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Landmark: In the Pickett Shopping Center, next to Chuck E. Cheese.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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105 reviews - 4.3 4.5 star

Solo Santana 6/14/2021 3 stars

they basically took my money and that's that

Robin Garfield 5/27/2021 5 stars

Linda Parsa 4/24/2021 1 star

Critical Chris 4/23/2021 2 stars

If you believe AAA is somehow a non-profit organization with an organizational mission to serve its membership base, just go ahead right now and disabuse yourself of any notion that this AAA-owned and operated repair garage is somehow a non-profit garage. I have no doubt they have lots of expenses to cover, but they are in the business of charging as much as possible like any other garage. Their markup on NAPA brand parts on two different major repairs here was about 215% or 220% of what I would have paid as a retail consumer walking in off the street buying those parts. This wouldn’t take into account any wholesaling AAA has likely have negotiated with NAPA. Even after your AAA membership discount, their labor rate is more or less at a competitive par with other garages in Fairfax County: around $110 per hour, as of this writing in April, 2021. Also, don’t think that you’re getting what you’re paying for either in terms of professional competency either. On a $1200 job replacing my radiator, it’s apparent that one of their mechanics somehow caused collateral damage to my power steering (PS) reservoir. They finished up the radiator job, parked it outside, and called me to tell me “it’s ready for pickup.” I arrived an hour later, and, low and behold, I found a puddle of power steering fluid underneath it! So, they put it back into into their shop for another day of work. My PS reservoir was just fine before this radiator job. It magically cracked while it was in their shop, and in so many words, they blamed it on it being old and an unavoidable casualty of war. They didn’t take me to the cleaners on the extra labor for that, but they also didn’t offer to comp that or at least pay for that reservoir part they broke. I strongly suspect they must have run the PS pump dry during their repairs and testing, because, two days later, my entire power steering system went out! Then, they wanted an additional $1650 (parts and labor) to replace the ENTIRE power steerin

salem al nahdi 4/20/2021 5 stars

Very helpful staff and great service

Kim O'Connor 4/16/2021 1 star

I brought my 87 f150 in for a new clutch. I dealt with Deborah. Deborah is very professional in how she handles herself and I would honestly hire her my own company. It didn’t matter how frustrated I was she kept her composure. However, I would never have my vehicle service by a AAA garage again. My clutch went out in November (I believe the 9th) and it was not complete until January 19th. My truck has a insulated floor cover that the tech completely tore apart. My window crank was broken. I had a gun rack behind my bench seat that was broken off. My truck is blue/green and while they were telling me they weren’t working on it because I had to use my time and money to order the parts off eBay I would drive by multiple times a week while working and they would have my truck in a work bay then tell me they haven’t touched it. When I am paying for them to do a service that is not cheap I shouldn’t be responsible for getting parts and paying for them. I charge $150/hr so when I’m running around trying to get the part they should have paid me for that time. My usual mechanic found some time to find me the part himself and thought I was joking when I explained that you want customers to find parts themselves. I had other people willing to do the work for half the price I paid but I thought it was better to go to a bigger time I will wait for my mechanic to have time to do the work. Other mechanics I have talked to said that the mechanic there obviously didn’t know what he was doing. I was extremely disappointed and will never have work done at a AAA location again. Other than Deborah, I would be embarrassed for that to be my establishment. EDIT: It’s been 2 months since they responded and asked me to email management.....still waiting for a response from them....

David Norman 4/12/2021 5 stars

Very professional and knowledgeable.

Andy Gillis 4/8/2021 5 stars

Really a 5 Star Quality Experience all around.. I needed 2 new tires. They had the brand and style I needed and installed the new General Altimax Tires the way I wanted with in 2hrs. My car handles much better now.

Walid Chairat 4/8/2021 1 star

///Warning// the car service shop techs are not reliable at all!!!!! We brought the car for a specific issue; engine noise. We left the car for a day, the repair Invoice showed a routine maintenance performed such as fluid flush , steering pump replacement( that was the issue according to them) and break pads replacement all for $2200. picked up the car drove it next day and the noise was still there, it has become even worse. The steering wheel is even harder to maneuver. Came back next day , the guy at the desk said that they can do anything since the manager isn’t in the premises. We took the car to two different professional technicians for a diagnostic and both stated that the issue was related to timing belt. We came back two days after to talk to the manager and he did not even apologize but rather tried to shift the issue to something else. He accepted to check the car again. We left the car there fo now and we will see what happens.

Ed Kwok 4/4/2021 4 stars

Felt I got an honest diagnosis and subsequent repair. Also felt the price was within reason. I was a walk in and they pretty much took me in and this was Friday. Hour and a half to vacuate the refrigerant and they recharged. Decided to wait and used their wifi. Pretty decent connection.

Lindsay Morrison 3/27/2021 5 stars

I had a great experience getting signed up for AAA. I spoke with Gary and he was very nice and helpful and had me all set in no time. I would definitely recommend this place to others!

Angel Santee 3/24/2021 1 star

Clutch went out on my Wrangler. They replaced with the wrong part. Had to have it towed back three times and they kept saying it was other stuff. Towed it to a different shop where they replaced the salve cylinder with the correct model and haven’t any any issues since. When I called AAA to discuss what the other shop was saying they brushed it off. Poor customer service and clearly doesn’t know how to work on a manual.

Kathleen Gates 3/22/2021 5 stars

Excellent customer service with a smile!

Janine Perky 2/11/2021 5 stars

I needed help getting our van started at my home. The AAA Roadside Assistance technician came within an hour and started my car. He checked the quality of the battery and it was really old and would not keep a charge. He replaced with a new battery and told me I was entitled to a free battery through AAA each year under my membership plan. That made my day! He was very nice and extremely pleasant in carrying out his repair work. Thank you for solving my car problem the same day with such great service.

Atta Ibrahim 2/1/2021 5 stars

Nahu Dimitri 1/15/2021 5 stars

Fantastic customer service and took care of tow and diagnosis hassle free! 20/10 service

Vlad Van K. 12/8/2020 1 star

I was shopping for auto insurance. I requested Katherine Monteverde, an insurance agent for a car insurance at specific amount coverage at minimum. The agent Katherine performed speculation on the quote with different amount of the coverage in order to overcharge me. She is unethical in insurance business.

Juan Rosario 12/1/2020 5 stars

Great service! I'm so glad I decided to take my van to this shop instead of the local alternatives.

Jee youn Kim 11/18/2020 5 stars

J K 10/23/2020 5 stars

Julian Tora Mendez 10/21/2020 5 stars

Great job

Ramona Martin 10/20/2020 5 stars

Love these guys!

Roshera Banks 10/17/2020 5 stars

The staff could not have been more helpful. They exemplify what great customer service is! I would highly recommend this AAA Fairfax Car Care Service to everyone ??!

Michael Weir 10/15/2020 5 stars

Made getting an international drivers license easier than getting a VA drivers license :)

Ryan Heisler 9/29/2020 5 stars

For the first time using AAA car care my experience was good. After question some of the work done and the suggestions given, I was contacted to review and address my complaints. I was provided with very honest and upfront suggestions, and I greatly appreciated Jim (the garage manager) being frank after hearing my situation. A shop that clearly holds high standards and wants to insure its customers are happy with the services provided.

Charlie Cleveland 9/5/2020 5 stars

I visited AAA Fairfax Travel Center to obtain roadmaps for future travel being planned. I was served by Tyler who could not have been more courteous, accommodating and efficient. He promptly obtained all the maps I requested and also offered addition information, which he thought might be helpful. Tyler is indeed a most impressive customer service-oriented "AAA ambassador!"

Dave 8/15/2020 5 stars

I found what I was looking for quickly and paid for the items I needed.I happened to meet the assistant manager of the store, Tyler, who answered my questions about my benefits as a Platinum AAA member. It's nice to have people working at a business who understand the products they have and what best suits their customers.

Sir 7/25/2020 5 stars

More work, guaranteed work, professional work, for less cost than Logan and sons almost a thousand dollars. Will be returning for all my vehicles.

Nadeen Apisdorf 6/16/2020 5 stars

M Esser 6/1/2020 5 stars


Miriam Dikun 5/4/2020 1 star

They replaced my radiator, did not clamp hose from reservoir to radiator which caused the coolant to go everywhere on the engine except the radiator. The manager stated (in a recorded conversation) that no clamp was required although they charged me for clamps. My car is done. I am a 64 almost 65 year old woman without a vehicle during a pandemic. I wasn't the one who figured out what they did it was a tow truck driver but when he attempted to tell them about the issue they shot him down and told him they would deal with it. The driver also found a screw driver which had been left on the side of the engine under the hood, have proof of that. I will see you in cout AAA Service Center.

John Guilliams 3/18/2020 5 stars

The staff made me feel very comfortable and were very efficient ??

Kate Streeten 3/8/2020 5 stars

Wonderful service, very helpful

Deborah Rook 3/7/2020 5 stars

Richard Joy 2/28/2020 5 stars

Great place to take your car for repairs.

Cathy Keith 2/27/2020 5 stars

They still have real Maps and real people to help you plan a trip!

Jorge Osuna 2/18/2020 5 stars

Abyalew Ambaneh 2/15/2020 3 stars

Good customer service

Bruce Whittington II 2/5/2020 5 stars

Im a aaa tow truck driver and this cntr takes care of there mbrs and customers well

Chris Tolbart 2/3/2020 5 stars

Honest service

Hank Sterbenz 2/3/2020 5 stars

edwinah mecha 2/1/2020 5 stars

Staff are very friendly and ready to help.

Marta Flores 1/26/2020 5 stars

Vickie Fuhriman 1/12/2020 5 stars

Shelley Yu 1/12/2020 5 stars

Great customer service with valuable trip tools available for purchase!

Conrad Clay 1/10/2020 5 stars

Great place with great customer service.

Zaid mahmoud (Zizo) 12/28/2019 5 stars


Shawn Lai 12/25/2019 5 stars

Good service

Daniel Schrader 12/18/2019 4 stars

Monique Perrottino 12/13/2019 5 stars

Very pleased with their work, excellent results and meticulous details. Very friendly staff and quick service. MP

Samonya Horton 12/7/2019 5 stars

frances adkison 11/25/2019 3 stars

Jaymin Patel 11/19/2019 4 stars

Pee Kay 11/17/2019 5 stars

Fares A. 11/10/2019 3 stars

Jeneen D'Urso 11/9/2019 3 stars

I’ve visited twice - service is slow and the staff is less than welcoming.

Rodrigo Villena 11/7/2019 4 stars

crystallee brewer 10/31/2019 5 stars

This is the best place everyone that's works there is friendly, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.

Lynndsey Hyter 10/27/2019 5 stars

Very friendly and knowledgeable customer service

Lowell Conrad 10/19/2019 4 stars

Amir Zamani 10/11/2019 4 stars

Johnson Kaytie 9/29/2019 5 stars

Great service representatives here! They know how to book a trip all the way! Highly recommend them for you’re next vacation!!

Bradley Butterfield 9/22/2019 2 stars

This place looks inviting and has great potential but the customer service is terrible. I was there to get an international driving permit but for some reason I was treated like I was a burden instead of a customer. The customer service really let me down. I had a few questions, which I asked but the representative couldn’t multi-task and ignore my questions. She clearly heard as she was sitting across her desk from me but was too busy globing our form. Avoid AAA! If you have to go, go to another branch.

Max Nguyen 9/16/2019 5 stars

Was greeted by a customer service rep on the phone and had my questions and concerns answered and taken care of. Even though this location is out of my way, they at least answered my phone call. I tried calling the location nearest to me in Alexandria, and spent 18 minutes over 3 attempts just waiting for someone to pick up. 10 minutes out of the way is better than being ignored for 18 minutes.

Bria Britt 9/12/2019 5 stars

Convenient place for car accessories and repairs

Alexander Smith 9/12/2019 5 stars

Great service and very friendly

George Franklin 9/5/2019 4 stars

Shelley Loy 8/21/2019 3 stars

John Powell 8/2/2019 3 stars

Prices are very high but good work gets done.

Adrienne Rubinkowski 7/11/2019 5 stars

Shun Cheng 7/9/2019 5 stars

David Perle 6/30/2019 1 star

They did work on my car and I picked it up a couple days after they had completed it, I paid, and started driving home. After ten miles, I realized that my engine temperature gauge had not budged, and so I turned around and headed back--20 extra miles in all for this. No work that they had completed had anything to do with my engine temperature gauge/sensor. I had to sit in the waiting area that day for *two hours* before they told me that there was nothing they could do that day, and they sent me the 20 miles back home with an inoperable engine temperature gauge, which had worked when I had dropped the car off. (They had completed a full service check and the record shows that there was no issue with that.) It wasn't until I drove 80 additional miles back and forth--100 extra miles in all from beyond what was expected in my drive after I initially picked up my car--and nearly six and a half hours in extra driving time and waiting for them to look at and work on my car, before this was finally resolved. I requested compensation for the 100 miles that I needed to drive back and forth because of this issue and the nearly 6.5 hours, and I was offered check which I thought was reasonable. Except that they asked that I return again--an additional 40-mile round-trip--in order to sign a release. I wish that I had asked if they could e-mail it to me before I'd make that ridiculous round-trip, again. Upon signing it, it says that I release them from my making any potential claims against them in any way relating to any inspection or repairs provided to me up to that day. So if completely unrelated work that they did falls apart, and perhaps even if it causes injury or worse, I'll have waived any right to any claims. Simply because I accepted some money back for my hundred (and forty) miles and 6.5 hours worth of trouble arising from their unrelatedly breaking my heat sensor, and sending me driving home without it working? I spoke to Jim about my concerns. He as

Brendon Thomas 6/19/2019 5 stars

Very service oriented. They were also quick when I came for an international driver's permit!

Shawn Redwood 6/10/2019 5 stars

Alina Miracle 6/1/2019 5 stars

Liz Bryant 5/26/2019 5 stars

Rachel Keung 5/23/2019 5 stars

Great customer service and great prices on a set of 4 tires. Deborah and Guy were really helpful throughout the whole process. Will be coming back for any future car services.

Nathan Miracle 4/16/2019 5 stars

Richard Dermott 4/4/2019 5 stars

Short wait for outstanding service.

Weirong Wu 3/26/2019 5 stars

Brian 3/10/2019 4 stars

Dbrownwvable 3/6/2019 4 stars

Sherrie Strickland 3/5/2019 5 stars

Mostly good things to say. Deboroh is the best employee. Decent prices, not a problem with the work, if you buy a tire or tires make sure they ask you what you want and the price range-or else you may not be happy.

Steph Bo 1/27/2019 5 stars

If you want to go to a place where everyone knows your name, go here. Lol! I love them so much. They take great care of my car, travels, and other questions and/or concerns. Everyone is friendly and eager to help and/or explain something better. I don't see myself going anywhere else.

Dave McBarron 1/12/2019 5 stars

Best service and work. Worth the membership.

Adyl Bertrand 1/1/2019 5 stars

Stella Nhambio 10/15/2018 4 stars

Fast service, can't complain about a thing.

Ashraf Saleh 10/13/2018 5 stars

Super customer service,give me good insurance rate

Dean Pickett 9/28/2018 4 stars

Victoria 9/22/2018 3 stars

Neno Mejid 9/13/2018 5 stars

Excellent mechanics

Mahfuza Hai 8/30/2018 5 stars

Super efficient and friendly staff! Got our International Driver's Permit under 15 minutes!

Sandra McDaniel 8/27/2018 3 stars

A little disappointed this trip. While waiting for my car one of the employees came into the waiting room no less than 3 times to get people to use their insurance quotes. Nothing more insincere than pushing it on people waiting to pay $$$$ on their car. Usually get top notch service from Deborah but she was unavailable. Felt bounced around-go here-go there. Seems like the process has changed. Not happy.

Gary Nargi 8/27/2018 5 stars

Marshall Levin 8/15/2018 4 stars

Went to get some assistance from one of the travel agents. Jessica was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Yunsun Bronson 8/10/2018 1 star

Don’t waste your money paying for synthetic oil change. You will end up getting regular oil change. Sticker on the windshield says so. When I call the branch asking about it, manager says that shop does not print label showing that synthetic oil change is done. All sticker prints out that oil change requires every 4000 miles. I’d like to trust AAA but what I paid for and what it shows on my car makes me wonder. Is it right for customer to be informed upfront? Is it right for AAA to proove that service done as it was paid by customer?? It was my first time using AAA car care but did not convince me to go there again... very disappointed.

Triece N 7/26/2018 5 stars

D8veecroc8 ... 6/30/2018 4 stars

Rusty Carlson 6/13/2018 2 stars

Appointment times mean nothing! Prices are highway robbery. Stay away!

Randy Royston 6/11/2018 5 stars

Lots of benefits to join

Ralph Orencia 5/17/2018 5 stars

Josef Gasimov 4/1/2018 4 stars

If you need to travel anywhere in the world AAA will take care of you from A to Z. Have discounted movie ticket and free travel maps.

Caitlin H 2/14/2018 5 stars

I ordered new tires from TireRack and had them delivered here because I live nearby. I was super happy with everything. Making my appointment was super easy. The employees are very friendly and helpful. Their estimated time was spot on and my car was ready for pick up right when I came back. Turns out my car needs more than just new tires, but they went over everything with me without making me feel pressured to buy anything right then, which was really nice. I will definitely be returning in the future.

James Lavelle 12/31/2017 4 stars

First time after joining AAA this year that I was able to use the AAA center near by. I was only getting a safty inspection, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, I was in and out fairly quick, and the price was lower than I thought it would be.

TK Dyer 10/31/2017 1 star

I ordered tires and TPMS through Tire Rack and used AAA Farifax as the recommended installer. They installed the tires and returned the car to me with the TPMS units still boxed up in their garage. I figured it out after getting home and noticed the valve stems were the old dirty units that were on the car originally. AAA scheduled me to come in the following business day to install the sensors and remount the tires. The service rep kept telling me it was going to take a few hours, was I sure I wanted to wait? Maybe I should go to work and pick it up that evening. Literally 10 minutes later, my car was ready - speed of service was good, but the service reps situational awareness of what was occurring on the floor was non-existent. I would think they would take care of a (most-likely) unhappy customer a little better. I won't use them again.