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1260 Route 33
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Landmark: Across from the Rt 33 ShopRite and Texas Roadhouse restaurant and next to Panera and Aldi’s.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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103 reviews - 4.3 4.5 star

Xavier Jones Image
Xavier Jones 5/10/2021 5 stars

carol lang Image
carol lang 4/30/2021 5 stars

Eric and Graham are the best. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and just so nice to deal with. We always bring our car there!!!!

James DeSalvo Image
James DeSalvo 4/20/2021 4 stars

Personnel were polite and informed. Service was spot on.

Erica hagins Image
Erica hagins 4/16/2021 5 stars

Very very efficient! Eric made my visit very convenient, this is now the ONLY car care center I will be going to!!

Mark B. Image
Mark B. 3/18/2021 5 stars

The staff is friendly, their service people are incredible and I'd definitely come here again for car service or any other assistance I needed. They also keep their office clean through COVID 19 and make sure to keep people evenly spaced out, which is great to see a year into the current climate.

Annette Timmerman Image
Annette Timmerman 2/28/2021 5 stars

Marvin Williams Image
Marvin Williams 1/22/2021 4 stars


Rachel O'Brien Image
Rachel O'Brien 1/17/2021 3 stars

Nav Bajwa Image
Nav Bajwa 1/12/2021 5 stars

Richard Alfree Image
Richard Alfree 12/3/2020 5 stars

I recently brought my vehicle here on several occasions and worked with Rahmee Rogers who greatly helped me out each time. He was able to order tires which came in the next day. He tested my battery which he recommended replacing based on the results. He is very caring and professional. I would feel comfortable going here again.

Donna Shepherd Image
Donna Shepherd 11/28/2020 5 stars

Nicole Vencebi Siplin Image
Nicole Vencebi Siplin 11/21/2020 5 stars

Denise Gorlin Image
Denise Gorlin 11/16/2020 5 stars

I highly recommend Linda to handle all your cruise needs. She is awesome and cares that your vacation is perfect and that you get the best price. The other staff is very friendly and helpful.

Benjamin Bulson Image
Benjamin Bulson 9/28/2020 5 stars

Claudia Karaman Image
Claudia Karaman 9/17/2020 5 stars

Katie Simpson Image
Katie Simpson 9/10/2020 5 stars

Went in for map and travel info. They saved me over $600 on my rental car. Highly recommend using.

Stephanie Wolter Image
Stephanie Wolter 9/7/2020 5 stars

The team here helped me through a really unfortunate situation when my engine died on an already incredibly stressful weekend. Specifically Mr Rogers (Rahnee) and Michele went out of their way to help me out despite it being the Saturday before Labor Day, and the AAA team towed my car allll the way down to Virginia. I cannot stress enough how helpful they were. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who has any car issues in the area.

Cerulean Wolter Image
Cerulean Wolter 9/7/2020 5 stars

Just to put it in perspective my family was going through a major crisis and my sisters car broke down. She will leave a separate review. I went to pick her up and get an oil change at the same time since we had to wait anyway. Mr. Rogers not only made us feel comfortable and taken care of but made sure that my car was taken care of. I was floored by the outpouring of support from the team for us and I cannot recommend this business any higher. That man deserves a raise and every award for excellence AAA has to offer.

joy m Image
joy m 9/4/2020 5 stars

Very helpful. We got passport photos there for $3 and very fast.

Iris Sanchez Image
Iris Sanchez 8/26/2020 2 stars

Even with a membership the prices are high n when you take your car in oil n filter change they give you a 3,000 estimate incliding you need tires but the ones are your car are less than 3 mos old also asked for a insurance qout the representative gave me a run around only to not help nice AAA

Dawn Carlin Image
Dawn Carlin 8/18/2020 4 stars

Stopped in to apply for homeowners and car insurance. Agents are working from home, so they contacted one by phone for me. Gave her my information and she said she call me back with a quote. While there I picked up travel books and maps for hopefully a trip next year! A staff member said they would be happy to make reservations and help me with planning. Off I went with a pleasant trip to AAA, but didn't complete my original task of getting insurance. Hopefully I'll hear from the agent soon!

Carl Flores Image
Carl Flores 8/17/2020 5 stars

Celeste Cisneros Image
Celeste Cisneros 8/12/2020 5 stars

I love this location!! Everyone here is so nice and they take good care of me, great service ??

Carl Taylor Image
Carl Taylor 8/6/2020 5 stars

Mr Rahmee Rogers was very helpful and courteous. Nice and respectful. Great guy.

Nicholas Szydlowski Image
Nicholas Szydlowski 7/31/2020 5 stars

Mr. Rogers got me out of the "dog house". We have 3 high mileage cars and I have been taking all of them to the Hamilton AAA for about 2 years. On this one eventful day Mr. Rogers saved me. My wife, 2 kids and a dog had just left early Monday morning to travel North over 7 hours to visit her Mom. At work I get a call from my wife that after getting fuel the low battery light went on in her SUV. Well unfortunately I had ignored the regular diagnostics that the service guys run at every oil change for me that said the battery was in need of a change. I figured, hey, it'll be good for a bit more. Knowing well what needed to be done, I crossed my fingers and called the guys at Hamilton AAA. Mr. Rogers answered and I explained my situation. Not only did he manage to fit them into the busy schedule, he had a battery ready when they arrived, they did a quick re-boot of the computer, and got them out in record time. Fast out of the pits and me out of the proverbial "dog house". Mr. Rogers understands customer service. You are not just a number at this place.

Max Alward Image
Max Alward 7/21/2020 5 stars

I was on my way back to Mass from Virginia driving a vehicle I had just flown down to purchase when it broke down on the Jersey Turnpike. I am an AAA gold member so I had it towed to this service center. I was greeted by Larry who was quick to assist me despite it being early Sunday morning as they were just opening up. Larry and the staff there did all they could to help me out in my difficult situation, and were a huge help in diagnosing the vehicle. They also allowed me to leave the vehicle there for a few days while I was waiting on a transport truck to pick it up and ship it up north. They really took care of a AAA customer and I can't thank them enough. Super professional and seem to be great people.

quashan gooden Image
quashan gooden 7/20/2020 5 stars

The staff Rahnee was very helpful and took care of us great service.

Yessica Gonzalez Image
Yessica Gonzalez 7/15/2020 1 star

My daughter went there to get 1 tire fixed. I repeat 1 tire only. They took advantage of her and told her she needs all 4 replace=$700.00 Told her she would have to get it towed if she didn’t pay up. The mechanic told her you have no choice. Once her father went back with her because she had to leave her Acura. They told her father that they never said that. I knew they said that because I was on the phone and listening to everything. I’m so disturbed that there is still places like AAA & mechanics that take advantage of premium members. After realizing there caught she had to pay $500 that’s $500 she didn’t have that you took advantage of!!!!! So disappointed!

Karen Jensen Image
Karen Jensen 7/15/2020 5 stars

Wonderful service. Very friendly and helpful people.

Karol martinez Image
Karol martinez 7/1/2020 5 stars

(Translated by Google) They are very good and with a lot of experience (Original) Son muy buenos y con mucha experiencia

Sharon Pasela Image
Sharon Pasela 6/12/2020 5 stars

Excellent service

Vinny L Image
Vinny L 5/26/2020 5 stars

Anthony Borkowski Image
Anthony Borkowski 5/23/2020 1 star

Short Story: Don’t go here for repairs. The serpentine belt on my car snapped while I was driving and I was towed here. They had the car for over 24 hours and the diagnostic fee I payed them went towards them recommending unnecessary repairs like flushing my radiator and coolant system (which was already performed 8 months ago for unrelated reasons), replacing all 4 tires (which were only 2 years old), cleaning the headlight casings, and other services that ballooned the bill to $1300 (the majority of which I turned down except for the serpentine belt and one tire). That’s 24 hours of having the car in their possession to work on and inspect, with potentially $1300 changing hands, and they missed something me and my uncle identified in 2 minutes with just a simple flashlight. The belt snapped because the ac compressor had seized. Not once when they were trying to up-sell me did they mention the compressor had seized, nor do they list it in the recommended services section of the bill, so I can only imagine that they totally missed the problem despite having to directly interact with the compressor to route the serpentine belt around it’s wheel. And since the compressor was un-repaired, if I hadn’t visited my uncle, I also imagine that my car would be in another garage a week from now when the new belt snaps. And despite missing a problem so obvious that even Ray Charles would have seen it, despite knowingly putting forth little to no effort in diagnosing the problem that caused the belt to snap, they still looked me in the eye and price gouged me by charging dealership-level prices.

s kumar Image
s kumar 5/17/2020 5 stars

1st visit experience on 051620: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality Just want to say sincere thanks to Rahmee & Eric for excellent customer service experience. Both were very helpful, kind and professional. A special thanks to Rahmee as he took the time to test, explain my battery need, answer all concerns & gave good suggestions. Thank you Eric, you truly showed management skills, knowledge about product, listening skills and care as a human being. We are in hard times due to pandemic and need people like you be around and show care and concern as human being towards each other. You both provided service with professionalism & integrity. AAA is blessed to have you working for them. Plz keep up the good work. Hope to see you both in case i need AAA car Care service at your location. God bless.

Edith Laramore Image
Edith Laramore 5/16/2020 5 stars

Mr Rogers was professional and extremely courteous. Took the time to slowly explain the condition of my car and the importance of addressing the problem now I felt comfortable and agreed totally with the price. Excellent services.

more fun funny Image
more fun funny 4/18/2020 5 stars

Just want to thank Mr. Rahmee & Mr. Larry for excellent customer service experience, both was very helpful, kind and professional. A special thanks to Mr. Rahmee. he took the time to explain my battery warranty & answer all concerns . Thank you Raheem Rogers . you truly showed management skills and knowledge About your company. I am so thankful you truly stand by the customer. We are your first concern. You resolved the problem with professionalism & integrity . AAA is blessed to have you working for them.Thanks again

Ann S Image
Ann S 4/3/2020 5 stars

Excellent people answering phone.

Kendall Sportelli Image
Kendall Sportelli 3/17/2020 5 stars

I can't say enough positive things about the service I received here. I had a flat tire one morning while driving to work. Had the car towed to Hamilton WAA & they were on top of things immediately. Mr Rogers was wonderful. They called me before I got there & asked the tires.size & was working on it before I got there. Again. Mr Rogers was wonderful!!! They have a new customer now.

Jay Lawrence Image
Jay Lawrence 2/28/2020 3 stars

each time I go they find something else to try and sell me. their mechanics seem to be good but the counter person keeps selling.

Greg Williams Image
Greg Williams 2/27/2020 5 stars

I stopped in to get something notarized. Everything was done very smooth and the staff is very friendly.

Ashlan Khan Image
Ashlan Khan 2/21/2020 5 stars

I had the pleasure of working with Mr.Rogers, he welcomed me and listened to all my concerns. I just bought a used car and he ensured me he would see to it that a thorough inspection be done and he would give me a call first thing in the morning. He did just that and ran me down the list of everything the car needed and what he felt was most urgent. Looking forward to bringing in my car for service again.

Jamesbeaty Beaty Image
Jamesbeaty Beaty 2/20/2020 1 star

This place is an rip off and scams customers. Never will go back again. They charge me $140 just for an battery connector. The part only cost $10. SMH

Chris Martin Image
Chris Martin 2/18/2020 1 star

Took my car in for and oil change. The. Noticed a leak and found out my radiator hose was leaking. Just happens it is above the oil filter. Took the car back and told them they need to fix it and was told it’s not there fault and would cost me 800 to fix. On top of that at the time of the oil change was told my brakes where good and now then are telling me they need to be replaced. Worst repair chop ever. I would tell anyone to stay away. They lie and are ripping people off.

micheal madigan Image
micheal madigan 2/5/2020 5 stars

Great crew

B Lever Image
B Lever 2/4/2020 5 stars

I usually call aaa and i usually always get someone that is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. My last call i asked about our impeding cruise and the ports; what to do and where to go. The young girl answered my questions and told me some good places to see and things to do. She sent me some booklets and info. She had about the ports of call. Always helpful and pleasant to talk to.

Debbie Blackwell Nash Image
Debbie Blackwell Nash 2/3/2020 5 stars

Michelle Mason Image
Michelle Mason 1/24/2020 5 stars

I appreciate and so very thankful for the Awesome service and brand new general tires done on my civic Honda 2015, thank you and God bless to all the tire mechanics, my service rep ?? Rajneesh Rogers????

Carl Wright II Image
Carl Wright II 1/23/2020 5 stars

Rahmee Rogers is the man! He helped me from the phone conversation to the actual mechanic work. He is the only reason I went to the AAA when my car broke down instead of another shop just off of his knowledge of my situation. Amazing!

Gerald Pinner Image
Gerald Pinner 1/18/2020 3 stars

Visited AAA this weekend to have an oil change and tire rotation. I made an appointment nearly a month ago, yet when I showed up they had no record. What was even stranger was that they had no record of me as a customer or my vehicle despite the fact that I had been there before. Once my information was resubmitted and keys were handed over, I was given an estimate of 60-90 mins. I opted to leave to run a few errands, and I received a phone call stating my vehicle was done closer to 45 minutes later. When I returned, it seems as though only two of the four registers were working, so I eventually was passed off to someone working at one of them after about 10 minutes. I was satisfied with the work completed, and as a AAA member the price was right (not sure about prices for non-AAA members), but lack of organization and record keeping did not fill me with confidence and made the visit less convenient. As it stands, I wouldn't hesitate to use this location for basic maintenance, but I would hesitate to use them for anything more serious than that.

Antonio Sam Brown Image
Antonio Sam Brown 1/17/2020 5 stars

Great costumer service!!! Car care advisor Rahmee Rogers was attentive my vehicle's needs. I heavily recommend this service center!!!

Betsy Kiesling Image
Betsy Kiesling 1/16/2020 5 stars

It was a completely positive experience. I was able to transfer my membership from North Carolina to New Jersey, and received the information I was seeking.

Lynette Haynes Image
Lynette Haynes 1/11/2020 5 stars

Great service, courteous staff.

Phil Donatelli Image
Phil Donatelli 1/9/2020 5 stars

The team in Hamilton did a great job to help me get back on the road after having one of my tires pop. Rahmee took care of me while I was there and I appreciate all of his help in explaining what needed to be done with my car but also explaining the why.

Justin Image
Justin 1/7/2020 3 stars

Price was good, Alignment is almost straight. They are VERY pushy trying to get you to replace things you don't need at all. I replaced my front wheel bearings 6 months ago and they suggested I replace them again. Just say no to all their ridiculous recommendations.

Lacon Barley Image
Lacon Barley 12/28/2019 3 stars

tara valle Image
tara valle 12/27/2019 1 star

Grady Hunt Image
Grady Hunt 12/24/2019 5 stars

J. Alfred Johnson, III Image
J. Alfred Johnson, III 12/23/2019 5 stars

This is a great car care center. Mr Rogers is an outstanding person to work with who goes beyond the extra mile to make sure you and your vehicle are taken care of in a way that ends up with a great result. Eric is a great person to work with as well.

Marquis Brown Image
Marquis Brown 12/23/2019 5 stars

Erik Richarme Image
Erik Richarme 12/18/2019 5 stars

Madeline Ivins Image
Madeline Ivins 12/15/2019 5 stars

The travel agent we used was very professional and new her job.

Avonia Kelly Image
Avonia Kelly 12/12/2019 5 stars

The service was excellent!!

Andrea Wiener Image
Andrea Wiener 11/18/2019 5 stars

These guys are great! Always upbeat, helpful and HONEST.

cooperkon Image
cooperkon 11/15/2019 5 stars

Very kind people

Naveen Ganapathiraju Image
Naveen Ganapathiraju 11/9/2019 5 stars

Ashok Mansukhani Image
Ashok Mansukhani 11/5/2019 5 stars

Jasmine Farahat Image
Jasmine Farahat 10/24/2019 5 stars

Excellent customer service. I was immediately greeted and assisted the moment I walked through the door. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Ethan especially did a fantastic job in making me feel welcomed and in helping me find everything I needed. They have a great lounge area with complimentary free coffee. This store is so clean and bright. Will definitely be back soon.

Sandy Wood Image
Sandy Wood 10/18/2019 5 stars

Member or not the people in AAA are very nice and helpful. We have our cars serviced there as well. Never had a problem. If you are a member they have s as less from time to time, that are worth being a member.

Taylor Sternotti Image
Taylor Sternotti 10/18/2019 5 stars

Great place!

Matt Brenner Image
Matt Brenner 10/13/2019 5 stars

Thank you so much to the amazing staff especially Mike, Erik, Will, & Mark for getting my new car all set up and ready to go. The staff was extremely great in accommodating with my during the entire process. I will definitely recommend to anyone I know!

Harry Paratestis Image
Harry Paratestis 10/13/2019 5 stars

Lherisson Starmand Image
Lherisson Starmand 10/12/2019 5 stars

Very nice I like it better than the old place

Daniel Ryan Image
Daniel Ryan 10/7/2019 5 stars

Alex Mishkovsky Image
Alex Mishkovsky 10/3/2019 5 stars

Got an IDP here in one stop... $12.99 for two passport style pictures and $20.00 for the permit. About 20 minutes to complete the process with the AAA's wonderful staff in a newer facility. Need application and your driver's license. Travel services and repair facility on site, too.

Bill Kuntz Image
Bill Kuntz 9/26/2019 5 stars

We first brought our car in a month ago when the dealer could not give us an appointment until the following week. The repair turned out to be important and major, and we were immediately impressed with the customer service. Mr. Rogers clearly knows car repair and put us at ease that we had made the right choice. Everything was explained clearly, our questions were answered fully, and we were given time and assistance in figuring out how to pay for the extensive work needed. The generous warranty on all of the work was reassuring, and, it turned out, paid off today when one of the replacement parts turned out to be defective; the re-repair was fully covered. The facility is clean and welcoming. Mr. Rogers gave us periodic updates on the repair progress as we relaxed with complimentary coffee and WiFi. We highly recommend this facility and will definitely be coming back.

Teri Sandin Image
Teri Sandin 9/22/2019 1 star

Heatherlynn Weatherholt Image
Heatherlynn Weatherholt 9/21/2019 5 stars

Everyone was so nice and helpful and knowledgeable

Janielle Dickerson Image
Janielle Dickerson 9/12/2019 5 stars

Gail Mitchell Image
Gail Mitchell 9/7/2019 5 stars

On the $$$$$ !

Nick Poli Image
Nick Poli 9/7/2019 5 stars

Friendly, knowledgeable, and affordable!

Daniel VanDam Image
Daniel VanDam 9/7/2019 5 stars

Lynda Costantini Image
Lynda Costantini 9/6/2019 1 star

Terrance Wynn Image
Terrance Wynn 9/6/2019 5 stars

They take great care of my range rover their is no pressure to get other things fixed they simply ask if you decline you just decline

Curtis Dubbeld Image
Curtis Dubbeld 8/31/2019 5 stars

Molly Camera Image
Molly Camera 8/27/2019 5 stars

My tire blew on I-95 and after being towed off of the highway a drive named Scott came to pick me up from the first tow location and bring me to the AAA in Hamilton. I’m from nowhere around here and the gentleman Rahmee immediately reassured me and told me if there was anything I needed to just ask! One gentleman, Eric, even let me borrow their phone charger to keep me preoccupied while I waited for new tires to come in. I was here for about four-five hours but honestly I didn’t mind it. They were more than pleasant and even apologetic that I had to wait so long for my tires, but I didn’t mind it wasn’t like that was there fault.

CHESTER DIAZ 8/17/2019 5 stars

i went to get my oil changed and this associate kevin offered more then just an oil change ! WINK WINK

David Ticktin Image
David Ticktin 8/17/2019 1 star

Had an 11 AM appointment yesterday. By 12 Noon an hour later my car was still not in the shop. When I asked what was going on I was told: " Yours is not the only 11 o'clock appointment you know". Hmmm. I remember on Seinfeld Jerry once told a business "You know how to make appointments, You just don't know how to KEEP appointments". I have no idea how long it ultimately would have taken since I left. Won't be going back.

Marilyn Lydon Image
Marilyn Lydon 8/8/2019 5 stars

Mark Schmaling Image
Mark Schmaling 8/8/2019 5 stars

Yvonne Exedaktilos Image
Yvonne Exedaktilos 7/29/2019 5 stars

Dropped off my 2002 es300 Lexus. Larry Brenner was excellent and very professional. Took care of my problem and told me everything that had to be done. I am a very pleased customer. Thank you so much Larry. My name is John.

mike vost Image
mike vost 7/3/2019 5 stars

Brought my car in for an oil change. Been a member for a long time, but this is the first time I ever brought my car in for service. Not only did I get an oil change, but I got a complete safety inspection for FREE ( important to me because my car is 8 years old) . The staff was very friendly and I will be back again.

Lawrence Sanchez Image
Lawrence Sanchez 7/2/2019 1 star

I don’t know what the problem is at this facility. I guess they don’t have enough staff to handle walk-in car care issues. I do know that I can drive my car to the dealer, jiffy lube, Walmart, or pep boys and get on the spot service, why can’t I at AAA? The staff is friendly but I have drove in their for an oil change on Monday and been told the earliest appointment is that Friday, I find that ridiculous. I only wish I knew how many customers like myself they have lost because of their inability to service cars in a timely manner?

Olga Olhovsky Image
Olga Olhovsky 6/24/2019 5 stars

Ashley Immordino Image
Ashley Immordino 6/24/2019 5 stars

Miclene Aaron Image
Miclene Aaron 6/15/2019 5 stars

Good service

Stefanie Ding Image
Stefanie Ding 5/26/2019 5 stars

Terrence Reilly Image
Terrence Reilly 4/26/2019 1 star

My God!!! Avoid this place at all cost. They charge 3to4 times more than any other mechanic around. Brought my car in and was charged 124 dollars for diagnosis. When I didn't want to pay 150 for part that I could get for 39.00 they broke the car so I could not drive it home. Was driveabel when I brought it in. So payed 124.00 for them to break my car. Place needs to be shut down.

JB P Image
JB P 4/19/2019 4 stars

Not used to having your car repair at the AAA

QuidKid Films Image
QuidKid Films 3/17/2019 5 stars

H. T. Scaccetti Image
H. T. Scaccetti 2/21/2019 5 stars

I have never had a bad experience with AAA in all my years with them. Great service, great people, terrific organization. Keep up the good work!!

Anna Chaudhry Image
Anna Chaudhry 2/21/2019 1 star

Horrible service!!! I don’t recommend!!!

mimi chen Image
mimi chen 1/22/2019 1 star

I just pulled into this shopping plaza and almost crashed into a tow truck because the driver did not stop coming out of your lot. He stopped for a second at my honk, and rushed out, almost scraping my car. We don't need reckless people like your employees endangering our neighborhood.

Susan Keopadith-Fontanez Image
Susan Keopadith-Fontanez 11/26/2018 5 stars

My car wouldn't start during the past weekend so I called AAA to pick up my car and take it to the car repair shop. When Thomas got here, he started the car with no problem, but I still needed to have my car looked at. Thomas is great!! He was energetic and very nice. He called me before he got to my house and when he got my car to the repair shop. Thank you so much Thomas.