AAA Clifton Heights Car Care Insurance Travel Center

3.8 3.5 star 107 reviews

5233 West Baltimore Avenue
Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania 19018
(610) 605-2114

Landmark: Located across the street from Home Depot and Acme.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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107 reviews - 3.8 3.5 star

Sung Lee Image
Sung Lee 5/9/2021 4 stars

Craig Galante Image
Craig Galante 5/5/2021 5 stars

Free maps and travel planning

Barbara Doe Image
Barbara Doe 5/5/2021 5 stars

The people were very nice

Graham Foster Image
Graham Foster 4/22/2021 5 stars

Super nice and knowledgeable staff. Efficient, and friendly. Masks and distancing adhered to.... Thank you!

Dana Hyppolite Image
Dana Hyppolite 4/21/2021 5 stars

Very helpful and pleasant staff

Tanya Trotman Image
Tanya Trotman 4/21/2021 5 stars

Went there to renew drivers license very friendly employees got my new license didn't have a long wait maybe bc it was late aftn i don't know .

MATT CHOW 4/19/2021 4 stars

Bob Image
Bob 4/16/2021 1 star

Don't go here unless your from around there. They have treated different and it's all in their body language and all. The black employees treated me worse. The white employees were nice and offered to help but wasn't allowed.

Nikki Ferrell Image
Nikki Ferrell 4/14/2021 5 stars

Good service

Jess Delgado Image
Jess Delgado 4/13/2021 5 stars

NinjaRin_ Yoonie Image
NinjaRin_ Yoonie 4/10/2021 5 stars

Basir Muhammad Image
Basir Muhammad 4/10/2021 5 stars

In and out very nice people less than an

King Jay Image
King Jay 4/5/2021 2 stars

TheChefmatt1 Image
TheChefmatt1 4/4/2021 5 stars

This shop was great.

Allan Williams Image
Allan Williams 4/1/2021 1 star

Kept the vehicle for 5 days..and charged me $109.00...just to tell me they don't know whats wrong with it....

Marsha Neal-Williams Image
Marsha Neal-Williams 3/29/2021 4 stars

Kevin Robinson Image
Kevin Robinson 3/27/2021 4 stars

Was very helpful. Thank you.. I needed my driver's license and registration changed. They did one not the other. Plus, Penn Dot, was closed. Thanks, again. To God, Be The Glory. Amen! Keep up the good work.

John Stowe Jr Image
John Stowe Jr 3/27/2021 2 stars

Joe Hofmann Image
Joe Hofmann 3/27/2021 3 stars

Ed Kelly Image
Ed Kelly 3/24/2021 1 star

We went in to renew our license. The staff was unprofessional and the service is bad. Also, they wanted $25 on top of the renewal fee for our license for a "convenience fee". Not sure if this is policy or not, but that's ridiculous.

Nita Banks Image
Nita Banks 3/19/2021 4 stars

ProCarpet&UpCleanPlus ProCarpet&UpCleanPlus Image
ProCarpet&UpCleanPlus ProCarpet&UpCleanPlus 3/10/2021 5 stars

It's the best roadside assistance out there don't bother going through your insurance company they're not as big as AAA they're very prompt whenever I call

Jennifer Jeter Image
Jennifer Jeter 3/9/2021 4 stars

I took an older lady there to have her oil changed and it took longer then I expected but it was well taken of thanks

Tay Simmz Image
Tay Simmz 3/4/2021 5 stars

I came to this location to update my ID & from the moment I walked into the business Kristen went above & beyond to make sure my visit was clear concise & through, I would also like to mention Danielle, who took a minute to address another concern I had she went a step further to clarify said issue with a co-employee kudos ladies, you are great! I will definitely return for future business

Gravitywave Image
Gravitywave 3/3/2021 5 stars

John Benjamin Image
John Benjamin 3/2/2021 5 stars

I went to pay my bill & I can't tell U how pleasant an experience it was. A Lady named Kristen (I believe), provided me with info on where to go to have a windshield repaired as well as how to get money back as refund for the Covid-19 give-back. Offered me a gift or two for traveling to her store too. She was as nice as they come & really made my day. Thx AAA for hiring this Lady!

Ryan Steele Image
Ryan Steele 3/1/2021 4 stars

My experiences at the Clifton Heights AAA have generally been positive. As of late, however, I cannot get anyone in the tag/title department to answer the phone. In the past 7 days, I've called 5 times, and each time hung up after waiting on hold for between 30m - 90m without ever having the chance to speak to a human being, regardless of the day/time I call. I'm sure COVID-19 has shifted a substantial volume of interactions from in-person to phones, which makes a lot of sense from a customer and employee safety perspective. However, I think we can all agree that not being able to reach a human being to discuss time-sensitive issues like tag renewals after waiting on hold for an hour and a half isn't a great customer experience.

Owen O'Sullivan Image
Owen O'Sullivan 2/27/2021 1 star

Be wary of this AAA, they'll mumble some technical terms about your repairs over the phone so you have no idea what they're actually doing until you get there and receive a huge bill for work you didn't even ask for. They also ignored the warranty on one of my tires.

Carlos Monteiro Image
Carlos Monteiro 2/27/2021 5 stars

Regina Totaro Image
Regina Totaro 2/26/2021 1 star

Kellie Sims Image
Kellie Sims 2/26/2021 4 stars

Shelly Knox Image
Shelly Knox 2/25/2021 5 stars

It s great place to. Con for help

Makaveli Shakur Image
Makaveli Shakur 2/20/2021 3 stars


Benjamin Jones Image
Benjamin Jones 2/18/2021 5 stars

Excellent service and super fast service would definitely recommend and i will return when any of the services they provide i need.

Zave Image
Zave 2/18/2021 5 stars

Frank Parran Image
Frank Parran 2/9/2021 4 stars

Lisa Mallory Image
Lisa Mallory 2/7/2021 5 stars

Tara A Image
Tara A 2/6/2021 5 stars

Lemon Image
Lemon 2/1/2021 1 star

That manager Mark is very rude disrespectful and give wrong information. Don't be a women bc they will bs you

Susan Ryan Image
Susan Ryan 1/30/2021 3 stars

They keep me there to long just for a battery charge

Gregory Price Image
Gregory Price 1/30/2021 5 stars

Great service. Employees are very helpful

Sonora Lacey Image
Sonora Lacey 1/16/2021 5 stars

It 's convenient and provides excellent service.

shykeema zimmerman Image
shykeema zimmerman 1/14/2021 5 stars

Great customer service!

Bonnie Walters Image
Bonnie Walters 1/14/2021 5 stars

Very Helpful

Spidey McGee Image
Spidey McGee 1/7/2021 5 stars

I had a great experience. It was quiet, clean and I was happy with the service. Plus it was quick so that's a plus.

Virginia Brown Image
Virginia Brown 12/27/2020 3 stars

They worked with me

Lynnet Delaney Image
Lynnet Delaney 12/22/2020 5 stars

Went to get my ID updated. Great servis. Nice people

Newman Maintenance Image
Newman Maintenance 12/22/2020 1 star

Josephine Davies Image
Josephine Davies 12/18/2020 5 stars

Derrick Brooks Image
Derrick Brooks 12/17/2020 5 stars

Janice Nepo Image
Janice Nepo 12/10/2020 5 stars

Visa gcs have no fee for holidays

Damon Williams Image
Damon Williams 12/9/2020 5 stars

In and out getting my photo for my drivers license.

Beverly Giddings Stewart Image
Beverly Giddings Stewart 12/4/2020 5 stars

Friendly staff good service.

Char Henry Image
Char Henry 12/2/2020 5 stars

Very nice professional staff that was efficient and knowledgeable. I recommend if you need driver's license services its worth the cost which was reasonable.

William Perdigon Image
William Perdigon 11/25/2020 1 star

This shop cannot properly diagnose after 6 days of having our vehicle. We had to have the vehicle towed to the dealer down the road. Repeatedly called me to tell me what they did and didn't do.. All fluff to buy them more time because they were just ignoring our vehicle. Just stay away from this place for vehicle repair.

Yella Queen Image
Yella Queen 11/24/2020 5 stars

FrankieJ dwm_edc Image
FrankieJ dwm_edc 11/22/2020 4 stars

AAA opens at like 7 but DMV dont open until 830 if you get there at 8/830 you'll be good to go

Patricia Whitaker Image
Patricia Whitaker 11/17/2020 5 stars

Kenneth Glover Image
Kenneth Glover 11/13/2020 5 stars

Great place to get your l's taken!!!!!!!!!! No wait

Mitchell Williams Image
Mitchell Williams 11/11/2020 1 star

I wish I could give less than zero of a rating. This place is absolutely horrible. Horrible is an understatement. I sent my wife’s car there on a recommendation of a driver after her battery died. First of all they had my wife’s car for almost an entire week. Secondly they refused to communicate with me as to what was going on with my car and or give me any updates. The only reason that I got any sort of information is because I called daily and each day was the same stupid response. We could get to it today or we could get to it tomorrow. Finally after I got fed up after about four days of no response. I asked to speak to a manager and clearly explained to him that his behavior was unprofessional as well as unacceptable. His response was well due to COVID we have only 1 mechanic available because our companies benefit policies allow most of our mechanics to choose not to come back to work so that is why your car isn’t done yet. I explained to him that I understood that Covid messed a lot of things up but that didn’t supersede basic human interactions such as picking up the phone and calling to let me know what was going on with my car. Finally after almost a week they got to my wife’s car and came to the same conclusion that I sent it there for which was to replace the battery. That would have been fine but when my wife came to pick the car up. There were several lights and one of which was some sort of terrain light which rendered her car almost in-drivable. Instead of him keeping the car to see if he could fix it. He said I guess it should be fine. Now my wife’s car is in our driveway in an un-drivable condition in need of being fixed again. This is unacceptable and furthermore more this is horrible customer service. Not to mention they put my wife’s life in danger by sending her away with an un-drivable car that you serviced. I will never be going here again and will make it a point to tell everyone that I know to never go here. Piss poor service is an understat

Elizabeth Minett Image
Elizabeth Minett 11/10/2020 5 stars

Marie Davis Image
Marie Davis 10/29/2020 1 star

Allyn Luciano is incredibly unprofessional and rude. I called him about renewing a policy for me and because I didn’t have my policy number handy he made it clear I wasn’t worth his time right off the bat. He made a snarky comment about looking up my address, and then silence. When I asked if he was still there, he got incredibly defensive, accused me of being rude and hung up on me! I called him back and all he did was yell and lecture me about being rude. Then he toots his own horn about how long he’s been in business, and how offended he was that I “challenged” him. How this guy has any business at all is beyond me. Go somewhere else and avoid him if you can.

Bill Dolphin Image
Bill Dolphin 10/25/2020 5 stars

The young ladies that work there may be getting my new license so quick and easy thanks to all the people at AAA

Valdez Johnson Image
Valdez Johnson 10/23/2020 5 stars

Every single time i walk into this place i am greeted, The customer service here is more than welcoming and extremely professional....

Wandalyn Green Image
Wandalyn Green 10/22/2020 5 stars

William Mensack Image
William Mensack 10/20/2020 5 stars

Ppl are great,friendly

Don X Tilghman Image
Don X Tilghman 10/14/2020 4 stars

Very easy and quick.

Jim Nash Image
Jim Nash 10/11/2020 5 stars

Dorothy Webb Image
Dorothy Webb 10/9/2020 5 stars

Very Positive Very Helpful Very neat/clean more importantly very quick

smooth rock Ritter Image
smooth rock Ritter 10/7/2020 4 stars

Hank Robinson Image
Hank Robinson 9/29/2020 5 stars

Excellent customer service!

Nlasyia D Image
Nlasyia D 9/29/2020 5 stars

Very professional, work is fast and reliable.

Stacey Lunsford Image
Stacey Lunsford 9/28/2020 5 stars

Your welcome, keep providing superior customer service and I will keep coming back. Thanks so much??

sharon hale Image
sharon hale 9/21/2020 4 stars

navigator185 Image
navigator185 9/17/2020 4 stars

Was in and out. I love the discount with my triple AAA card

Amy Parris Image
Amy Parris 9/17/2020 5 stars

Quick and friendly service!

Annemarie McLaughlin Image
Annemarie McLaughlin 9/12/2020 5 stars

Customer service is excellent I spoke with Maria D. whom explained everything I needed to know about insurance. I also used to be a member

ZERO_SIGNAL 9/1/2020 1 star

Leaving now. 14 minutes standing in line to get my picture for my driver's license and they hadn't finished one person yet. 6 more in front of me. That's just insane. Gave my number to a guy that came. He thanked me. Not sure he should have.

Amit Basu Image
Amit Basu 8/31/2020 4 stars

Dee N Image
Dee N 8/24/2020 3 stars

just got done paid for tire rotation then notice wheele make funny noises while driving. no warning nor advance notice about this.

Rachel Elizabeth Image
Rachel Elizabeth 8/21/2020 5 stars

Karena Bradley Image
Karena Bradley 8/19/2020 5 stars

Kind worker. Help to provide me with good information.

Logan Duranto Image
Logan Duranto 8/16/2020 4 stars

David Sutton Image
David Sutton 8/12/2020 1 star

PATRICIA Clinton Image
PATRICIA Clinton 8/7/2020 4 stars

Pendot in this place is awesome your in and out service is excellent the staff is wonderful kind and pleasant

Cynthia Madison Image
Cynthia Madison 8/5/2020 5 stars

Sew Amazing Image
Sew Amazing 8/3/2020 1 star

They tried to upsell me a $181 battery. I refused, because I know from a friend of mine, that they have battery quotas for every employee to meet. My inspection passed easily, but they tacked on a crazy $25 for an air filter. AAA is the biggest ripoff ever. So disappointed I went there. They made me leave my truck all day, (do they know what it's like trying to arrange a ride in this heat?) Then said they may not even get to it. The man at the desk was rude the whole time. Allstate is the better motor club.

Jim Deveney Image
Jim Deveney 8/1/2020 3 stars

Thunder Jenkins Image
Thunder Jenkins 7/29/2020 4 stars

Mark Haelle Image
Mark Haelle 7/29/2020 5 stars

TrizzyTroy69 Tolbert Image
TrizzyTroy69 Tolbert 7/23/2020 3 stars

The wait time out front was short. The staff was friendly & professional BUT can someone tell me why it costs $46 to renew a driver's license when on the Pendot website & phone it says $30?? Mind you I'm a Triple A member which SUPPOSEDLY saved me $10. Dont tell me to email another site, answer the question right here in the comments where everyone can see the math.

Louis W Billa Image
Louis W Billa 7/21/2020 3 stars

Anne Vilello Image
Anne Vilello 7/16/2020 3 stars

vwebb1004 Image
vwebb1004 7/14/2020 5 stars

Kenny Hall Image
Kenny Hall 7/10/2020 1 star

The line for PennDOT was out the door and down the parkinglot. I was told to be there 2 hours before closing or I wasnt going to be helped. I know with covid19 closing all Penndot locations for months it was gonna be crazy. But 2 hours just to get a picture taken and new license is a bit ridiculous.

Ann M Nabieu Image
Ann M Nabieu 7/9/2020 5 stars

Great place, with helpful staff.

Judith Mathews Image
Judith Mathews 7/8/2020 5 stars

Patricia McGorman Image
Patricia McGorman 7/8/2020 5 stars

BenREI Ltd. Image
BenREI Ltd. 7/8/2020 3 stars

Had to get my driver's license renewed. It's closer that any of the PA driving licensing centers. The line was long but it was moving steady. it forms outside which is great because I forgot my mask. All that I was thinking was that I had to get my picture taken which I won't be wearing any facial covering to do so n it wasn't on my mind. Make sure you have your camera card in tow or you won't be able to get your photo taken. I had mine but a few people in front of me didn't and had to be turned away.

Thomas VonBergen Image
Thomas VonBergen 7/1/2020 5 stars

Great place. Pa photo license center is so convenient.

Sylvester Jones Image
Sylvester Jones 7/1/2020 1 star

Beware they don't really know how to diagnose a problem. So they will keep fixing and fixing to they get it right. With you paying for their mistakes. Make sure you get a second opinion before any repairs are done. Beware...

sandeep patel Image
sandeep patel 6/26/2020 1 star

Shannon Immediato Image
Shannon Immediato 6/24/2020 1 star

Not impressed at all

William Hepp Image
William Hepp 6/5/2020 5 stars

Well staffed and very helpful

Marcus Image
Marcus 6/1/2020 5 stars

Earlene Dupree Image
Earlene Dupree 5/31/2020 5 stars

Jim Murphy Image
Jim Murphy 5/28/2020 2 stars