AAA Columbia Car Care Insurance Travel Center

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7065 Minstrel Way
Columbia, Maryland 21046
(301) 362-2380

Landmark: Next to Grottos Pizza and in front of the Spring Hill Suites.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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104 reviews - 4 4 stars

Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan Image
Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan 5/6/2021 5 stars

Nice customer service and place to get maps s and other essential travel related info

Art Arch Image
Art Arch 5/1/2021 5 stars

Tony Osborne Image
Tony Osborne 4/25/2021 5 stars

AAA's car service was great! Car care professional chris took really good care of what I needed for my car. Would recommend the service to everyone!

Erica Albert Image
Erica Albert 4/24/2021 4 stars

I went in to check the price of tickets for somewhere I'm traveling to and I was told it was more expensive then just buying tickets on the place's website. The AAA price sheet they go off for pricing at the business was wrong, making the discount price incorrect. That's definitely not how this works.

Brian Hayes Image
Brian Hayes 4/13/2021 4 stars

Dave Kaas Image
Dave Kaas 4/13/2021 4 stars

Helped me navigate the difficult world of getting my trailer tags out of the MVA. Everyone there is nice and helpful.

Mike Walker Image
Mike Walker 4/6/2021 5 stars

Mark Kerins Image
Mark Kerins 4/1/2021 5 stars

Great service with honesty! I have had multiple family cars serviced at this location, mostly oil changes and brakes. Thought I needed my brakes done. Wes, the mechanic, informed me they were O.K. for the time being. When money is tight, honesty like that is HUGE. Thank you Wes for both your expertise and honesty!!!

Vera Jacques Image
Vera Jacques 3/26/2021 5 stars

I work out here in Columbia. The Columbia Car care center is very convenient for me for when I need service or repairs

Steven Byers Image
Steven Byers 3/25/2021 2 stars

I brought 2 cars to this AAA location to get 4 tires replaces on each. I had an appointment at noon for both cars, two days apart. When I made the appointments I was told that it should take about an hour and a half to change the 4 tires. That's a little longer than I expected, but whatever, it's reasonable. First, I brought in my Subaru Forester. It took about an hour and 45 minutes and the whole experience was pretty good. I was happy with AAA as I drove my Subaru home. Two days later, I brought in my Toyota Corolla. After 2 hours and 45 minutes, I stopped by to see how it was going. I was told that 3 of the 4 tires were installed and that it shouldn't take that much longer. I decided to wait inside and watch through the window as my car sat untouched for another hour. At the 4.5 hour mark the guy at the desk told me that the alignment would need to be fixed and asked me if I wanted them to do it. I knew my alignment wasn't quite right when I went there, but it was an hour and a half until they closed and based on the time to replace the tires I really didn't know if they were capable of finishing it before then. Plus at this point, I would rather pay someone else double to fix my alignment than AAA. When I was asked if I wanted to become a AAA member, I almost laughed. I ended up leaving 4 hours and 55 minutes after I dropped off my car. It took almost 5 hours to do what I would expect a reputable mechanic to do in 45 minutes to an hour. I was not happy with AAA as I drove my Toyota home. I can't imagine ever using AAA again.

D Ski Image
D Ski 3/23/2021 5 stars

J Felti Image
J Felti 3/14/2021 4 stars

Very nice staff and very helpful. They have notary services which is amazing and there roadside service plan is 5 stars. I just rejoined after many years without a membership and look forward to using it again over the next year. Have not used the auto repair services yet. So holding on the fifth star until I try it all out.

Taressa Costley Image
Taressa Costley 2/26/2021 5 stars

Angela Burrus-Henry Image
Angela Burrus-Henry 2/26/2021 5 stars

The staff is very pleasant and the technicians are excellent. I am very happy with my service

Javion Sharp Image
Javion Sharp 2/19/2021 5 stars

My experience at AAA was great they were very helpful and knowledgeable with the functions I need to complete.

Phil Kraft Image
Phil Kraft 1/30/2021 5 stars

Needed a battery for my wife's 2001 Firebird. They had one in stock and installed it quickly.

Jeff Waltzer Image
Jeff Waltzer 1/23/2021 4 stars

Marcia Lerner Image
Marcia Lerner 1/19/2021 5 stars

Patrick O'Brien Image
Patrick O'Brien 1/7/2021 5 stars

Craig Bruce Image
Craig Bruce 12/30/2020 4 stars

Make an appointment. Got a flat and dropped it off night before and they barely had time to patch tire. But they got it done by COB and are always friendly and helpful

Paul Mansir Image
Paul Mansir 12/23/2020 5 stars

Quick friendly service, with very reasonable prices. Clean and well organized

Chris Eggleston Image
Chris Eggleston 12/15/2020 5 stars

Stephanie Berry Image
Stephanie Berry 11/27/2020 5 stars

Joni Franklin Image
Joni Franklin 11/23/2020 5 stars

They won me over as soon aa they opened!

NICHOLAS LANDOLINA 11/20/2020 5 stars

Thia Sabra Image
Thia Sabra 11/2/2020 1 star

took vehicle for state inspection. after I sold the car the following day, the new owner told me AAA entered the wrong vin # in their system. the new owner cannot get the car titled /registered until it is corrected. this is not the first time AAA Columbi has messed up paperwork.

Geo Foss Image
Geo Foss 10/21/2020 4 stars

Tara Logan Image
Tara Logan 10/20/2020 4 stars

Shauna Freeman Lewis Image
Shauna Freeman Lewis 10/20/2020 5 stars

Great associates who go the extra mile to help you. Terrific service & services. Worth the peace of mind a membership provides for all sorts of things from insurances to motor vehicle issues to tags. Special shout out to Renee for ALL her help with helping us to register our car here in Maryland. :)

ALESSA GRIEG 9/3/2020 5 stars

I had the pleasure of coming into AAA & getting taken care of right away. Chris Roy Sr (Assistant Mgr) was very Attentive to what I needed done & did it right away. He was able to squeeze me in for a fix up & did it extremely professionally. Great service & atmosphere! Will definitely be returning to them for service!

Kathleen Amesbury Image
Kathleen Amesbury 8/30/2020 5 stars

Terri Fuller Image
Terri Fuller 8/22/2020 5 stars

A very convenient place to have almost all your car care needs done. Super easy to get car tags and repairs. Everyone working there was really friendly, which is a plus.

cari penniman Image
cari penniman 8/19/2020 5 stars

Evelyn Bell Image
Evelyn Bell 8/14/2020 5 stars

Doreen Eisenberg Image
Doreen Eisenberg 8/11/2020 1 star

BEWARE OF THIS SHOP! Terrible service from start to finish. I invested $1,900 to fix up a 2012 Nissan Versa that died on the road. The manager up sold me on many items, including 4 new tires when only needed 2 tires. Then, he let me pay in full and drive off in a car that was not even given a test drive. It chugged and stalled 3 times in moving traffic!!! I had to turn around and drive slowly back to the shop. Bottom line, they won't offer a dime to pay us back for maintenance that shouldn't have been done in the first place OR for the danger they put me in by letting me drive off in a car that kept stalling!!! We will be calling AAA Headquarters and suing if necessary.

SKY Image
SKY 8/10/2020 5 stars

Friendly and fast.

Bromley Lowe Image
Bromley Lowe 8/8/2020 5 stars

Been there many times to get my car serviced and repaired. Friendly and helpful staff.

Brenda Cole Image
Brenda Cole 8/8/2020 5 stars

Very clean and the agent was very helpful

Karen Breeden Image
Karen Breeden 8/1/2020 5 stars

tierra Newton Image
tierra Newton 7/25/2020 5 stars

Great Customer Service. Didn't have to feel like I was getting ripped off.

Adriana Halaby Image
Adriana Halaby 7/24/2020 5 stars

Tu Hui Choi Image
Tu Hui Choi 7/23/2020 5 stars

Anne Pegram Image
Anne Pegram 7/21/2020 5 stars

Ja Bu Image
Ja Bu 7/17/2020 5 stars

On time, concerns addressed, extremely pleased with work done. Improved my confidence about holding onto my old car!

Kondal Reddy Image
Kondal Reddy 7/16/2020 1 star

My tires blew out on July 9th after running over a curb. I immediately contacted AAA who suggested that I tow my car to this facility. The car was towed to this facility and I was recommend to change the two tires on the passenger side as they blew out. After receiving the car there was loud buzzing noise coming at 55+ mph. After notifying AAA and speaking with Wes, he decided to test drive the car and confirmed the noise. I am disappointing that nobody test drove the car after installing the tires. Now I am resuming further repairs with GEICO insurance.

Dana Curry Image
Dana Curry 6/12/2020 5 stars

Good service

Rush B Image
Rush B 6/12/2020 5 stars

I absolutely salute each and every employee there!!!! I'm a transplant from Chicago, and without AAA Columbia Car Care, I'd be riding through Baltimore on a tricycle! Love them all- especially the repair team!!! Thanks for all you do- and the smiles too!!!!

carolyn allen Image
carolyn allen 6/8/2020 5 stars

Very friendly staff and clean following CDC guidelines for Covid-19 protocol. In and out in less than 30 minutes. Easy processes to transfer car title.

esther fiammetta Image
esther fiammetta 6/6/2020 5 stars

Celestine Daring Image
Celestine Daring 6/5/2020 5 stars

Halgrin De Grey Image
Halgrin De Grey 5/7/2020 5 stars

Daniel Rosenblum Image
Daniel Rosenblum 4/20/2020 5 stars

thanks wes

Cat Sparling Image
Cat Sparling 3/10/2020 5 stars

Wes’s and Adam’s customer relations skills should be set as the standard, everywhere.

Pat S Image
Pat S 3/2/2020 5 stars

Unbelievable customer service. I'm new to the area and I now know I will be doing all my business there.

SANJU FRANCIS 2/27/2020 4 stars

Beth Cygnarowicz Image
Beth Cygnarowicz 2/26/2020 5 stars

Marcus Sircus Image
Marcus Sircus 2/25/2020 5 stars

Willie Hall Image
Willie Hall 2/25/2020 5 stars

Eric Yetman Image
Eric Yetman 2/24/2020 4 stars

John Ertel Image
John Ertel 2/21/2020 4 stars

Great service. Honest and reliable!

Bakhtiyar S. Mammadov Image
Bakhtiyar S. Mammadov 2/21/2020 5 stars

Andre Panton Image
Andre Panton 2/20/2020 3 stars

Marilynn Fortner Image
Marilynn Fortner 2/9/2020 5 stars

Stephen Griffith Image
Stephen Griffith 2/6/2020 5 stars

The extra cost is well worth it instead of braving the MVA. I did not even have to wait to begin the process of getting a car registered, and the employee helping me was friendly and competent.

Ken Tabacca Image
Ken Tabacca 2/5/2020 4 stars

Saqib William Image
Saqib William 2/1/2020 5 stars

Leora Oliver Image
Leora Oliver 1/31/2020 5 stars

The service I received from AAA auto center was nothing less than superb! The service tech were professional and polite. The Service center arranged a ride for me to work and back to pick up my vehicle. I definitely recommend AAA Service center for automotive needs. Totally HAPPY customer! ??

Bob Jones Image
Bob Jones 1/28/2020 5 stars

Seth Hall Image
Seth Hall 1/19/2020 1 star

I do not recommend any establishment that blatantly lies to your face. Be aware of a smug little man with a “short mans syndrome” that works on Sunday's. He lies and is lazy. Try NTB or Mr Tire just a couple of miles away for great service!

Bob Ricketts Image
Bob Ricketts 1/19/2020 5 stars

On this visit we used the travel agent service which is part of our membership. The staff behind the service desk is always friendly. The agents are knowledgeable and do a better job than we could do ourselves.

Bob Ashman Image
Bob Ashman 1/17/2020 5 stars

Staff is very courteous. Care repair is very straightforward. I never feel like I am being sold unneeded services.

chaitali tophkhane Image
chaitali tophkhane 1/13/2020 5 stars

Brigitte Martin Image
Brigitte Martin 1/12/2020 3 stars

Carol Stevens Image
Carol Stevens 1/9/2020 5 stars

Our travel agent is Rebecca Maltz She is the GREATEST lady ever. They are so nice there. And we are always satisfied when we go there.

Andrea Lisi Image
Andrea Lisi 1/6/2020 1 star

Very bad experience. After having fixed my car, it broke down again after 20miles.....

Rekha Nabar Image
Rekha Nabar 1/3/2020 5 stars

Jerson Malaguit Image
Jerson Malaguit 1/2/2020 5 stars

Elizabeth Handy Image
Elizabeth Handy 1/1/2020 5 stars

Great place for car stuff and travel. Great customer service.

Michelle Brooks Image
Michelle Brooks 12/29/2019 4 stars

Syed k gillani Image
Syed k gillani 12/29/2019 5 stars

John Bertulis Image
John Bertulis 12/29/2019 5 stars

Grest customer service. A one stop convenient place for auto, travel, and insurance needs. I have been using this location since it has opened; they have a wonderful staff.

Chris Derzak Image
Chris Derzak 12/17/2019 5 stars

Quick in and out just before the lunch rush.

Elizabeth Shenton Image
Elizabeth Shenton 12/14/2019 5 stars

Pallav Patel Image
Pallav Patel 12/2/2019 5 stars

David R Image
David R 11/28/2019 4 stars

Garth Daley Image
Garth Daley 11/23/2019 4 stars

Needed an oil change and this is my preferred place to get it done. Had a new experience while there in that one if their customer reps came by to poll people on their membership and talked about the various levels. I actually found out about a membership perk that I will be using in the future

Michael Wallace Image
Michael Wallace 11/22/2019 5 stars

After a long day at work I found my car to have a flat tire after getting it pumped up I went over to AAA to see if they could fix the leak cause by a failed valve stem Chris and Byron had the leak fixed in no time. Thank you again will defitnly be back!

Kellie McCants-Price Image
Kellie McCants-Price 11/20/2019 4 stars

Dianne Houston-Crockett Image
Dianne Houston-Crockett 11/19/2019 5 stars

Less expensive then the dealer and the waiting area is nice and clean. The service technicians don't try to sell you a bunch of services you don't need.

H Kader Image
H Kader 11/18/2019 5 stars

Good work at great prices, value. Beats Jiffy lube and Valvaline

Holly Keehfus Image
Holly Keehfus 11/15/2019 5 stars

Bob Sholtes Image
Bob Sholtes 11/14/2019 5 stars

louis owens Image
louis owens 11/12/2019 4 stars

Lynette Locke Image
Lynette Locke 11/12/2019 5 stars

Michael Shaughnessy Image
Michael Shaughnessy 11/11/2019 1 star

These guys have lost my trust and business. I will be cancelling my AAA membership. Very terrible experience. Three strikes and you're out. 1. Took my wife's car there and mechanic dismissed her concerns insisting that the battery just needed a charge (when we came from advance and their system read a dead cell) left and the car died within 24 hours. 2. Came back, got a new alternator installed. Car died within 24 hours again. 3. AAA claims defective part. Get alternator replaced again. 3 visits for 1 fix. My car dies. I specifically write need new alternator on my drop tag. Mechanic calls and says they had to disconnect and reconnect the battery (I had tried jumping the car 3 times, battery kept dying... alternator issue). Receive my car and wouldn't you know it, within 24 hours car dies. I jump it, and battery light is still on, car keeps dying. Take it to firestone, they say the issue IS the alternator.

Irene O Image
Irene O 11/9/2019 1 star

Come on AAA, if you are under-staffed, hire more people. I scheduled for a 7am oil change. But I didn't walk out of the store until 8:45am. I was told that my car was ready at 8am, but the only guy working the phone was so busy, that he couldn't check me out. Also, way to be dishonest. I literally just replaced my air cabin filter yesterday. But still today was told that my air cabin filter is "dirty, and should be replaced." I am sure your technician didn't even check my filter. Now I am worried that if my oil was even changed! I don't think I will come back anymore. Update: AAA reached out to me to contact them directly. I did, and nothing happened. No follow up, no anything. AAA is trying to make you think that they will correct their bad behaviors. But don't be fooled.

Deborah Macauley Image
Deborah Macauley 11/6/2019 5 stars

Aaron Jones Image
Aaron Jones 11/1/2019 5 stars

Ammann Sidhu Image
Ammann Sidhu 10/26/2019 5 stars

Monica E. Ringel Image
Monica E. Ringel 10/25/2019 5 stars

Great service, quick turnaround.

Patrick Barton Image
Patrick Barton 10/21/2019 5 stars

Took my Sienna in for an oil change. 30 minutes and I was gone. Half the price as Jiffy Lube. Excellent service. They check your vehicle and recommend future service with a price breakdown. Definitely recommend.

labor labor Image
labor labor 10/17/2019 1 star

poor service and bad experience. will never go there.

Tayoka Hall Image
Tayoka Hall 10/17/2019 4 stars

Representatives were friendly and helful.

Chris Roy Image
Chris Roy 10/16/2019 5 stars