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4.2 4.5 star 104 reviews

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Landmark: In the Sudley Manor Shopping Center near the Cafe Rio Mexican Grill.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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104 reviews - 4.2 4.5 star

Stephen Reney 6/14/2021 4 stars


Seeraj M 6/8/2021 1 star

The check-in guy told me I need full synthetic oil for my KIA Sorento based on my VIN!...When I checked with KIA Service Manager, he said KIA Sorento takes both conventional and synthetic oil. Those folks at AAA Care Care in Manassas are up to no good!

Kate Hines 6/7/2021 5 stars

Great experience with AAA Manassas Car Care!

Jacqui Surber 6/3/2021 1 star

Haven't been able to reach AAA Insurance people since about Sept last year. Surely covid issue last year...but Needing someone to respond! Still trying...??(May 2021)

Karen Attreed 5/29/2021 5 stars

Grest service. My tire pressure light came on, service checked tires, inflated tires, they had lost a little air and i was on my way. I am a AAA member.

J. DeLatyree 5/21/2021 5 stars

Good basic services without long waits. Easy to understand estimates - "just the facts". Ask for Svc Rep Spampinato!

D Moe 5/7/2021 5 stars

victor frimpong 4/22/2021 5 stars

It was very fast and easy. I love their costumer service . The international driving license also helped me when I got to Ghana. No issue with Law Enforcement.

Kate Ronan 4/19/2021 5 stars

Ernest Pino 4/2/2021 5 stars

Met with our Agent and renewed our Auto and Homeowners Policies and enjoyed visiting with our AAA Membership chap also. All caught up for another year! Great Trip!

little froe 3/24/2021 2 stars

No one had masks inside on - be careful

Zachary Zebrowski 3/7/2021 4 stars

Expensive, but good quality care for your car. Preferred over maintenance at dealership.

Daniel Walters 3/7/2021 5 stars

Lori was simply outstanding as I looked into a cross country road trip to the west. Very friendly and patient as I explained my thoughts.

Ron Pipilo 3/6/2021 5 stars

Great place to get my car inspected and worked on. Employees and managers are professional and courteous. I will not take my car anywhere else except to AAA Manassas, VA.

Marielle Roberts 2/26/2021 5 stars

Always great service.

Denise Brinkley 2/13/2021 5 stars

Best service

Tony Couto 1/13/2021 5 stars

This was a very fast service call (fix windshield wiper motor) at no cost to me, because I was told I am a valued customer. This place value their customers, and I love that they do not try to pad the bill with unnecessary isuues/problems.

MICHAEL PRATT 12/21/2020 5 stars

Good work, fast and competitive.

Derreck P 12/3/2020 5 stars

Annie Dawkins 11/17/2020 5 stars

Angela Walker 11/14/2020 4 stars

Ben Willams 11/14/2020 5 stars

I was in and out in no time at all. Great service.

Rogelio Viera 11/7/2020 5 stars

Steven Chappell 11/4/2020 5 stars

FlyingEagle41 10/31/2020 4 stars

Great service and the Staff is very friendly!

Jw Douthitt 9/24/2020 5 stars

They did me quite well!! In and out in no time.

Jessica Ayala 9/13/2020 5 stars

Everyone that works here is friendly and welcoming. They answer any questions and I always know they are guiding me to the best maintenence and repairs on my vehicles.

Alex Lozano 7/5/2020 5 stars

Great help and friendly service

JameZ Robison 6/26/2020 1 star

A few hours to get an inspection? Then they call me to come get it and I have to wait another 30 mins for paperwork? Then the estimated cost for repaired are 1300?

Chase Ofori-Atta 6/18/2020 5 stars

April Fine 6/4/2020 5 stars

cagg fam 5/7/2020 5 stars

Great service, very professional

Stephanie Beach 2/18/2020 1 star

I've had better service... They were rude an unprofessional I would never recommend anyone here they should also take a look at the people they have representing them in the customer service

Alaina Walker 2/18/2020 1 star

Tripled in time and price from originally stated. When car was finally complete told to monitor original problem dropped off for. Once getting home part left in console from disassembling.

Pedro Irizarry 2/17/2020 3 stars

Brent M. Heavner 2/13/2020 5 stars

The crew here is amazing. Highly recommended.

Ant Graham 2/12/2020 2 stars

Bruce Whittington II 2/4/2020 5 stars

Kent M 1/29/2020 5 stars

Courteous and professional staff. Prompt service.

Tif Doe 1/14/2020 5 stars

Thomas Duckett 1/12/2020 5 stars

A nice to visit

Janelle Hazell 1/11/2020 5 stars

I went in for an international driver's permit. It was seamless.

Saul Beacher 12/26/2019 2 stars

I brought my car in for blown cigar lighter fuses and have engine oil changed. I pointed out to service advisor (P. Bian) and front desk personnel that I was taking holiday vacation on Friday out if state. I was pleasantly surprised when they said to hold off on oil change as the oil had only been changed little over 1k miles ago. I was a little concerned about a diagnostic fee for what I felt was 2 fuses under the driver's side dash. Turns out there was a third fuse in engine compartment fuse box and all three were blown. I never would have found engine compartment fuse on my own. Diagnostic fee, parts, labor, and AAA member discount brought total costs to $56 (car dealerships would have charged $88 for just diagnostics). This would have been 5 star rating at this point. I got home and performed my customary pre-trial self inspection during which I saw that the engine compartment fuse box housing had been broken (looks as if the repair techs used a big screwdriver to pry the. ox open and broke it). Had the techs even reported this to set ice advisor or to myself, I would have been upset but would have still felt pretty good about repair. I was within hearing of the service desk and could see the two techs and both service advisors, techs did not tell advisors they broke anything, nor did they tell me. They all knew I planned on driving out of state on Friday and were perfectly willing to let me leave with broken fuse box housing which could easily admit road grime, moisture, etc and cause shorts which could result in much more costly repairs - especially if any of the computer control modules gets involved. And all of this on potentially open Road during Christmas holidays. Recipe for potential disaster for me. I rated 2 star because some of the corrective actions have been initiated - AAA service advisor took pictures of broken housing to review with service managers (parts most likely need to be ordered and spend of repair dependent upon speed of getting parts).

Samuel Young 12/25/2019 4 stars

Haider Irfan 12/24/2019 1 star

DO NOT RECOMMEND Please consider this place your last choice. I have 3 bad experiences in a row. 1st experience I make an appointment in person , gives all the details of my car and reason of my appointment after that when i went at my appointment day the mechanic said we don't have a machine to open your car tire. 2nd Experience I called them to make an appointment for State inspection but they said you don't need an appointment and come walk in. And when i went yesterday at 4:30 pm. They said we close at 5 so come at least 1 hour before closing. 3rd Experience Today i again go for State inspection at 1:20pm and today they said we close at 3pm only 1 hour and 45min left. Come again in a morning time. They waste my time and every time i go they told me the new story

Julie Mahoney 12/22/2019 5 stars

IBackflip 2x 12/3/2019 5 stars

Awesome service everyone is very kind and helpful

John Scott 11/27/2019 4 stars

AAA service is always great . The people are polite and professional. Hate having to use the service love that they are there .

Wes Mullins 11/26/2019 5 stars

Vicki Welch 11/23/2019 5 stars

Robert Roccograndi 10/24/2019 3 stars

Good service, but just cannot understand labor cost sometimes

John Aziz 10/18/2019 1 star

Dropped my car at 1pm for state inspection and was told it will be around an hour to hour and a half which I agreed to, promised to be called. Two hours come by and nothing so I figured I stop by. Not done still about another hour to get it in. No apology or whatsoever. Asked to get me keys back and the response I get sure Ana hand it to me again without apology or even have a good day. What a service !!!

Ana Dayton 10/15/2019 2 stars

Ana Serrano 10/3/2019 5 stars

Margaret Peckholdt 9/27/2019 5 stars

S. A. 9/10/2019 5 stars

Worlds Greatest 9/7/2019 5 stars

Expedition Dreamchaser 9/5/2019 5 stars

Liz Fagan 9/2/2019 5 stars

Very helpful took us right away and staff was very friendly

Krazye K 8/30/2019 5 stars

Elaine Edwards 8/24/2019 5 stars

Samantha Phelps 8/8/2019 4 stars

Joseph Iceman 7/10/2019 5 stars

Sophie D 7/1/2019 4 stars

ahmad hassan 6/18/2019 5 stars

Marco the assistant store manager is awesome. Go see them, very customer oriented. Just stopped in for a international drivers license. Quick and easy.

Joy Romaine 6/14/2019 1 star

Over priced 60 buck to change a brake light ????????? went to Valvoline 15 bucks

Marilyn Peele 6/13/2019 5 stars

Had a timing belt and water pump replaced. Teddy is the best.

chouman man 6/9/2019 5 stars

R R 5/31/2019 3 stars

Got international drivers license from there assuming it would help renting vehicle in Europe.

Kenny Guilliams 5/24/2019 5 stars

I visited AAA and great results.

garrett donaldson 5/14/2019 4 stars

Sensei Robert 5/7/2019 5 stars

I go here all the time for maintenance of my vehicles .

James Staudaher 4/21/2019 4 stars

Very helpful.

Ray Malish 2/16/2019 5 stars

Kenneth Sanford 1/11/2019 5 stars

Donna Hobbs 12/10/2018 3 stars

William Kipp (Woozer) 7/29/2018 1 star

I'm disappointed with my service July 28th at 1am when I was told my tow driver would arrive at 1:09am, 75 minutes after my initial call. The problem was I had to call 10 minutes after the eta to find out if be waiting another 60 to 90 minutes. I was offered an unattended tow so I went home and called 1.5 hours later to find out there was no eta for the tow because it was unattended which upsets me because my car is unlocked in a 711 parking lot. I finally got a call at 6:30am that my car was out front... Only redeemable part of my service was the friendliness of my tow truck driver. He was very pleasant and I hope he finds a better company to work for.

Peggy Yengling 7/16/2018 5 stars

AAA in Manassas, VA rates Five Stars from us! They have provided excellent customer service and taken great care of our car - at times in emergency situations. They are always professional, giving us quality care all the way!

Liz Bryant 5/18/2018 4 stars

ferry irawan 5/3/2018 1 star

It took more than 3 hours for just an oil change??????

Marcus Dandrea 4/29/2018 5 stars

Very friendly people who will get you in and out quick!

Nargis Osman 4/17/2018 1 star

The worst service ever!! All they want to do is sell you stuff. My husband took my car to this place for a safety inspection. They said I had a nail in my tire and they charged me $29.99 for patching my tire. I never had any issues with my tire. If there was a nail in my tire , the tire pressure light would have came on all this time. They slashed my tire and claimed they took the nail out. I drove my car to work the next morning. while on 495 my tire pressure light came on and the psi showed 29 really ?? We took the car back today because it does not hold the air and they didn’t do anything about it. They told my husband that we need new tire. They are theives and very dishonest people. They charge a fortune and all they care about is how to sell you stuff and steal your money. I will tell everyone about this place and their poor service. I hope more people realize your dishonestly and poor service.

Stefan G 4/15/2018 5 stars

Phenomenal customer service! Visited on a Sunday to get an International Driving Permit - and I wasn’t aware this service wasn’t available on Sundays - but the gentleman running the shift (Sean, I believe) went out of his way to help me get it, so I don’t have to come back. Thank you, Sir! Thank you, AAA! This is precisely how a business should be run!

Zac Vander Goot 3/19/2018 2 stars

Had my car towed here, since I am a AAA member and had an issue. Staff were friendly, but the same service would have been $350 less at several other places.

Rebecca Ritter 3/2/2018 5 stars

Went in for an International drivers permit, had an issue with paperwork and Alyssa was able to work with me to sort it out. I am very pleased and would recommend.

Nicole Ethier Slazinski 3/1/2018 2 stars

I liked them in the beginning, but I haven't been happy lately. Every time I come in, there are always problems (not unexpected for an older car, but when almost every time I need $1,000+ in repairs, it gets exasperating). Recently, I've been having issues with my windshield wipers. I took the car in June 2017 to have them look at it. They couldn't find anything. It's March 2018, I'm still having problems, and I just found out that the windshield wiper motor had a service bulletin back in June 2009. This should have caught this when I came in originally. Now I'm getting some very high prices in replacing it (working with them now, so this review may get updated). At this time, I'm not planning on coming back.

Jessica Arnold 1/15/2018 4 stars

Archu Amu 12/26/2017 2 stars

Kaos 12/24/2017 5 stars

Nice facility, great staff.

Smoov Thomas 10/21/2017 1 star

Quoted 1100 to finish car and paid and come to find out needed more stuff done once I went to get car for another 600 totally robbed me in my option, bad part the 600 quote was what I originally brought the car in there for

bobcrfb 9/26/2017 2 stars

Seemingly nice guys, but they were unable to diagnose the electrical problem with our car when it was towed in. The real problems started when they recommended taking the car to Artie's Auto Electric, which ended up being one of the worst car repair experiences we have ever had. Ultimately, I had to get the car towed to a REAL repair shop that had the problem diagnosed and fixed in a day. (The problem with the car? Hint: an experienced auto tech should have been able to find it easily.) Honestly, I would never have had the car towed to the AAA service center in the first place as our ordinary mechanic was right down the road, but these options were never explained to my son when the car broke down.

Jason Durham 9/7/2017 5 stars

Fantastic staff all of them, they provide everything we need for success. They are patient, kind and flexible both while we are learning and financially. This is by far the best driving school in the area.

Julie D 7/19/2017 5 stars

Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Reasonable prices. They told me they would have no trouble completing the four different repairs the same day I dropped it off and they stuck to the timeline. First time there but made a great impression. It's my new go-to car repair place.

Greg Hibbard 5/29/2017 5 stars

My brakes froze up coming home from a weekend trip with the family. The folks here were very helpful and even stayed a little late to make sure that my family and I got going again and home safe. It's memorial day so I would say they went above and beyond by staying late! Thanks to everyone especially Rodriguez for putting up with my questions and Ken (the technician) for making sure that everything was done correctly and staying late!!!

Ray Bevacqua 5/20/2017 5 stars

Last week while driving with my wife, my car encountered a very serious mechanical problem in the motor. It was Sunday and we were 80+miles from home. I called AAA for a tow, as I have been a member for several years, but had no idea where to tell them to take it. The person I spoke to recommended the AAA shop in Gambrills MD. I had no idea that AAA had such a facility. When we got there, I noticed that the shop bays were immaculate and very well appointed with equipment and tools and appeared to be very professional. Upon arrival, we were very warmly greeted, offered soft drink or coffee, water etc. Another person began taking important information about the car and the circumstance. Another person immediately went to work to reserve a rental car for us. The team drove me to the airport to pick up the rental. The next day they performed a very though diagnostic assessment, defined the problem told me what the parts and labor cost would be and when the work would be finished. At first I was reluctant as I had no idea of the skill of the technician. I called “my” mechanic whom I trust implicitly and he told me what was wrong and what was needed. His assessment matched exactly what the AAA technician said so I gave AAA permission to go forward. Net result, the car was fixed perfectly, ready two hours before the time quoted and the price was significantly less than I expected. During the day, I received phone calls from the shop keeping me abreast of the work. I was very much impressed with the entire experience and the professionalism and warmth of the the AAA personnel. It was a very positive customer experience in what could have been a disastrous day. I am now absolutely sold on AAA service as a mechanical and routine maintenance provider as well as the best for roadside assistance. I look forward to using the AAA facility in Manassas, VA from now on , because of my positive experience in Gambrils, MD..

Matt Smith 3/20/2017 5 stars

Full service AAA. It even has an auto service center, travel agents, maps, car chargers, etc.

Portia Mills-Clark 1/16/2017 5 stars

Always great service.

Shelton 1/13/2017 4 stars

Lemeka Branch 1/11/2017 5 stars

They offer great customer service. The staff is very knowledgeable.

Robert Mac Nally 12/6/2016 5 stars

Service is great. I live an hour away and I'd rather drive here for service then go somewhere local. My only bad experience hear was resolved by the Manager when my truck kept flashing the "check engine" light kept showing up for an exhaust repair. After 3 months and my drop offs we found out that my Chevy didn't like non-OEM parts in it. This issue was fixed at the shops expanse which I was both surprised to hear and pleased to know. This store takes care of its customers and they will help you when it seems like nothing is working right. As I said before, I'd rather drive the hour or so it takes to get here rather then go somewhere local.

Jim C 11/15/2016 5 stars

Very friendly staff, very good service here.

Joseph H. Mickael 7/19/2016 5 stars

Bismark Adu 4/5/2016 5 stars

They are very Good in customer service ??

Shawn Peabody 2/7/2015 4 stars

well this place like most try to up sell you on repairs. however giving it 4 stars. they tell you right out what needs to be fixed,then what should be fixed ,giving you all the options up front without a lot is sales pitch, I find them so much better then trying to deal with a dealership!