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Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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98 reviews - 4.1 4.5 star

THE MAD VAPOR Biohazard Vaping 6/12/2021 5 stars

Really kind and great service check them out

Nora Dorris 6/3/2021 5 stars

Chris Hicks 5/29/2021 5 stars

Laura Strite 5/14/2021 5 stars

Came here to process a change of address from another state to here, since it cannot be done on line. Quick and easy! Got our temporary cards on the spot. Permanent cards will come in the mail.

phillip lipsey 5/10/2021 4 stars

Eva Bird 5/5/2021 5 stars

Jim Ritenour 4/10/2021 5 stars

Bobby R. Stillman Sr. 4/1/2021 4 stars

Being a member,a saved me on repairs,by acouple hundred dollars!

Lynda Weitz 2/26/2021 5 stars

Requested TripTik and maps. Efficient and finished in 20 minuted

Dave Struble 2/15/2021 2 stars

Not a bad place but the outdoor air filling area is never working.

Emily Graham 2/5/2021 3 stars

I was looking for a free air pump like the Huber heights location used to have, but they do not have one either!

Lake Miller 1/16/2021 2 stars

I visited this AAA about 3 weeks ago. I came in with a flat tire. I asked them to look at tire health of my other tires, and then to also check my brakes as I thought they may need replaced. I also just asked them to check all of the scheduled maintenance to make sure there is nothing else I needed done. The guys I dealt with were very friendly. To my surprise, they said they checked everything and it looked ok, so I should only buy a tire and I would be good. If the story ended there, this would be five stars. We left excited and saying we would only do our service here thinking they were honest and trying to give us the best deal. That afternoon our car started making noises and they kept continuing. So the next weekend, we bring the car back in to see what’s going on (I thought something with the new tire). They tell me now, the spark plugs all need replaced, all breaks need replaced immediately, a coolant flush is overdue, my windshield wipers are cracking and need replaced. I mentioned I had been in a week earlier and they said my breaks were fine. Now I was being told, he doesn’t know why they said that, they needed replaced. I specifically asked for them to look at brakes and see if anything else needed done and they said no. So instead, I lost my time needing to go back and fourth to the shop another time and to deal with this because they didn’t actually check the first time. They also said a alignment should have been done which I was not even offered the first time. I had high hopes for this shop, but now I feel ripped off. I feel like I cannot trust their recommendation. If one mechanic will let me drive away and say everything is great, I assume all is good. Not that my breaks have no life left. Very disappointed in this experience.

cierra carson 12/29/2020 1 star

Not nice at all! I came here today to try and get my tire plugged or patched, the gentleman told me he could not do it because they closed in 30 minutes. I have my 4yr old with me. He tried to play me like I could leave my car and come back tomorrow, knowing he could of fixed my tire within 15 mins. Smh...they will never get my business again!

Mark Fitzpatrick 12/3/2020 5 stars

They have always been there for me when I called. For that I thank aaa again for all you do for our beavercreek. Thanks. M.

Edward Humphrey 11/17/2020 5 stars

Harold Cook 10/23/2020 5 stars

Very friendly answered all my questions got what I needed quickly

Katie Hallock 10/19/2020 5 stars

I visited recently to get a passport picture. It was a Thursday in mid October around 11a and there was only one other person in and out. I was helped immediately (by a very sweet and laid back woman) and out the door in no time! Just what I needed!

Ryan Ireland 10/19/2020 5 stars

I have AAA because my 79 VW bus is, well a typical 79 VW bus. I like knowing I have a friend out there on the road. The Beavercreek location has always been friendly and efficient. I get my battery checked for free once a year and they have a nifty free air pump outside for anyone to use.

Janice Hill 9/1/2020 5 stars

I bring my business truck into AAA for normal maintenance (oil changes). But this time I contacted them and spoke to Jon because a indicator light came on for the alternator. He got me in the next day and had it fixed within 24 hours. While my business truck was in I was using my personal vehicle to get around and wouldn’t you know it the indicator light for the ABS braking system came on. I swapped vehicle’s and Jon called me back with news that If I take my Subaru to the dealership they would fix it for free and that there was another part that was recalled on my car. I feel that they went far and beyond what normal repair shops do.

Steve Frost 8/31/2020 5 stars

Paul Murray 7/24/2020 5 stars

Did a great job with our cars

Alex Shepherd 7/23/2020 5 stars

Good customer service and they called me to clear a misunderstanding.

Gail Stauffer 7/17/2020 4 stars

Janet Franklin 6/26/2020 1 star

I called because I had a dead battery in my truck. The paper we were sent said you would fix it. You said you didn't do that. Had to call roadside service. They wouldn't do it either. Then I remembered why I had quit AAA years ago. Trying to decide if I should call BBB. I won't renew again.

NEW KEMIT TV 6/5/2020 5 stars

Good customer service

Aden Dowd 4/28/2020 1 star

The place lied to me. I needed a Tire parched and they Tried having me buy a new one. Then I took the tire to tire to tire zone and said this can be fixed easily

Kim Rice-Williams 3/4/2020 2 stars

Mark Lankford 2/21/2020 5 stars

Out of two dealers, a relative and a car expert friend, you guys were the only one who fixed my brakes correctly. Thank you! Highly recommend AAA Beavercreek.

Debbie Knox 2/16/2020 3 stars

john mastbaum 2/6/2020 5 stars

Rebecca Felton 2/1/2020 5 stars

Excellent customer service

Richard Felton 2/1/2020 5 stars

Doris evers 1/25/2020 5 stars

Our agent, Polly, has always been helpful, professional and prompt with responses to our emails and phone calls. This is our second cruise that we have booked through AAA with Polly and it won't be our last! Polly is always courteous, knowledgeable and always has an answer to our many questions. Customer service is A+!

James Thatcher 1/17/2020 4 stars

Brandi Back 1/14/2020 5 stars

I live about 45 minutes from Beavercreek, and last Saturday afternoon I picked up a nail in my tire. Unfortunately it wasn't fixable because I was due for a new set, but luckily I was very close to this AAA location. At first I was disappointed because I was scheduled to get tires the following weekend from a local, trusted shop. I was able to get a set of tires that day and I the staff was very friendly. It was a half hour from closing time on a Saturday! Those guys were great and I'm very happy with the tires!

Jason Blom 1/13/2020 5 stars

Get the Cooper the deal!

Eileen Laffey 12/26/2019 1 star

Not even worth a star! They have had my vehicle for almost 2 weeks and they lied to me about it being worked on. They never called me with an update I was the one calling daily. After several days and no results I even mentioned if they are unable to do the repair it, I will take it somewhere else. Brad stated it will be done the next day. Well my vehicle never got repaired and I’m having it towed to another non AAA garage. Worse service ever and the worst is they Lied to us. Will not recommend this garage for service

Ja Pat 12/21/2019 5 stars

Free air.

John Derocher 12/7/2019 3 stars

A bit pricey and a little slow. But work appears to be done correctly

Justin Fritz 11/29/2019 5 stars

David Westwood 11/23/2019 5 stars

Ohio Blue Bird 11/15/2019 5 stars

Count on Dayton AAA for good dependable service.

Mike Gazzerro 11/11/2019 5 stars

Free air. AAA actually cares about car safety!

David Campbell, Realtor 10/25/2019 5 stars

They always seem to do a great job here at reasonable rates. Jon is really good at explaining things so you can understand and he leaves it up to you what you want to get done - no pressure.

Mary Feucht 10/18/2019 5 stars

Outstanding service, called the location an asked to have tires put on my truck with a further date. John had everything ready and available when I returned from my vacation. Smooth transaction and amazing service... Thanks John for my baby’s new shoes

J Forbes 10/12/2019 5 stars

The People that work here are Wonderful,will Gladly answer questions and help anyway they can.

Angela Wagner 10/11/2019 5 stars

Clean waiting area and very friendly staff. Will come again and recommend to others!

SR Hildenbrandt 10/9/2019 5 stars

your customer 9/16/2019 5 stars

Jon is a nice guy

Jeff Forney 9/12/2019 5 stars

Quick service, friendly staff, easy to get too.

Allen Miller 9/8/2019 4 stars

Good service, aaa discount....

Sheree Blodgett 9/3/2019 5 stars

Bob Wallace 8/13/2019 3 stars

I went there for hotel reservations, and they found me the right reservations quickly.

Patrick Kyle 8/8/2019 5 stars

Jerry Woods 8/2/2019 5 stars

Brand new facility. Certified and skilled mechanics. Competitive auto service pricing.

Shirley Cummins 7/22/2019 4 stars

Prentis Dishman 7/10/2019 1 star

Mario Francescone 7/9/2019 5 stars

I was in from out of town and stopped at this location because my first impression/perception of this location was very good. Shortly after opening the doors on the morning of July 9, I encountered Jon and he very helpful and understanding to my situation. I did not have a major issue, but he was able to fix my vehicle and had me out the door within the hour. Thank you and I would definitely return to this location!

Heather Bucher 7/5/2019 5 stars

Catherine Beers-Conrad 6/22/2019 5 stars

Bonnie Foster 6/21/2019 4 stars

margaret baltikauskas 6/13/2019 4 stars

Bob B 6/7/2019 5 stars

Leon R Bluser 6/1/2019 4 stars

S Miklasz 6/1/2019 2 stars

The AAA Auto Service Center on Dayton-Xenia Rd. in Beavercreek appears clean and is in a very convenient location. Unfortunately their service just didn't meet my bare minimum expectations. After describing the problem and making an appointment to have the car checked first thing in the morning, my wifes car sat the entire day. Because she relies on our car to take care of our 3 children she had to pick it up 7 hours later before they so much as pulled a code from it. She then gave them another chance to earn our business, they diagnosed it as a cam shaft position sensor (Which they were told had already been replaced) We proceded to pay them $180 for this $50 part (labor not included) as well as purchase a battery on their advice. When we finally picked it up it started and ran until it was turned off, at which point it would not start again. (As was part of the problem described initially.) So objectively they do not value their customers time, or input. They do not provide parts at a competative rate, and subjectively they have terrible quality assurance. But they are located conveniently near the intersection of Dayton-Xenia Rd and North Fairfield.

William Hevener 5/31/2019 4 stars

Nydia Gonzalez 5/22/2019 5 stars

Air for my tire. It's great that they offer this service to members.

Gary Turner 4/30/2019 5 stars

Free air for your car's tires!

Thomas Steinbrunner 4/25/2019 5 stars

Got my International Drivers Permit with no problems

Chris Dove 4/21/2019 5 stars

Great service

Kevin Wagner 3/30/2019 4 stars

Prompt professional service. A little more work needed done than I expected but they took me in first thing Saturday morning had me out in decent time. Thanks to the service techs that didn't take a break the whole time I was there.

rick wells 3/22/2019 1 star

AAA States I need a new power steering pump $800.00 ?? took it to Sextons it only needed a new belt.

Karisma Carpenter 3/4/2019 5 stars

Thu Dao 1/14/2019 3 stars

Every year, you want my money. But today I called for a service. Was promised it would be here at 12:55. Or it’s 2:07, nobody showed up. I missed my appointment with my. We mechanic. Will AAA offer a rental car? Called again and got transfered to everywhere abd placed on hold. I asked to speak to a manager, the operator laughed at me. This is unacceptable. Your company is a scam! Shame on you. Redo star for call service! Well, finally Rich came out. He’s a nice guy! He told me he just got my call and came out right away! Thank you Rich! 5 stars for Rich!

Shelter Insurance Mary Feucht Agency 11/13/2018 5 stars

The location is very clean, the coffee was awesome, but most of all the service was amazing. They did the check on my husbands truck found the light bulbs out for the license plate. My husband was amazed they let him buy the items and replaced, no pressure sales to have it repaired there. Thanks for outstanding customer service.

Jenny Garringer 11/9/2018 5 stars

Andrew Huckeby 5/25/2018 5 stars

Chris Webber has gone above and beyond with all of my insurance needs. he has handled every aspect of this adventure with absolute knowledge. If you are in the area you should swing by his office you can not miss his smile.

Ward Malone 5/22/2018 5 stars

I took my car in for brakes after getting an estimate somewhere else. Not only did AAA beat the price by $200 they also made me aware of another part that was still under warranty. Jon Bucher goes above and beyond to provide the best advise and service.

James Ritchie 5/18/2018 5 stars

Jon Bucher and his team did an awesome job repairing my Mercedes SUV! They made sure that I understood the work required and made sure it was as economically completed as possible. I highly recommend these guys.

Jon Bucher 5/18/2018 5 stars

Christina Hall 4/20/2018 1 star

Took my 05 equinox in because it was leaking coolant and running hotter than it should. I spend $1373 for a new water pump (they didn't replace, just fixed internals) I get 3 miles from the shop and it overheats and won't cycle. Took me 40 mins to get it back to AAA. They try to tell me to leave it and they'll call me. I tell them no, now. So they do a hydrocarbon test and tell me my head gasket blown. Can't be the case bc the top radiator hose is cold and when I went to remove the cap (still kinda hot) the pressure blew the cap off. So no, not a blown head gasket. Won't refund me anything, won't fix it for free... this is the worst customer service. Jon saw a young lady and he assumed I didn't know my cars. He thought wrong.

Tara Donovan 3/26/2018 5 stars

Christopher Webber 3/14/2018 5 stars

Wow! What a great place to visit, Smiles EVERYWHERE!!!

Lisa Crisp 3/8/2018 5 stars

Very pleasant & knowledgeable customer service. Clean & comfortable waiting area with tea, coffee and coke. Free WiFi as well. The professional garage kept us informed during our routine oil change. We will def be back.

Felipe Nazario-Romero 2/16/2018 5 stars

Great Service and Atmosphere.

Jane CRAIG 12/24/2017 1 star

Excellent service, great price. No cheating here. Amen to Bruce!!

Victoria Rogers 9/23/2017 1 star

I've just spent nearly 30 minutes on this messy, overblown website which offers very little. All I want is a freakin' map! There are no humans here, unless you are buying something. I do wish AAA had an alternative. If you know of one, please post. Last month, although I've been a member for 40 years, I was told me that I did not have a membership. I stayed stranded, as they (they being some 3rd party database) were unable to send help. They kept demanding my account number, which is on my AAA card. Which is in my locked car. The car that is locked, with keys inside. I can't stand this company anymore.

Terry Bettendorf SR 8/11/2017 1 star

While looking at at coupon from AAA Auto $10.00 . Talking to charles at the Beavercreek OH office he tells me that do not do that work or not well and to go to a auto body shop????????? I get so confused as to why businesses do this......

John Harney 8/2/2017 5 stars

These guys are great! I'll probably be going here from now on. Had a tire issue with my wife's car. Went to another garage (won't mention) was told I'd just have to get a new tire. AAA gave me great advice, showed me what was really going on, and helped me salvage the last bit of life out of a tire that I really couldn't afford to replace at that moment. The integrity is what wins me!

Cecilia Kimball 6/10/2017 5 stars

Great customer service. Very helpful with questions.

Deborah W 5/22/2017 5 stars

Michael is a great mechanic. I can trust whatever he says about our cars.

Emily S 3/28/2017 5 stars

Very helpful, answered my questions and provided what I needed in a friendly and kind way.

A 2/17/2017 1 star

I got getting directed to the call center when I wanted to talk to someone in the office. Operator sent me to call center when I asked for someone at the office. I wanted to know if the office had something in stock so I would not waste a half hour drive to the office! Never got a straight answer. No one took ownership.

John Giga 8/6/2016 5 stars

Have consistently received prompt and courteous service. Most recently the young girl/lady at the front desk very politely, efficiently and professionally provided me with two different trip-tiks. From coordinating trips to Alaska, Florida, California..and Iceland... have found staff very helpful and caring. Kudos to Nicole Smith...she is super!

Curtis Gwaltney 7/24/2016 1 star

Not very friendly folks and they put all tour books and related pamphlets and maps behind the counter so customers can't browse through the materials on their own. Not very customer oriented.

Alicia Adams (US - ASR) 5/11/2016 1 star

I am extremely upset by the service I have received from this location. I don't think I could have spoken with a ruder individual. I have been planning a trip for a few months and I have spoken with several individuals at Triple A throughout the process and I wanted some help with what I thought would be an easy task, but no. They didn't book this part of the trip for me so they couldn't even assist at all. What am I paying for if I can't even ask a question? The woman, Dawn, while I was trying to read for clarification, hoping she may be able to offer any assistance at all, was like I'm going to have to hang up because I can't help you. That is unacceptable. I have used Triple A for years and you just lost my business. The perks of Triple A has always been to me at least, knowing I have someone I can call when I need help when traveling, but no - apparently only if you book my travel now....

Lee Austria 9/10/2015 1 star

It takes either a very good experience or a very bad experience to get me to actually log in to Google and write a review. Unfortunately it was the latter in this instance: We were planning a road trip to Chicago from the Beavercreek area to visit our daughter and had heard there was a bridge out on I-65 north of Indianapolis. Rather than try to get information off of Google or Safari I wanted to talk to a live person about the situation. Silly me! I was advised by a very helpful AAA phone agent to visit the local office in Beavercreek because she thought they may be of help finding alternate routes which may not have as much traffic as the posted detour was likely to have. When I arrived at the office, I explained to the agent on duty our situation and asked if she knew of alternate routes. In an irritated "You're bothering me" type voice the best she could do was give me a piece of paper with a map on it and tell me "There is a posted detour." I told her I had spoken with the other agent and that she had said they could probably advise of better routes than the posted detour because of the heavy traffic likely to be on those routes. She said "I don't know who told you that, there is a posted detour." I could see I was not going to get anywhere so I just looked at her (in disbelief of her abruptness) and said "Okay I guess I'll figure it out." I went to take the paper but she took it back saying it was her only copy. She then tried to explain that there was another "posted detour" on this map that we could try but it could take us well out of the way. By that time I had totally tuned out and decided to get the information I needed elsewhere: From Siri who is always polite and never rude. I will not waste my time by going to this office ever again. AAA should hire people who are friendlier and more customer service oriented. Update: Vicki, the manager at this office contacted me and was very professional and polite. I truly appreciate her taking th

Fred Remmers 4/2/2015 5 stars

Receptionist was very helpful in helping me find the travel information I needed.