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251 State Route 35 N
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(732) 389-5559

Landmark: Located across the street from Olive Garden, next to White Castle.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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100 reviews - 3.7 3.5 star

eeoou sanpike Image
eeoou sanpike 1/4/2021 3 stars

Good service,,, but try to sell services not needed.

Lise Image
Lise 12/10/2020 4 stars

John Marangiello Image
John Marangiello 11/30/2020 5 stars

They installed 4 new tires I had bought off TireRack and honored their discount price without hidden costs. They also properly balanced the tires by removing the old weights and placing new weights on. The new tires were tested at highway speeds and worked well!

Cheryl Haymon Image
Cheryl Haymon 11/24/2020 5 stars

ZR Properties Image
ZR Properties 11/23/2020 5 stars

marisa kos Image
marisa kos 11/16/2020 5 stars

This is THE place for paper maps. When the GPS isn't able to help due to accidents and traffic we will now be ok with our quality maps.

Bruce Tilley Image
Bruce Tilley 11/4/2020 2 stars

They're okay but I had some items stolen from out of the cab of my truck.

Karen Borja Image
Karen Borja 10/17/2020 5 stars

Kay Solo Image
Kay Solo 10/10/2020 5 stars

The service was good. I did have an issue with a wrong part being installed and I took my vehicle back they reordered the right part and installed it at no charge so as of right now I am a happy camper.

Dee Image
Dee 10/5/2020 5 stars

Brittney Elmiger Image
Brittney Elmiger 9/4/2020 5 stars

Scott Zarodnansky Image
Scott Zarodnansky 8/28/2020 2 stars

Cal Schlick Image
Cal Schlick 8/14/2020 1 star

Sailor Steve USN-RET Image
Sailor Steve USN-RET 8/12/2020 5 stars

Went for a Triptix. 5 minutes, in and out.

John O'Kàne Image
John O'Kàne 8/12/2020 4 stars

Williams Arenas Image
Williams Arenas 8/8/2020 5 stars

(Translated by Google) Excellent place visiting it is a pleasure very good (Original) Excelente lugar visitarlo es un placer very good

Bruno Lucarelli Image
Bruno Lucarelli 7/31/2020 1 star

7/31/20 An UPDATE from the 2019 incident below; Today I went to take advantage of the free oil change AAA offered us as a result of causing serious damage to my car by NOT screwing on my tire lug nuts last time. Now AAA advisor Chris informs me they have NO idea what I'm talking about, and refused my business. GO ANYWHERE ELSE for your automotive work, AAA is so poorly run I would fear for your safety (like my tire falling off as a result of their negligence). -------------------,------------------------,,,--------- 8/19/19 My wife went in for a simple oil change last week, and they did not properly mount her tire. When she pulled away the tire began to fall off the car. The AAA shop manager apologized and claimed this did not cause any damage, but another shop showed that the lug nuts and bearings were in fact badly damaged by this incident, and the car was not safe. The worst part is they allowed my wife to eventually drive away in an unsafe vehicle, after claiming to fix it. The wheel could have snapped off at any time. This damage done by less than competent mechanics put my family in danger, and is costing me hundreds of dollars to repair elsewhere. Shame on you AAA. I'll be filing a claim with the NJ Consumer Affairs Bureau, you should not have a license to repair vehicles in this state.

Mary George Image
Mary George 5/27/2020 5 stars

I called today and talked to Tonya who was so genuine and knowledgeable I was immediately a fan. Thank you Tonya for your service

avelene sttip Image
avelene sttip 5/9/2020 5 stars

I never have a problem when I come here. Everyone is nice and friendly.

nic bocci Image
nic bocci 4/7/2020 1 star

Oil change took forever and as a AAA member it isn't worth the price to go through hassles and complete waste of time. a family member came here for repairs and they are AAA members also. he didn't get his car back when promised and repairs were done incorrectly. if you care abt your money, your time, your car DO NOT COME HERE.

Pedro Puckerstein Image
Pedro Puckerstein 3/9/2020 1 star

I wish I could give this place zero stars. I have been using them for years, for what I call light service, meaning mostly oil changes, since for my 2005 Town and Country, with AAA discount its about $28.00. I have had them do very minor repairs when I absolutely knew the problem, like a faulty oil pressure switch. But here is why I am very upset. at around 80K, I had my oil changed and they said I needed new struts and shocks because they were leaking. For major repairs, such as brake service, and something like this, I go to ASC automotive in the Highlands because they are super honest. I then took my car to Andy at ASC and he checked and said there is nothing wrong with struts or shocks. Today, at 84K miles I went to AAA for an oil change, fully expecting them to say I needed new struts and shocks. But no, they said I need a brake fluid flush (which may or may not be true). How is it possible my struts and shocks improved by driving the car 4K miles? Sarcasm? Absolutely. This place is not honest.

Ramiro A Rodriguez Image
Ramiro A Rodriguez 2/18/2020 5 stars

(Translated by Google) Great bilingual attention and answered all my questions (Original) Magnífica atención bilingüe y respondió todas mis dudas

Sal Baldalamenti Image
Sal Baldalamenti 2/5/2020 4 stars

Cherie Hoyt Image
Cherie Hoyt 1/29/2020 1 star

Well had to go here because I renewed by aaa over the phone and it said total 157.00 and it included a 1.00 to go to some sort of fund. I told her I did not want to donate the dollar and said 156.00 right and she said yes. Well on my bank statement was billed 157.00. Called them three times in a 2 week period got the run around and they said the 1.00 was credited to my bank acct. Well it never was. Had to go to their office here and get my dollar cash back. I dont know what kind of scam they are up to but dont include me. A 1.00 is nothing but when I tell someone not to charge me for it and do it anyway that's when you will give me my dollar back. Be aware when you get your renewal that you see this and you can decide if you want to donate a 1.00 of your money to them and not let them decide with your money. Ripoff alert.

Mary Ann Santopietro Image
Mary Ann Santopietro 1/15/2020 5 stars

Went in for a Trip Tik. Saw the sign outside Oil change $19.95 Scheduled an appointment with Abdul for Monday. Fast, efficient, friendly service. I had no idea that AAA oil change came with a tire rotation. Spoke with 2 young gentlemen in the repair area also. They made my experience totally satisfying. Thank you. My car runs so much better. Awesome job! I will be back.

david kleinfeld Image
david kleinfeld 1/4/2020 5 stars

was fantastic. best travel experience of my life

David Rosenthal Image
David Rosenthal 12/24/2019 5 stars

Daniel Alston Image
Daniel Alston 12/18/2019 5 stars

Jon Stocum Image
Jon Stocum 12/8/2019 5 stars

Repairs were perfect and Heather was an outstanding help.

charlie k Image
charlie k 11/30/2019 1 star

Got quoted $1300 worth of stuff, half of which I didn’t need, and then the labor was $700. Went to my dealership for an inspection, was told what I really need and was only quoted $700. Don’t take your car here.

Jonathan E. LaGuerre Image
Jonathan E. LaGuerre 11/26/2019 5 stars

It's affordable with good customer service

Sri Gayathri Image
Sri Gayathri 11/19/2019 2 stars

Membership is waste of time and money!!!

Michael Pasterchick Image
Michael Pasterchick 11/19/2019 3 stars

Marilynn Laws Image
Marilynn Laws 11/3/2019 1 star

Cheryl Kelly Image
Cheryl Kelly 10/29/2019 5 stars

I have a membership with then

Glen Gall Image
Glen Gall 10/24/2019 5 stars

Nice clean modern looking place with nice people.

George Image
George 10/24/2019 4 stars

Quick and easy to get my international drivers permit. Lots of opportunities that AAA offers that I didn’t know about!

Peter Blair Image
Peter Blair 10/23/2019 1 star

The Car Care service has consistently attempted to overcharge me. They told me I needed 1,300 worth of work on my car when two other mechanics gave me a maximum estimate of 600. The astronomical estimate is also WITH the 10% discount I get for being a AAA member. Sadly, this is not the first time they have tried this one me. While I am extremely happy with my AAA membership for road side assistance, I highly discourage anyone from using this specific locations mechanic services.

Elizabeth Gessner Image
Elizabeth Gessner 10/5/2019 5 stars

I was able to get same insurance as I was with someone else but cheaper.

Dwight Kelly Image
Dwight Kelly 9/28/2019 5 stars

gary duverney Image
gary duverney 9/25/2019 4 stars

shelley ziegler Image
shelley ziegler 9/20/2019 5 stars

Ordered euros for an upcoming trip. Fast and easy

Shawn - Image
Shawn - 9/2/2019 5 stars

Very nice and friendly. Did the job correctly too. Will go back.

Denis Image
Denis 8/23/2019 5 stars

Honda Accord 2008. Got Front Brakes and New Rotors. Brake Fluid Flush. At AAA Car Care, Eatontown. Very Satisfied.

chris gallaro Image
chris gallaro 8/14/2019 5 stars

Brian Rudden Image
Brian Rudden 8/7/2019 1 star

The mechanics and front desk individuals will try and separate you from every nickel of your money. The front desk people who call themselves mechanics will tell you what is wrong with your car even of google says they are wrong. This place is worse then the veterinarian hospital. Save your hard earned money and find another mechanic.

Ed Baranski Image
Ed Baranski 7/30/2019 4 stars

Jackie Fritsche Image
Jackie Fritsche 6/23/2019 2 stars

Mechanics do not know what they are doing.

Anna Panayiotou Image
Anna Panayiotou 6/6/2019 5 stars

Long Overdue Want to thank Heather for inspiring us to become members for many years. We love AAA Services

Linda Dotts Image
Linda Dotts 5/21/2019 1 star

Roberta Gasparro Image
Roberta Gasparro 3/10/2019 3 stars

(Translated by Google) All ok (Original) All ok

ted beyda Image
ted beyda 12/26/2018 5 stars

I have never taken a cruise a vacation, but have been thinking about it for so many years. I walked into the AAA office and immediately was introduced to a cruise professional, Heidi. She spent a tremendous amount of time with me, going over multiple scenarios and trips, down to the finest detail. She added her insight to every decision I needed to make. She was fantastic. By the end of my visit I booked an absolutely perfect cruise at an incredible price. Im so excited to take this trip. I'll definitely use the AAA travel service again.

Chet Stratton Image
Chet Stratton 12/12/2018 4 stars

M Tru Image
M Tru 12/8/2018 4 stars

Jeronimo gonzalez Image
Jeronimo gonzalez 10/15/2018 5 stars

All good

mort jemshy Image
mort jemshy 10/9/2018 1 star

they towed my car to give me a battery they put in 9 months ago.My car couldnt start.They put a battery in and it started they said my transmission was leaking fluid and needs to be fixed.It shouldnt be driven.I asked them to to me to my mechanic which was north a half mile from there .they wouldnt do that but they will take my car 4 miles north of there to my house ????????????????ADIOS AAA.Buy roadside assistance with your auto insurance its cheaper than an AAA membership

Kevin Image
Kevin 10/3/2018 1 star

I can’t recommend anyone taking your car here for service. On my way to work car was acting very strange so I dropped it off to have it looked at , as I work close by allowed me to walk to work while it’s being looked at. I am not AAA member and from the experience I had most likely will never become one. They charge me about $123.00 including taxes for a diagnostic fee which I personally felt was high but I’m here ok can’t expect someone to work for nothing right. A few hours later I get a phone call telling me my strange noises and clunking that I was hearing were some bad parts at the rear of my vehicle it was going to cost me about $900.00 roughly to do the job I declined the service paid there diagnostic fee and took my car back. I live about an hour from my job so I nursed the car home ordered up all the parts I was told were bad and when they came in got to work fixing my car replaced all of the parts I was told were faulty and a few others for good measure. After all said and done NOT A SINGLE PART I took off my car was even close to faulty worst part is it wasn’t even close to being the problem my car is having. So glad I didn’t have them do the job the amount of money I would be out of and it not fix my car is crazy! In the end I paid $123.00 for my car to be 100% misdiagnosed and if I wasn’t capable of doing some car repairs myself roughly out another $900.00 to still have a broken car. I will give them some credit there customer service or counter reps are very friendly and respectful to work with, as for there so called car techs I strongly urge people to go elsewhere as I would rather be told we don’t know what’s wrong with your car then to be told a slew of parts are bad only to change then out and they all be in good usable condition and not be the cause of my troubles.

Bonnie L Image
Bonnie L 8/21/2018 5 stars

Customer service couldn't have been nicer or more professional. Great, speedy and thorough service.

Debbie Garcia Image
Debbie Garcia 8/21/2018 5 stars

We love the place Heidi Massey was so good and helpful and so far we got great service from her

Alyaa E Image
Alyaa E 8/15/2018 1 star

This place is trash, we sent our car to get fixed but instead, when we got it back after paying $700 to fix it, the car was even worse than it already was. They ruined it. I wouldn’t recommend going there to get your car fixed.

Fred Kurzweil Image
Fred Kurzweil 5/27/2018 4 stars

I recommend these guys if you're a AAA member. Their prices for their oil changes are very low. They have a professional staff. When you make an appointment, you are usually in and out of there in good time. Their mechanics seem very well schooled and what they're doing. And of course they offer more services than just Car Care. They have a lot of tour books, Maps, and other things that help planning a trip very easy. They also have a very professional staff in there.

Laura Anne N Image
Laura Anne N 5/20/2018 5 stars

Bob Saget Image
Bob Saget 5/4/2018 5 stars

QUICK AND HASSLE-FREE EXPERIENCE My car was making a high pitched squeal, which became worse when the A/C was on. I suspected the serpentine belt was worn. I made an appointment online with AAA and someone called me to confirm within 10 minutes. When I arrived the next day I was quickly greeted and was able to hand over my keys right away. After a quick inspection, they identified that it was in fact my serpentine belt, and it needed replacement. It was replaced in only 20 minutes! I was back on the road before I even had the chance to get settled in their waiting room. I paid exactly what I was quoted when I first made the appointment, and they did not try to persuade me to get services I don’t need (like so many other mechanics try to do). This has been the best maintenance/repair experience I’ve had by far. Thank you AAA, I will be coming back to you for all of my car needs, and will be recommending you to others as well.

Zee Man Image
Zee Man 5/1/2018 1 star

If you're a fool, then this is the place for you. This place deserves no stars. The place should be taken over by hard-working professionals who understand how to do real, grown-up, big-boy business, who understand the benefits of and responsibility of communicating with its customers. They need to be shown that what they've got going on there is insulting to those who work hard and only want to give good businesses in ones local area their business. It's too bad that such a decent ideology is foreign to those supposedly in charge at this place. I gave them only one star because my comment wouldn't be accepted without choosing one. I'll give it to them because the place is clean. Other than that, take anything they say with suspicion, skepticism and with your hands up on defense. I would play it safe and bring your car somewhere else. It's disturbing to me personally to find myself needing to do this, but, good people don't deserve what I was forced to experience. I can only hope it helps you.

Erick Montes Image
Erick Montes 3/31/2018 3 stars

jay juh Image
jay juh 2/24/2018 4 stars

MIKE MURPHY 2/14/2018 1 star


Paul Mensah Image
Paul Mensah 2/7/2018 2 stars

Very disappoint 1st time

Glenn Denton Image
Glenn Denton 2/6/2018 4 stars

Jeremy Daniele Image
Jeremy Daniele 1/26/2018 1 star

Had my car towed here. Keep in mind I had a terrible weekend because of the two service leaving me put in dangerous level cold but that's another story. This repair shop did the work which was fine. I find out a few days later they stole my tool set from my trunk :-( I can't prove it so idk what to do but I absolutely put it there like I always do and the only other place it was that had my key was them. I'm so disgusted with AAA right now. Such a great company and the last complete interaction was a nightmare of treatment. I lost a lot of faith. Will still use for now but never this shop ever again.

John Osborn Image
John Osborn 12/22/2017 5 stars

Kimberly G Image
Kimberly G 12/4/2017 1 star

Frank Image
Frank 11/18/2017 4 stars

ai3 Image
ai3 11/9/2017 5 stars

If you like solid and trustworthy work done while service reps treat you very kindly and your every concern is catered to, then this AAA is the 1. Specifically, Dan is an exceptional Rep. who takes good care of you.

Brianne Mangini Image
Brianne Mangini 9/14/2017 5 stars

Love AAA! Discount attraction tickets, Car Care, Insurance!

Candace Gates Image
Candace Gates 9/10/2017 5 stars

Great Customer Service Agents! Wonderful services.

jonesq63 Image
jonesq63 9/8/2017 5 stars

Very helpful staff. Professional. Good location as well.

Maher Abuawad Image
Maher Abuawad 9/7/2017 4 stars

Clean place and nice staff

Karma Bhutia Image
Karma Bhutia 8/16/2017 4 stars

lina goldhammer Image
lina goldhammer 7/19/2017 5 stars

Ceaser Leo Image
Ceaser Leo 6/24/2017 5 stars

The Customer Service Is Outstanding. Usually a very rare find when dealing with Automotive Service Centers. Also Quality Automotive Service and Efficiency

Thomas Walters Image
Thomas Walters 5/30/2017 4 stars

Synthetic oil change, w/tire rotation and check list review for less than $42 as a member!!!

Steven Bernardo Image
Steven Bernardo 5/13/2017 5 stars

Brought my car in with a check engine light and a loud noise coming from my engine. Lauren got my car right in and when the tech told her what was wrong she got back to me right away. She also didn't try to sell me stupid services. Best service writer I have ever dealt with!

Lauren Image
Lauren 5/13/2017 5 stars

TCR Performance Image
TCR Performance 5/13/2017 5 stars

When I brought my car to AAA in Eatontown I was immediately impressed with how welcoming and sweet the service writer Lauren was. She made the process simple and understanding and over all a wonderful experience!! I highly recommend this facility

Joel Von Sprekelsen Image
Joel Von Sprekelsen 5/13/2017 5 stars

I have to say I was very impressed with the service there... I was In for a oil change and was in and out in less then a hour. Lauren was very helpful in explaining to me what my car had needed during an inspection. Also explained to me what stuff needed replacing right away and other things that I have some time on...will deffinatly be back

Photoron Image
Photoron 4/10/2017 5 stars

Joseph klein Image
Joseph klein 4/9/2017 1 star

Ken Sherman Image
Ken Sherman 3/20/2017 3 stars

Craig Brennan Image
Craig Brennan 3/11/2017 2 stars

Needing to get an oil change for my car, I went to AAA like I always did. Numerous times no complaint until a few months ago. Had my oil changed and upon leaving and driving to the mall across the highway, my car stalls out and white smoke is erupting from my tailpipe and hood. I immediately pull over and call AAA immediately. Granted the service manager met me over and drove my car back to the shop (hence 2 stars). Apparently, they forgot to properly secure an oil regulator device causing my engine to over fill with oil. Good thing I didn't drive far. I'm due for an oil change again and kinda hesitant about going back to AAA in Eatontown again .

Robert A Balko, DAc L.Ac. Image
Robert A Balko, DAc L.Ac. 2/16/2017 5 stars

Excellent service from the moment I walked in the door. Explained everything I needed and offered more info. When I declined interest in the add'l services they did not persist in trying to sell me something I did not want. Friendly and professional staff.

Albert Shamah Image
Albert Shamah 1/27/2017 5 stars

m4jp Pangilinan Image
m4jp Pangilinan 1/26/2017 3 stars

Darin Fuhro Image
Darin Fuhro 1/18/2017 4 stars

Service is always great here. The prices are a little high, but what shop is not.

MB Happy Easter Image
MB Happy Easter 1/5/2017 5 stars

January 4th I had to have my Audi TT toed to the AAA Service Center. The undercover had come loose and I was unable to drive. The staff were friendly and accommodating. They took care of me immediately, removing the undercover. I was in and out in less then 20 minutes.

Juan Carlos Hernandez Barrios Image
Juan Carlos Hernandez Barrios 12/14/2016 5 stars

Great place

Holly Robertiello Image
Holly Robertiello 12/6/2016 5 stars

Arielle Aviles Image
Arielle Aviles 7/1/2016 3 stars

Wait time

Murat Saymaz Image
Murat Saymaz 6/24/2016 1 star

Worst AAA location I have been to for the last 15 years !

Evelyn Alpert Image
Evelyn Alpert 6/18/2016 1 star

A few weeks before Christmas 2015 I went to the AAA Eatontown NJ car care center for an oil change. $1300 later (tires, battery, rear struts….) I left thinking OK, at least my car will run well for the winter. I get on the highway that Monday, and my car starts shaking and shimmying if I go above 60, whereas before I would be driving on the GSP at 90 MPH and not even be aware I was going that fast. OK I take it back they say it has to be my bent rims, so they rotate the back tires to the front, front to the rear. That Monday, same thing. I go back again, and this time they tell me they will “re-align” my tires. Now the good news is that the re-alignment worked, the bad news being that they either didn’t do it the first time or they did it wrong. But at least my car was driving the way it used to, pre $1300 expenditure. So then I go back in early April for another oil change, fool that I am. After they check my car they come and tell me I need a new battery, that the one I have is “marginal”. Needless to say I am a little shocked, since supposedly they changed my battery in December. As it turns out, along with never doing my tire alignment, they never changed my battery either. Makes you wonder about the rear struts, and the oil changes! But anyway, they now put the new battery in. I had posted this review on their website, and so around April 20 I got a call from a gentleman telling me that he was so sorry for my experience, that this was not their normal way of working, and to compensate me for my trouble (3 visits at Christmas time just to get my tires re-aligned, plus the battery aggravation) they were going to refund me the cost of both those items, and wouldn’t I please reconsider using their services again. I said I appreciated his efforts and would try again. Now here it is 8 weeks since that call, and they have never refunded me anything. And when I made an update to my review on the website, calling out their dishonesty and underhandedness,