris 1/16/2021 4 stars

Kelvin Jones Image
Kelvin Jones 1/14/2021 5 stars

John Walker Image
John Walker 1/14/2021 5 stars

They do a great job there

Jeff Marshall Image
Jeff Marshall 1/13/2021 5 stars

antonio fluellen Image
antonio fluellen 1/9/2021 4 stars

Kim Wilson Image
Kim Wilson 1/7/2021 5 stars

Michael Gaston Image
Michael Gaston 1/7/2021 4 stars

Good place for wash/detail. Great employees.

Allen Miller. Image
Allen Miller. 12/26/2020 5 stars

Great car wash on a sunny day ??

Janerio Dudley Image
Janerio Dudley 12/21/2020 5 stars

Robin Jett Image
Robin Jett 12/21/2020 4 stars


Justin Beasley Image
Justin Beasley 12/19/2020 4 stars

David Carl Image
David Carl 12/18/2020 3 stars

Poor inside window cleaning.

Alex Stillpass Image
Alex Stillpass 12/17/2020 5 stars

Rocky road Image
Rocky road 12/12/2020 5 stars

The staff is always so nice and my car gets the cleanest I've ever seen!

Ben Barker Image
Ben Barker 12/8/2020 5 stars

Excellent interior and exterior cleaning for a reasonable price. Best I have found on the east side of Cincinnati.

Jisenia Black Image
Jisenia Black 11/24/2020 5 stars

They do a great job. Pretty quick and will vacum and clean the insides for you

lionel moreland Image
lionel moreland 11/23/2020 5 stars

Ur car bee shine n win they get thew

Marc Danford Image
Marc Danford 11/20/2020 5 stars

Tamar Kane Image
Tamar Kane 11/11/2020 5 stars

They do a great job on your car, pleasant staff.

Renee Wright Image
Renee Wright 11/10/2020 1 star

I'm very disappointed. The price of $27 for the service is not acceptable. My car still had ashes in console. On the floor around the driver seat. I still tipped the attendant because she was very personable. I won't go back. I'll do a better myself for way less.

George Seurkamp Image
George Seurkamp 11/6/2020 5 stars

Good service. Clean car. Fair price.

Luke Robinson Image
Luke Robinson 11/5/2020 4 stars

Mark O'Keefe Image
Mark O'Keefe 11/2/2020 5 stars

D Marsh Image
D Marsh 11/2/2020 5 stars

They Always do a great job!

QC SS Image
QC SS 11/1/2020 5 stars

Bengy Mitchell Image
Bengy Mitchell 10/19/2020 5 stars

Don did a Fabulous car detailing inside and outside on my daughter's car! Thank you Don, it looks GREAT!

Jim Kimmick Image
Jim Kimmick 10/16/2020 2 stars

Sydney Ziegler Image
Sydney Ziegler 10/13/2020 5 stars

Bryan Beal Image
Bryan Beal 10/9/2020 5 stars

Aletha Scott Image
Aletha Scott 10/6/2020 3 stars

Stacey Williams Image
Stacey Williams 10/4/2020 3 stars

Van was cleaned good on the outside but I didn't like the job on the inside or how they half cleaned the windows I wouldn't never go back

James Morris Image
James Morris 10/3/2020 4 stars

Ramon Castro Image
Ramon Castro 10/1/2020 1 star

Sir. Mays Image
Sir. Mays 9/22/2020 5 stars

I love the staff here everyone here is nice.

Gerald Syme Image
Gerald Syme 9/20/2020 4 stars

MSSHANEIKA JACOBS 9/18/2020 4 stars

They did a great job except they didn't vacuum in between my front seats.

Mary Stimac Image
Mary Stimac 9/12/2020 5 stars

Tracy Price Image
Tracy Price 9/11/2020 5 stars

Always a fantastic experience! The employees are so kind and do such a great job inside and outside of my vehicle.

John Schmidt Image
John Schmidt 9/11/2020 4 stars

Often crowded on weekends and after work, but they do a good job at a fair price.

Betty Logan Image
Betty Logan 9/5/2020 4 stars

Brandy Davidson Image
Brandy Davidson 8/23/2020 3 stars

Midiocre at best. We paid 26.00 for interior and exterior clean and the only thing done on the interior besides vacummed was the dash. The doors werent cleaned out at all.

Evian taylor-benton Image
Evian taylor-benton 8/23/2020 5 stars

Cindy Jones Image
Cindy Jones 8/12/2020 5 stars

Angie Brooks Image
Angie Brooks 7/18/2020 1 star

I stood outside as they pulled my car out to be wiped off. It wasnt 5 minutes they were waving that my car was done. I looked around it and water was still dripping off of it and they hadn't touched my rims. They were wet and dirty. I told the guy and he said it was not a detail. I didn't expect that but for $25.00 I expected better. Will not be returning .

Melissa Bubash Image
Melissa Bubash 7/18/2020 5 stars

Leah Bennett Image
Leah Bennett 7/14/2020 1 star

I went this afternoon to get my new car washed and detailed. After they were finished I was completely dissatisfied with interior. I even paid extra to have my trunk vacuumed and that had clearly not been done. In the midst of all of the chaos I was hit on by one of the workers. The absolute very last thing I wanted (or any women wants). I asked to speak to the manager (can’t remember his name). The manager’s first reaction was claiming that I didn’t pay for the extra detailing. Even though I did and he was the one who rang me out! Needless to say I won’t be coming back to this place ever again. I would recommend you go somewhere else and pay double because you get what you pay for.

Bruce Rocklin Image
Bruce Rocklin 7/11/2020 4 stars

Marcus Wright Image
Marcus Wright 7/10/2020 5 stars

Stephanie Edwards Image
Stephanie Edwards 7/2/2020 3 stars

I live in the Kennedy Heights neighborhood. AAA Auto Wash is very close to my home. My family is AAA members. I believe in supporting local businesses. What I have not appreciated being asked for tips when it's clearly posted NO TIPS. I leave thinking do they ask everyone or is this because I'm a female. The inside of my SUV is not as clean as I prefer. Dashboard not completely clean, seats still have crumbs, and vacuum missed a couple of spots. All of this is pre COVID-19.

Nereida Guzman Image
Nereida Guzman 6/23/2020 5 stars

Courteous staff!!

Lewis Dantzler Image
Lewis Dantzler 6/21/2020 5 stars

Very dependable your car wash.

Nick Neysari Image
Nick Neysari 6/21/2020 2 stars

They used to be very good until the past few months. They must have reduced half of the management.

Keisha Hudson Image
Keisha Hudson 6/19/2020 5 stars

Matthew Kemp Image
Matthew Kemp 6/17/2020 5 stars

Got the best carwash in town for $20. If you've been going to Mike's carwash or any other canned carwash place and spending $20 on a wash, try this place to see the difference. You'll get vacuumed out and interior wiped down and of you have a AAA membership, you get a discount.

Ad A Image
Ad A 6/16/2020 1 star

48 hour guarantee with receipt was not honored and outcome was marginal at best

Joan Knowles Image
Joan Knowles 6/12/2020 5 stars

Always an excwllent place to get my cars taken care of. Detailed oriented and customer service is excellent.

Shannon Suedhof Image
Shannon Suedhof 6/12/2020 2 stars

My parents went there all the time when it was called Rainbow car wash. When AAA took over. It's like they don't care. I've had more issues with the inside windows not fully getting done. (After 5 people were inside there)

Bill Hagerty Image
Bill Hagerty 6/7/2020 4 stars

John Mitchell Image
John Mitchell 6/6/2020 1 star

She'An Gilliam Image
She'An Gilliam 6/6/2020 3 stars can be alot better for the price!

Dougy Kimani Image
Dougy Kimani 6/6/2020 5 stars

Lynn McNay Image
Lynn McNay 6/4/2020 5 stars

They do great work!

Disney Britton Image
Disney Britton 5/31/2020 5 stars

Kevin Newbanks Image
Kevin Newbanks 5/31/2020 5 stars

lynn cox Image
lynn cox 5/30/2020 2 stars


Bob Heasley Image
Bob Heasley 5/26/2020 5 stars

ivan rodriguez Image
ivan rodriguez 5/25/2020 4 stars

Welland Wilkerson Image
Welland Wilkerson 5/23/2020 2 stars

Rims were not cleaned, dash not wiped down, tire gloss was abysmal, still hard bird droppings on passenger window, water stains on mirrors and that's supposed to be "premium" service? Loved it better when it was Rainbow's.

K D Image
K D 5/22/2020 5 stars

Excellent.. Best car wash in the city!

Jack Harback Image
Jack Harback 3/20/2020 4 stars

AAA Auto Wash's are my go to when my car needs a deep clean for a good price. They are, what I consider to be, one step off a detail.