AAA Tire and Auto Service - North Towne

4.2 4.5 star 73 reviews

308 New Towne Square Drive
Toledo, Ohio 43612
(419) 470-5665

Landmark: Located between North Detroit Avenue and Telegraph Avenue at the corner of East Alexis Road and Alexitowne Drive, across from Cinco de Mayo Bar and Grill.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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73 reviews - 4.2 4.5 star

Brian Warner 6/11/2021 5 stars

Great service.

Ray Borton 6/9/2021 3 stars

Went to get some problems with my fuel pump afterwards I found out that the Wisdom Tree manifold pressure regulator attached to the fuel pump trying to Pump Fuel into the fuel pump was another problem that they couldn't diagnose because they don't have a diesel mechanic on the premises they only have a regular mechanic who is trying to learn diesel but it doesn't have enough experience to work on everything and figure out exactly what's going on so from the drive from Toledo to the Greenville I could only do 50 mile an hour with my foot on the floor I finally got the Greenville and went to a Chevy dealer they diagnose the problem with a pressure regulator fuel pump system that's is $3,845 in change and it's going to take a week to get it repaired AAA is not sufficient to do diesel anybody go there beware

Parris Malloy 5/21/2021 5 stars

I never write reviews but I have to say this was the best experience I have ever had dealing with our vehicle. We moved from out of state and had no idea where to go to get our car fixed and since we have AAA we decided to use the location that popped up. We were only without our car for one day! Simply unheard of. Service was fast, the guy who answered the phone was knowledgeable and let me know what needed to be done and when it would be finished. If your car needs to be fixed, trust AAA.

Michael J Heard 5/20/2021 3 stars

Michelle Williams 5/20/2021 5 stars

Denise Customer service was A1 he worked me in there busy schedule to replace four tires an a wheel alignment I'm a happy customer

Rick May 5/14/2021 5 stars

Got our trip ties prepared quickly. Good service.

Sebastian 5/6/2021 5 stars

Painless experience and quick service

vickie rygalski 5/2/2021 5 stars

Very happy with their service on my car! It nows runs so smoothly, feels like a new car! The customer service is great and I felt like I was their only customer. This will now be my go to for all my car services.

Chad Watt 4/24/2021 4 stars

Luiz Viana 4/15/2021 1 star

Brian Graves 4/9/2021 5 stars

Just what we need help ??

Kevin Cubberly 4/1/2021 3 stars

Brian Timming 3/18/2021 5 stars

Very professional

Kevn Wiezbenski 3/6/2021 5 stars

Staff was professional and helpful. Dennis amborski employed there was great. Will go back when I need to.

Michael W 3/5/2021 4 stars

Jim Brzuchalski 2/23/2021 5 stars

We went to get passport photos. The staff was courteous and efficient.

Eric Harrison 2/20/2021 5 stars

Awesome fast service and very friendly ????

Noah Feudi 2/16/2021 1 star

First time driver looking for insurance. Salesman was a complete jagoff

DC HX 2/15/2021 5 stars

Ive always received great service and the lowest prices using AAA approved service providers back home in the DC area. Imagine my surprise and delight when the logistics firm I drive for told me to service my vehicle at the AAA Tire and Auto Service center up the street. We do not have these back home and I wish we did. Im in and out quickly for various maintenance procedures, oil changes and tire replacement. They always check for possible problems that might pop up in the future and make me aware of them and what to look out for. My livelihood depends on my vehicle operating smoothly and without surprises placing me out of service and AAA keeps me on the road problem free. This is the go to place for auto repair.

Mary Eckel 12/28/2020 5 stars

Their customer service is awesome.

@ Enslaved 11/29/2020 3 stars

Kendra Bailey 11/6/2020 5 stars

Nancy Smith 10/16/2020 5 stars

Upon entering the building, Mary was courteous and friendly. She has such a great sense of humor. She had me laugh out loud. "Is there anything else I can bother you with"???

Milenkovski M 8/18/2020 5 stars

Friendly people !!

Nicola Gilbert 8/9/2020 4 stars

Oil change that took forever. Sat outside in the rain. Oil change turned into also needing brake pads. Thx for catching that.

William Hollyfield 7/8/2020 1 star

I lost the trust in this place, and really not Shure if they even did anything to my A.C. they said it was low on r13 but never let me see the gauge, then when I went to pay, I ask if they put a sealer on, the guy lied right to my face, and said there was no such thing of A.C. sealer iv work on cars for 30+years and even ran my friends shop for a month while he was away, I know for a FACT that they make a sealer for the A.C. so I'll never go back there, can't trust a lier, not a trustworthy place to take you vieacle, be careful

Bunny Sharp 4/23/2020 5 stars

Prompt return of service and phone calls

Jeff Knaggs 3/10/2020 5 stars

King J. Jackson 3/8/2020 1 star

Michael M 1/10/2020 5 stars

Great service in the purchasing of a AAA membership for a Christmas Present.

Bill Sedlock 12/28/2019 2 stars

They didn't deliver on their full service oil change they didn't even reset the change oil reminder

marcella hayes 12/19/2019 3 stars

Ok customer service

Basil Lowe 11/19/2019 5 stars

Amber S. 11/13/2019 4 stars

Because of computer updates customer files were gone, so because I didn't have paper work on me I couldn't be helped completely. Service writer was very polite tho.

Tammy Booth 11/5/2019 4 stars

Patricia Smith 11/2/2019 5 stars

Always great service there

Nik Popa 10/20/2019 5 stars

My car had double flat tires on a drive back from Detroit... We sat in the parking lot at 6am, tired, and just wanting to get home... They took us in as soon as they opened (730am on a Saturday) and we were on the road in no time.. The man in charge was conversational and cordial, I would drive the 2 hours just to buy more tires from them if I had the time!

Rich Kimberly 9/17/2019 4 stars

They are a great help for new drivers and old

Larry Johnson 9/7/2019 5 stars

Good friendly staff

Freddie Quinzy 8/25/2019 5 stars

AAA is a nice and comfortable place it's clean and the services there is awesome ????

jeni pelish 8/17/2019 5 stars

Lewis Turner 8/11/2019 4 stars

James Lynn 8/11/2019 4 stars

JW 7/2/2019 1 star

Well I sent my truck in to have a vacuum line put back on, and it’s already come off again. They want to charge me another fee to fix something they haven’t corrected properly the first time. Took my sons car in and they replaced the wrong parts and wanted to charge me for all the labor and parts that weren’t bad to begin with ($1200) when they ended up sending the car to the dealership to get fixed because after 7 days they couldn’t. His car now has all kinds of electrical issues because they ripped the main wiring truck apart and electrical taped it back together. They have been polite through the process ( hence the 1 star) but the quality of service was terrible. I wouldn’t recommend getting your car/truck repaired there.

James Fuire 6/25/2019 5 stars

Paul Carver 6/11/2019 5 stars

Stopped by for a map of the Toledo area. I guess that not as many people use the paper maps; the Toledo map isn't a AAA map but a map company map.

Michael Managhan 6/9/2019 5 stars

Joel Schleifer 6/8/2019 5 stars

Always great service

Jean Zilliox 4/3/2019 5 stars

James Ford 2/21/2019 5 stars

Roger Brogan 2/18/2019 5 stars

Had wheel bearing put in front driver side . Excellent work

Jorge Vasquez 2/9/2019 5 stars

Came in for routine services on my vehicle, oil change, tire rotation, etc. I was greated and treated with excellent, professional customer service. Although it was routine service, and the place seemed swamped, they made me feel like I was the top priority. The work was completed quickly, and I didn’t feel the stress of being over sold with “recommended” additional work. Got in, got it done and I was back on my way to enjoy the rest of my day! Thank you very much. I’m definitely returning!

Bill Dreyer 1/5/2019 5 stars

Great guys. Know their stuff. Friendly.

Karen Tenney 1/5/2019 3 stars

Purchase of roadside services for my daughter's boyfriend for Christmas. His info was given to them and it just was supose to be mailed here to give on Christmas but now I get emails and mail for him.

Patrick Borden 12/14/2018 2 stars

Being long time AAA member, called and made appointment to have new tires mounted. They were about 20% higher than local shops posted prices, but assumed they could be trusted to do quality work. Didn't expect all the up-selling (alignment, etc.) or list of "recommended" repairs (some of which were recently done), but getting bill that was 20% higher than quoted was final straw. Added injury was all tire incorrectly inflated - rear ones being 10lbs. too high. Spoke with regional AAA rep., seemed pretty dismissive regarding my experience. Probably gets alot of calls like mine.

Christina Black 11/15/2018 1 star

Marten Whalen 10/15/2018 5 stars

Great service. Honest people.

Jessica Lowry 9/20/2018 5 stars

My experience here was great very nice people I had a lot of problems with my car they fixed everything whithin 6 hours they are amazing thank you guys so much for the great service my car drives like a dream again

Program Lauren 7/4/2018 5 stars

Excelent services

Jacquelin Ringer 4/26/2018 5 stars

Tom Rayle 4/3/2018 1 star

You can get repairs done cheaper at other places. Thier so called discounts for AAA customers is a total FARCE!!!

Bonnie Bailey 3/20/2018 4 stars

Went here to set up a vacation to Punta Can a. The woman that helped us was fantastic and very helpful.

Kimi Thornton 3/10/2018 5 stars


kenbickel72 1/11/2018 5 stars

Chris is the best! Great service, really fast service too!

jjalal71 11/22/2017 5 stars

Melissa Aguilar 9/27/2017 5 stars

This place has great customer service!! Very pleased with my experience!! Above and beyond!

Dylan Lynn 9/24/2017 5 stars

De Brewer 8/11/2017 5 stars

The automotive repair personnel were very helpful in fixing the tire on my vehicle. They were prompt.

HM S 3/2/2017 4 stars

Chris Lewis 12/28/2016 5 stars

Very professional and nice

Wuddup Doh 11/24/2016 4 stars

Alicia Robinson 11/2/2016 3 stars

Got me back on the road quickly but did not suggest other repairs or help notify me about other issues with my vehicle.

R Britton 1/27/2016 3 stars

Everyone was super helpful in diagnosing the problem of my car, when it came around for cost estimates the prices were super high. They charge nearly twice for an ordered part, and their price per hour for labor is around $220. They are commission based.