AAA King of Prussia

4.5 4.5 star 64 reviews

139 E. Dekalb Pike
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406
(610) 337-6800

Landmark: Located in strip center at Henderson Road and Route 202.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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64 reviews - 4.5 4.5 star

ckinverse Image
ckinverse 4/29/2021 5 stars

Called ahead and got excellent service from a knowledgeable rep who went above and beyond to complete my title change quickly & correctly.

Sachin Gupta Image
Sachin Gupta 4/22/2021 5 stars

Amazing experience

Ieshia B Image
Ieshia B 4/21/2021 1 star

They suck poor customer service

Mel Woolf Image
Mel Woolf 4/17/2021 4 stars

Good service.

Nance Bangert Image
Nance Bangert 3/8/2021 5 stars

Nishant Doshi Image
Nishant Doshi 2/14/2021 5 stars

Michael DiPaolo Image
Michael DiPaolo 1/24/2021 5 stars

Always helpful and courteous

David Nichols Image
David Nichols 12/23/2020 5 stars

Great service. My thanks to John Del Sordo, saved me over $700 on our home and auto insurance. Thanks, John.

Moustafa Alkholy Image
Moustafa Alkholy 12/10/2020 5 stars

The best of the best , thanks

RONALD GRAYBILL 12/6/2020 5 stars

Easy to fine everything went smoth

Elnaz Zoghi Image
Elnaz Zoghi 11/12/2020 1 star

I have had nothing but problems dealing with this AAA branch. First started with them not doing their job and contacting my car dealership about the proper document they needed for my new car purchase. I had to play the middle person between the dealership and AAA because they couldn't do their job correctly. Then, once everything was, I thought, settled and smooth sailing, I received my temporary registration. Had to wait longer than 2 months before I get a call to pick up my permanent registration and they spelled my name wrong!!!! Now I have a registration with the wrong name and it's probably going to take another 2 months to fix because they don't seem to value customers at all!! Kelly was not helpful and when I told her my temporary registration is expiring, she said I still have 2 weeks. This one took more than 2 months!!!! So now I have to wait for a call in who knows how long, in the mean time I'm driving with a registration that has the wrong name!!!! Horrible customer service, didn't try to solve any problems!!! This is why I'm sooo thankful I'm not a member of a company that doesn't care about their customers!!!! I'll be sending them a bill if I get pulled over and fined for my registration card!!!!!!!!!

Jack Noonan Image
Jack Noonan 10/28/2020 5 stars

Greatest company to call and be there when you are in dire need in any auto situation

Ira Bilofsky Image
Ira Bilofsky 10/28/2020 3 stars

Service was good until tickets were purchased. We gave the agent the pre check for TSA. Going to Orlando was easy. Coming home was a nightmare as no one could find our TSA numbers. Agent wouldn't even call the Airline to verify our numbers with them

I S Image
I S 10/20/2020 5 stars

I went to this location several times, I always was having a good service.

A B Image
A B 10/8/2020 5 stars

I had the pleasure of working with Lee Ann to care for some recent vehicle services. She was so pleasant and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend!

Gabe Clark Image
Gabe Clark 9/10/2020 5 stars

AAA was nothing but incredibly helpful, the people were amazing and were able to help me register my vehicle in an organized manner!

Andre Davis Image
Andre Davis 9/5/2020 5 stars

Very good service

Franklin Morris 2 Image
Franklin Morris 2 8/18/2020 5 stars

Great customer service!

Geneva Wiggins-Collins Image
Geneva Wiggins-Collins 8/3/2020 5 stars

Robert Edwards Image
Robert Edwards 7/20/2020 5 stars

Teresa's to do with awesome service I love having AAA service bring me peace of mind

Wayne Wagner Image
Wayne Wagner 7/20/2020 5 stars

Great job by the tow truck operator.

Mary Zanko Image
Mary Zanko 7/8/2020 5 stars

Bassam Al-Rawi Image
Bassam Al-Rawi 7/2/2020 5 stars

Good service and customer support unlike the AAA branch in northern Philadelphia.

Vinnie Cicerale Image
Vinnie Cicerale 6/16/2020 5 stars

I worked with John Del Sordo and he was awesome! John was extremely knowledgeable and guided me on making major changes all together to my home, umbrella, and 3 car policies. He worked for me to find the best rates with a reputable, reliable company. John was very responsive to my multitude of questions and guided me through the process of making this major change. I wholeheartedly recommend John Del Sordo at AAA Mid-Atlantic!

Maryann Harkin Image
Maryann Harkin 2/20/2020 5 stars

Everything was perfect,sooo happy I joined AAA

Yijiun Chen Image
Yijiun Chen 2/13/2020 4 stars

Steve Smith Image
Steve Smith 2/11/2020 5 stars

Peter Radatti Image
Peter Radatti 2/9/2020 5 stars

It's AAA who sets the standard for all travel. One stop shopping for all travel needs.

Anthony Sclafani Image
Anthony Sclafani 2/9/2020 4 stars

Mary Ellen Mihok Image
Mary Ellen Mihok 1/30/2020 5 stars

The people there are very friendly and helpful!!

Winston Gibson Image
Winston Gibson 1/26/2020 5 stars

Old fashioned service at fair price.

Nancy Crocker Image
Nancy Crocker 1/22/2020 5 stars

The assisted me with getting my registration for my car quite easy the individual called the department of transportation in Harrisburg explain what the problem was. Prior to that they said it would take 3 months or more for me to get my registration for my new vehicle.

MaryEllen DIgregorio Image
MaryEllen DIgregorio 1/17/2020 3 stars

Bill LaCoff Image
Bill LaCoff 1/13/2020 5 stars

Richard Ramsden Image
Richard Ramsden 1/3/2020 5 stars

A nice AAA location

Sheriff Popoola Image
Sheriff Popoola 12/31/2019 5 stars

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Betsy Luminais Image
Betsy Luminais 12/30/2019 5 stars

This is the second time AAA has gotten us the best price on a rental car. I tried online this time (again) figuring it couldn"t be too hard. The promo listed didn't work and the price wasn't great so I decided to drive to the store. he helpful guy saved us about $200 on an eight day rental car in LA!

Bradford Files Image
Bradford Files 12/27/2019 5 stars


Theresa Perry Image
Theresa Perry 12/26/2019 5 stars

Always very helpful and friendly staff. Never have to wait to be helped. Well stocked with all the newest information.

Jerry Herbert Image
Jerry Herbert 12/13/2019 5 stars

Should have been five stars to begin with. Not sure why it was only three when I saved it

Sam Payne Image
Sam Payne 12/6/2019 5 stars

Leeann went ABOVE AND BEYOND with helping me switch my plates. I have never experienced customer service like she provided and I am so thankful!

kiengsack Sysavath Image
kiengsack Sysavath 11/30/2019 5 stars

Chris Scott Image
Chris Scott 11/23/2019 5 stars

Bridget Boston Image
Bridget Boston 11/21/2019 5 stars

Changed over my money to Euros for an international trip for no fee! It's awesome.

Cathy Horlacher Image
Cathy Horlacher 10/30/2019 5 stars

Philip Colicchio Image
Philip Colicchio 8/13/2019 5 stars

Miranda Image
Miranda 7/29/2019 1 star

3 hours later and 4 calls.. still waiting. Thank you for prioritizing my safety.........

Renee Oakes Image
Renee Oakes 7/27/2019 2 stars

They ok

Neil Mengel Image
Neil Mengel 7/20/2019 4 stars

Debbie Moore Image
Debbie Moore 5/6/2019 5 stars

Just moved to the area and this AAA was great! Changed my address on my license, registration and voter ID. Then I got renters insurance. One stop shopping with nice, helpful and knowledgable staff. Found my go-to AAA! Thank you everyone for your help!

William Koffke Image
William Koffke 4/26/2019 5 stars

My AAA, member 51 years. Used the notary service, got maps.

David Haney Image
David Haney 4/20/2019 5 stars

Reasonable rates

Charles Carr Image
Charles Carr 4/19/2019 5 stars

I attended driving school and got a 5 percent discount on my insurance. The discount is good for three years. Every three years I take a refresh course. Good deal.

Steven Katchur Image
Steven Katchur 1/3/2019 1 star

I would select no stars if possible. Previously for a vacation package, we had a great experience! So when it came to selecting and purchasing a vacation for 2018, I went to AAA. We wanted to try something new and it was always on my bucket list to take a vacation to Alaska, so a cruise was top of the list. I knew very little about which cruise line to select and while I did some research online, the agent really pushed Princess. I had not thought of myself as going on a Princess cruise line, but I was reassured multiple times, what a great time I would have. The trip was a disaster, in fact as soon as I could get cell service I even called the AAA office to express my dissatisfaction, and that was Day 2 of a 7 day cruise! There is too much to describe, but overall I was told by my agents manager, we should never have selected Princess, right away she could see we would want more activities and excitement! The cruise ship had such bad service they should have been ashamed of themselves. Please be aware, the agents don't always have experience in certain types of vacations and it was a question we should have asked our agent. We will not be heading back to AAA- in King of Prussia again.

Jay Jena Image
Jay Jena 8/10/2018 1 star

Annie M Image
Annie M 6/1/2018 5 stars

Ian O'Grady Image
Ian O'Grady 4/3/2018 5 stars

Came here on a Saturday to set up a car rental for my upcoming trip to Ireland. One of the travel agents Nicole Pappas was incredibly kind and patient helping me get the best deal I could get. I really appreciated the help!

Aaron W. Image
Aaron W. 9/29/2017 5 stars

Went to this office to get out-of-state title work done. Very professional and fast service. I greatly appreciate LeeAnn Kinckner's help. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and well-organized. I am done (hassle-free) with paperwork in about an hour. Will definitely recommend and stop by again.

Fahbian Koscinski Image
Fahbian Koscinski 9/25/2017 1 star

Originally was told that a car would be picked up for a tow within 60 minutes. Two and a half hours later and multiple phone calls the car is still in its original spot. Not punctual at all and still waiting, something needs to be done about their time assessment

John S Image
John S 5/8/2016 5 stars

Very fast service. Friendly staff. They provide quite a few services for traveling both by car and internationally.

Gigi Elashram Image
Gigi Elashram 3/19/2016 5 stars

I am (unfortunately ) a frequent flyer with AAA. my car has broken down many times in the past year and they are always friendly and attentive. They call often to make sure you're safe, they send text alerts with updates ETAs, and they're customer service reps are always nice and truly sympathetic. They make a terrible time just a little bit better.

Michael Pollack Image
Michael Pollack 2/28/2016 5 stars

I have only used this location for maps, books, titles and notary services. Unfortunately, it does not have a repair garage. Getting maps and books has always been easy and quick and the staff has always been friendly. If you're just looking for something local your popular, there is a map vending machine in the vestibule. I have used the notary service for various things including transferring the title to a vehicle. At most there has been a short wait. Everything has always gone quickly and smoothly including more complex transactions like transferring the title to vehicles.

PD B Image
PD B 2/18/2016 5 stars

Wonderful and very helpful staff members

Jay C Image
Jay C 2/6/2016 5 stars