AAA Auto Wash - Cincinnati Central Pkwy

3.6 3.5 star 110 reviews

3330 Central Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45225
(513) 559-1733

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Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your AAA Auto Wash location is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our associates are required to wear face coverings and we ask that you wear one as well. We also practice social distancing and only one associate works inside each vehicle to perform interior window cleaning and dusting.
Location Hours
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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110 reviews - 3.6 3.5 star

Kim Williams Image
Kim Williams 5/1/2021 4 stars

keith taylor Image
keith taylor 4/30/2021 5 stars

Good place

Katherine Holyfield Image
Katherine Holyfield 4/25/2021 4 stars

My husband is an over the road truck driver and when he comes home he always takes our car there they always do a thorough job

Terrie Pitts Image
Terrie Pitts 4/23/2021 3 stars

Customer service was excellent but the car wash was horrible. They did not even vacuum the seats. The outside of the car was still dirty once it dried. I will not be going back. I will stick with Star Car Wash on Colerain Ave.

Tony Richardson Image
Tony Richardson 4/23/2021 4 stars

Mr. Earl Brunson Sr 36 Image
Mr. Earl Brunson Sr 36 4/22/2021 4 stars

Could be better..

Mike Weil Image
Mike Weil 4/21/2021 5 stars

Great job detailing my car, thank you!

Kisha Evans Image
Kisha Evans 4/20/2021 3 stars

I have been coming to this car wash for years and I will say in the last couple of times that I have been there the service has not been as up to par as it used to be.

Michael Franklin Image
Michael Franklin 4/19/2021 4 stars

Lindsay Ronan Image
Lindsay Ronan 4/18/2021 5 stars

Ervin Montgomery Image
Ervin Montgomery 4/11/2021 4 stars

What can I truck was clean..... one of the employee said that they stop doing tips, I couldn't understand why because every time I go to get my vehicle wash I'm tipping because they do a fine job. I did tip the person because he took his time doing the job right after the truck went through the car wash. One thing I didn't like is one the guy was on his phone while working and another person started drying my vehicle off then he got of his phone to help so I was feeling that at all. Overall my experience was good and I will come back for another wash. I recommend anyone that want their car wash.

Charlene Gilliam Image
Charlene Gilliam 4/11/2021 3 stars

william aluqdah Image
william aluqdah 4/7/2021 5 stars

The manager Donald Jones did an outstanding job he talked to me personally gave me personalized attention gave me the extras you know over my details for my wheels in the car and I got a truck I do volunteer at work for pantries and he took that in consideration and help me out nothing but the highest regards for him and and the services that I received

W. Judd Strickley Image
W. Judd Strickley 4/7/2021 5 stars

Thank you for a great wash!! How do I tip everyone who puts their hands on my car? I tried to tip the dude who hailed me for my finished car and he said he couldn't take the $10 bill. It's been a while since I've been there. Things change but not always for the better. They deserved my tip.

Dontae Dean Image
Dontae Dean 4/6/2021 1 star

Ciara Darnice Image
Ciara Darnice 4/3/2021 5 stars

Willie Pierce Image
Willie Pierce 3/26/2021 5 stars

Zac Bailey Image
Zac Bailey 3/22/2021 4 stars

The full service wash was great they did the inside and out for a great price

Bethany Sizemore Image
Bethany Sizemore 3/19/2021 5 stars

Reginald W. England Image
Reginald W. England 3/17/2021 4 stars

Pat Williams Image
Pat Williams 3/17/2021 2 stars

Went on a Saturday to get my truck cleaned on the inside and out side the one mat I my car had spills on it so I said to myself I going to parkway washi riding down the street and looked back and the mat haded been cleaned at all the carpet was half done service is not what it used to be

Sonya Arrington Image
Sonya Arrington 3/16/2021 1 star

They did a horrible job I paid 24 dollars for nothing tried to call an tell them an no one even answers the phone. Very disappointed. I would give 0 stars for this service

Phillip Lindsey Image
Phillip Lindsey 3/15/2021 5 stars

Excellent customer service. Highly recommended

Brandalynn Robinson Image
Brandalynn Robinson 3/13/2021 3 stars

Good and quick. Need a little more detailing though.

Tracine Williams Image
Tracine Williams 3/13/2021 2 stars

I won't go again. Both times [one time was free] I went I was disappointed. My windows mirrors came back unclear and greasey. I had to redo them myself

stephen miller Image
stephen miller 3/7/2021 5 stars

Our car is sparkling clean thanks to the nice people there. Always pleased with their service

Greg Wilkins Image
Greg Wilkins 3/4/2021 5 stars

Very good

John Wick Image
John Wick 3/4/2021 5 stars

Candace N. Ellis Image
Candace N. Ellis 3/3/2021 5 stars

Always promt and efficient. My car always looks and smells new, when I leave here. Top notch customer service!

Butch Raugh Image
Butch Raugh 3/3/2021 5 stars

One of best in city...

Paul Bogenschutz Image
Paul Bogenschutz 3/2/2021 5 stars

Wlliam Burns Jr. Image
Wlliam Burns Jr. 2/26/2021 5 stars

AVS Image
AVS 2/25/2021 2 stars

45 min wait. Very slow. The Manager goes around wearing his mask below his nose. Employee states he does it all the time. Some customers not wearing masks. Will go to Mikes Car Wash until Covid clears up.

aaron cheatham Image
aaron cheatham 2/23/2021 3 stars

The guys has too stop using the same towel from the tires too the car, my car is always streaked up I try and support the business but it happens every time I go

Aletha Scott Image
Aletha Scott 2/21/2021 5 stars

Fast and efficent staff. Will go back

Nicole Johnson Image
Nicole Johnson 2/21/2021 1 star

I waited 30 minutes or more in a line then when I got up there they tell me they couldn't do it because my driver door that AAA road side assistant broke, wouldn't open from the outside. So understanding that they send the car through by itself , I said well just send it through with the doors unlocked and I'll open the door myself to let u guys in from the same side back door. Because the problem was that they were too lazy to reach an open it from any one of the other doors. They didn't want me to go back in an speak to the manager so they sent me to supposedly the assistant manager who is the one who told them not to do it in the 1st place so it doesn't get 1 star from me bc AAA broke my door and still hasn't fixed it.

Gerrick Phillips Image
Gerrick Phillips 2/20/2021 5 stars

My guy went the extra trying to get a spot im sure no one ever tried.

beyblade boy Image
beyblade boy 2/20/2021 5 stars

charles chinnati Image
charles chinnati 2/11/2021 5 stars

My goto car wash

Katie Frankel Image
Katie Frankel 2/3/2021 1 star

I came for an exterior car wash and had several different men waving me different directions with none seeming to be able to agree about whether I should go forward, remain in place, move to the side, etc. Finally, it was my turn and a man with his mask barely over his mouth said I would need to get out so they could drive it through. I asked if I could just stay in my car and drive it through myself, he said no. When I asked if the employees wear gloves when driving your car (considering we're still in the middle of a pandemic), he seemed annoyed and said no. I then left and went to Capatiain Car Wash up the street which was $7 for an exterior wash compared to AAA's $12 for an exterior wash. It was way faster and I was able to drive my car through myself. I recommend Capatiain instead if you need an exterior (or interior) wash in this area.

Lucille Richardson Image
Lucille Richardson 2/3/2021 2 stars

Not good use same day to wipe car and windows, floor mat was not clean

Julia Acosta Image
Julia Acosta 1/31/2021 3 stars

Serenity's Corner on the Block. Image
Serenity's Corner on the Block. 1/30/2021 5 stars

They did alright, I use to go to the one on Madison Road because I lived in the area, now I'm closer to Central Park way.

James Campbell Image
James Campbell 1/28/2021 5 stars

Very thorough job on my car, Excellent service and unbeatable price! Will definitely be returning!

eve neal Image
eve neal 1/24/2021 5 stars

Cheryl Montgomery-Morris Image
Cheryl Montgomery-Morris 1/20/2021 4 stars

Cleon Murray Image
Cleon Murray 1/16/2021 5 stars

Great as always

Marie Doumas Image
Marie Doumas 1/14/2021 5 stars

I go once a week and they are amazing.

Maddie Chera Image
Maddie Chera 1/12/2021 4 stars

Andrea cook Image
Andrea cook 1/11/2021 3 stars

They half washed my car more than once ???????

Matthew Rosensweet Image
Matthew Rosensweet 1/9/2021 1 star

This used to be a great car wash. The staff is rude and nearly wreaked my car. They couldn’t keep anything moving. Not worth the money! Never again

Rick Hubbard Image
Rick Hubbard 12/11/2020 3 stars

(Translated by Google) realtalk (Original) Realtalk

Kevin Cornett Image
Kevin Cornett 12/10/2020 3 stars

Little pricey for a basic wash with a Triple A membership 15 bucks

Darmischia Leach Image
Darmischia Leach 12/2/2020 1 star

Christopher Emsicke Image
Christopher Emsicke 11/25/2020 5 stars

Washing at the ?? car wash work in work well those car's never seem to stop comeing

Eric Reese Image
Eric Reese 11/19/2020 1 star

Service is declining will be going elsewhere

betty embry Image
betty embry 11/11/2020 4 stars

Everything was fine.

Angelique Jenkins Image
Angelique Jenkins 11/10/2020 2 stars


Alex Gajic Image
Alex Gajic 11/10/2020 5 stars

Fantastic place to get car washed! Staff are friendly and helpful!

Karen Wilson Image
Karen Wilson 11/1/2020 4 stars

Seth Hershey Image
Seth Hershey 10/29/2020 3 stars

For his hands on is they seem to be I expected my car to be a little cleaner.

Bonita Cannon Image
Bonita Cannon 10/28/2020 5 stars

Fast friendly service at a great price.

Evian taylor-benton Image
Evian taylor-benton 10/17/2020 5 stars

Full service

Tristan Norris Image
Tristan Norris 10/15/2020 3 stars

Bryan Beal Image
Bryan Beal 10/11/2020 5 stars

Cody Lampe Image
Cody Lampe 10/9/2020 2 stars

Paid for a premium wash that didn’t even include tire dressing. One worker told me there was tire dressing on my tires but there wasn’t. My car wasn’t dried, the windows weren’t cleaned, the center console wasn’t wiped down. None of the workers cared so I spoke to the manager. He pretty much had to re-do the entire interior and exterior by himself. Poor service for a premium price.

Sheila Faulks Image
Sheila Faulks 10/9/2020 5 stars

George S. Image
George S. 9/29/2020 5 stars

Low prices and nice cleaning job

Shivam Vasudeva Image
Shivam Vasudeva 9/26/2020 5 stars

dessalines weaver Image
dessalines weaver 9/24/2020 2 stars

My car in up injured. Let's see how they handle it. You can see their washing material and a chip along with my bumper being pushed in.

Phyllis Murray Image
Phyllis Murray 9/21/2020 1 star

Appointment only & the company does not hand wash on cars.

Kelly Alameen Image
Kelly Alameen 9/15/2020 1 star

Garbage I'll never go back

Seunghoon Oh Image
Seunghoon Oh 9/6/2020 1 star

They did not clean my car all the way. There are still stain all over my car.

Latrice Horne Image
Latrice Horne 9/5/2020 1 star

I will never go back there. They only vacuumed the mats but not under them. I had some mud on my car the manager told me it came like that. Wow. I came to get it washed. Never again

James Foster Image
James Foster 8/23/2020 5 stars

Always a great job.

ogtony g Image
ogtony g 8/22/2020 4 stars

Michael Macklin Image
Michael Macklin 8/22/2020 5 stars

Excellent service

Darren Jauch Image
Darren Jauch 8/20/2020 5 stars

Best in the far!!!

Lee Foley Image
Lee Foley 8/20/2020 5 stars

Previously, l left a bad rating because I was displeased after an incident; however, the management has been fantastic. Logan spoke with me about my experience and offered his apologies. He handled the situation very well. I applaud his commitment to the business and his customers! Great management skills!

Jay B Image
Jay B 8/19/2020 5 stars

Always nice staff and service

Lynn Perkins Image
Lynn Perkins 8/13/2020 1 star

Great place

Talmadge Bell Image
Talmadge Bell 8/12/2020 4 stars

William Hennies Image
William Hennies 8/7/2020 5 stars

excellent job

Charles A Bates Image
Charles A Bates 8/7/2020 1 star

Lisa Gibson Image
Lisa Gibson 7/31/2020 5 stars

Don Keaton Image
Don Keaton 7/21/2020 5 stars

James Roper Image
James Roper 7/17/2020 5 stars

Friendly employees, and fast service

Michael Daniels Image
Michael Daniels 7/11/2020 3 stars

Que Johnson Image
Que Johnson 7/5/2020 1 star

Ed Adams Image
Ed Adams 7/2/2020 4 stars

Left my car looking good as new great job guys

Cleo Morgan Image
Cleo Morgan 7/1/2020 5 stars

TIA Williams Image
TIA Williams 6/25/2020 2 stars

The guys that clean there were very friendly very fast and efficient service but they didn't do all that good of a job on cleaning out my car but I guess in order to great car detailing u have to pay the highest price ?????????? no thanks!!!!

Sarah Behrmann Image
Sarah Behrmann 6/24/2020 5 stars

They clean the inside and outside very nice. It doesn't take them long either. They are friendly and are very clean about things

Nate Dietel Image
Nate Dietel 6/22/2020 4 stars

Anthony Wilcox Image
Anthony Wilcox 6/21/2020 5 stars

They do a great job.

Marcia Jones Image
Marcia Jones 6/18/2020 5 stars

Inside my car was horrible, they did a awesome job

utshab niroula Image
utshab niroula 6/12/2020 5 stars

Great customer service. Convince , Good location, Overall Ok for carwash

Stephen Braswell Image
Stephen Braswell 6/12/2020 5 stars

My car looked like it just came off the show room floor had plenty of experience at that car wash used to go with my dad. When i was a kid over 50yrs experience

Thomas Sims Image
Thomas Sims 6/9/2020 1 star

Went to get car cleaned and it still looked the same. I could have done it myself and saved my money#Terrible#Business

Kat Flagg Image
Kat Flagg 6/6/2020 5 stars

They made my ugly car look good again.thanks

Corey Jones Image
Corey Jones 5/30/2020 5 stars

Best car wash in the city

Kristine Jackson Image
Kristine Jackson 5/30/2020 5 stars

GEOFF ADAMS 5/28/2020 4 stars

Mrs. P Thiam Image
Mrs. P Thiam 5/28/2020 5 stars

Everything was great. They wouldn't even take a tip.

Joshua Dodson Image
Joshua Dodson 5/26/2020 5 stars

Jenn Tye Image
Jenn Tye 4/21/2020 5 stars

Great. Very nice. Must better job then Mike's car wash and less expensive.

George King Image
George King 3/15/2020 5 stars

George Seurkamp Image
George Seurkamp 3/12/2020 4 stars

Good service. Good wash. Friendly employees

Louis Fisher Image
Louis Fisher 3/10/2020 5 stars

Awesome place

shelia Rollinson Image
shelia Rollinson 3/9/2020 5 stars

Great place to get your car cleaned.