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4.4 4.5 star 58 reviews

1376 Towne Square Boulevard NW
Roanoke, Virginia 24012
(540) 344-0943

Landmark: Located in the Towne Square Center next to Office Max

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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58 reviews - 4.4 4.5 star

Linda Hogan 6/15/2021 5 stars

T Smith 6/12/2021 5 stars

These folks are super. I'm a member so I can't speak to a non member experience. But I've used their notary service, free maps, and free guide books. Everyone here that I've dealt with has been super friendly and extremely nice.

Lacey Rohrer 6/11/2021 1 star

Okay so 2 to 3 weeks ago I sat down with Greg to talk over a Disney trip, stayed about an hour went over all the details and got a price estimate, but I couldn't book since the dates I wanted (middle of Oct 2022) were not open yet. He stated he would email me what we talked about (didn't happen) and then contact me by the 10th of June. 10th comes, nothing from him. So I call, leave voicemail and then finally email. I get an email back that afternoon, oh he needs ALL the information (dates resort etc) because Disney didn't "save it" (he wrote everything down too so I'm like what? ) I proceeded to email him all the information. He finally responded at close of business on the 10th stating he was busy all day and would have the details for me by noon the following day (today) noon comes and goes, I leave voicemail, I email. Nothing. I call and get the manager, who states she had to chase him down in the bathroom (what? What kind of business is this?) And that he had all my info and would run it and call me within the hour. Hours go by. Nothing. Finally at like 4 I get a call from another girl, Chelsie, saying they had an issue but would work something out. Uh ok? So she tells me that Disney doesn't have anything available for my dates (say what now?) Then I ask her...did you look for this year or next year. A pause. This year. I just sighed and told her I was sorry she waisted her time but that was the final straw, my trip was for those dates NEXT year. I told her I was booking with Disney. Spoiler I had booked with Disney after they missed the withinan hour window. Also spoiler. It was 200$ cheaper and AAA straight up LIED about avalible options at the park and costs of things, plus I got more info that was relevant to me through Disney. I'll keep AAA for 24/7 car assistance, but im NEVER booking anything through them again!!!

J H 5/9/2021 5 stars

Fast and friendly.

Cynthia Corrow 4/21/2021 5 stars

I've been with this company for close to 20 yrs and love the people, the service, and help. I plan on being with them as long as I drive or travel.

Teresa patno 4/19/2021 4 stars

Shirley Blevins 4/12/2021 5 stars

Very helpful.

Tiffany Furrow 3/18/2021 5 stars

Randell Royal 3/12/2021 5 stars

Nora Furr 2/3/2021 5 stars

Charles Kepley 1/26/2021 5 stars

Brad Maiden 1/19/2021 2 stars

The staff was very strange. It took about 2 hours for 3 people to give me my Amazon package, which is why I was there.

Wade Haughton 1/18/2021 5 stars

Frequently stop here to pick up packages as this AAA location is also an Amazon "hub counter" location. Everyone here is super friendly and little to no wait time to pick up Amazon orders.

Miss Reviews 11/16/2020 1 star

Too expensive in my opinion, .try Farmers Insurance Erika she is awesome!!!!!! Trust me ??

John Hancock 9/23/2020 5 stars

Chris Rucker 5/25/2020 5 stars

Gregg A Engleman 5/13/2020 1 star

Sandia Cammock 4/11/2020 2 stars

Jim Garner 3/11/2020 4 stars

Donna Smoot 3/8/2020 5 stars

Thanks for planning my great vacation/Cruise to Hawaii! Made it so easy for me

Mark Harmon 2/27/2020 5 stars

Talked with staff, picked up some maps. Friendly and helpful.

Barbara Kayter 12/23/2019 5 stars

Friendly service, prompt mailing of local VA maps to CA


They came out and fixed my battery and explained what i could do to remedy the problem myself

Bridgette Barlow 11/26/2019 5 stars

Matt Mcbain 11/20/2019 5 stars

Polite and professional services. Was able to get trio and travel information quickly. Been member for over 25 yrs. This location is bright inside with plenty if parking.

John michaeljohn 11/12/2019 5 stars

Staff were helpful I resolving problem

J A 11/9/2019 5 stars

Jerry Polverino 10/9/2019 5 stars

I have three old vehicles. Whenever I call, they help me out. Good to their word and promise.

Margaret Martin 10/1/2019 5 stars

A nice opportunity for women travelers.

Mary Ann Vitelli 9/26/2019 5 stars

Just did

Grace M 9/25/2019 5 stars

Good service. I simply got the maps that I needed but I also got information about a possible trip

rachel shackelford 9/25/2019 5 stars

Sabrina Gilbert 9/8/2019 5 stars

greg scott 9/6/2019 5 stars

Great employees

Jason Glorioso 8/24/2019 5 stars

Joanne Stultz 8/21/2019 5 stars

Good food

tommy Lawrence 7/31/2019 5 stars

Sandy Lafon 7/16/2019 3 stars

Mark Smith 7/7/2019 5 stars

Keith Whitlow 7/4/2019 4 stars

Very friendly staff

Gavin Binner 6/25/2019 5 stars

Jerry G. Phillips 6/24/2019 5 stars

Always helpful.

fox plays 6/4/2019 4 stars

Chandra Anderson 6/2/2019 5 stars

Barbara Sargent 5/31/2019 4 stars

Ashley 5/23/2019 2 stars

I visited this store a couple of months back to renew my annual membership, and the woman who handled everything was extremely pleasant. However, I've been trying for a week now to reach their office to schedule an appointment with their travel agent on some time-sensitive international travel offers I was hoping to get some information on. Nobody seems to pick up the phone. I've left two messages for the agent and needless to say, I'm not impressed with the complete lack of follow-up. I will consider modifying this review, pending further communication from their office.

Jacky 4/27/2019 5 stars

A pleasure to do business with.

Gary Bilbro 4/24/2019 5 stars

Theresa Southard 2/25/2019 5 stars

Tony Mason 1/17/2019 5 stars

Amy Henkes 7/28/2018 5 stars

I’m in Salem VA on a travel nursing assignment. My husband wrecked his motorcycle, and is also in physical rehab here as well. ( Long story, but thank Goodness he is near me!) ( no stress....) I went to a local laundromat today to wash my husbands clothes, of course, LOCKED MY KEYS IN THE TRUCK!!!!!?????? I called AAA while clothes were still in the washer. Literally 15 minutes later, my truck was unlocked and my clothes were still drying! THANK You Soooooo Much! That honestly was the easiest thing that I’ve had to do all week!!!! ??????????

Tina Wells 2/11/2018 3 stars

I'm willing to give a "courtesy 3" anticipating being able to average the 1 they get for not answering the phone or returning calls last week with the 5 I assume they will get if I ever catch someone in the office. I'm willing to try for another week before I agree with the more recent commenters that the office is no help.

Timothy Grider 1/26/2018 1 star

AAA is garbage. Terrible communication, terrible service and I will never do business with them again. EVER

Joni Deel 10/18/2017 5 stars

William West 5/21/2017 5 stars

Patsy Jansons 4/19/2017 5 stars

in and out quickly with my international driver's license in hand ...and good safety tips on travel as well! ????

Crystal H Terry 4/5/2017 5 stars

Beth helped me book my trip in less than a few hours and was always willing to answer any of my questions (crazy or otherwise). I will continue to use her at my agent!

Dan Mashack 7/2/2016 1 star

Refused to stay open an extra 5 minutes so I could get the International Drivers License I needed before going on my trip. They saw me through the window and ignored me when I got there. As far as I'm concerned that's terrible customer service.