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889 State Route 35
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Landmark: Next to 7-11, across from the Middletown Police Department

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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100 reviews - 3.7 3.5 star

BlueJay Image
BlueJay 4/9/2021 5 stars

Tommy Trembley Image
Tommy Trembley 3/23/2021 5 stars

Andrew Young Image
Andrew Young 2/21/2021 5 stars

Christine Ronson Image
Christine Ronson 2/13/2021 5 stars

Very good service as always. Always a good experience at AAA.

Tony Palushaj Image
Tony Palushaj 2/4/2021 5 stars

Gary S Image
Gary S 2/3/2021 4 stars

Darwin Nicolas Image
Darwin Nicolas 2/3/2021 5 stars

TP Cheng Image
TP Cheng 1/16/2021 5 stars

Excellent service

Danial Hillmann Image
Danial Hillmann 1/5/2021 2 stars

Getting 4 tires was a lot as well as it took close to 3 hours so needless to say service is painfully slow and expensive.

srini peddapalli Image
srini peddapalli 12/30/2020 5 stars

Kelly L Image
Kelly L 12/24/2020 1 star

Molly Shea Image
Molly Shea 12/3/2020 5 stars

Quick and easy service and very affordable.

Joseph Ferrante Image
Joseph Ferrante 11/28/2020 5 stars

Dan Orpel Image
Dan Orpel 11/17/2020 4 stars

BruceFan S Image
BruceFan S 11/14/2020 1 star

My mom a senior citizen went for a 30.00 oil change they sold her 2 tires that was recently inspected by dealership and was told they were fine, and charged 170 for a wheel alignment. by dealership and was told it was fine. 500 dollars later she was done. So sad they would upsell to a senior. If I could give zero stars I would.

george monath Image
george monath 11/10/2020 5 stars

Isaias Garcia Image
Isaias Garcia 11/4/2020 4 stars

Donna Masters Image
Donna Masters 10/23/2020 1 star

I brought my car here on a tow. They gave me an estimate of 1400 and change. Took it somewhere else and got it fixed for 223. They are a big rip-off. Never will go there again.??

Mary Ann Mazz Image
Mary Ann Mazz 10/6/2020 5 stars

Very helpful.

Travis Bruno Image
Travis Bruno 10/2/2020 4 stars

Good mechanic service ..the inside need to be told you have a certain package because even after giving them the Premier card and info they still tryed charging me and then had to wait another hour 2 hours to get a battery changed

Anthony Frazier Image
Anthony Frazier 9/22/2020 5 stars

Gia The Original Fernandez Image
Gia The Original Fernandez 9/17/2020 5 stars

My experience is over the phone getting help with them in reference to getting AAA on and they were extremely helpful polite understanding knowledgeable and and executing all that needed to be done no worries NICE

Bob Krebs Image
Bob Krebs 9/11/2020 5 stars

You plan a great trip at AAA very helpful people my travel agent

Ron Wilson Image
Ron Wilson 9/4/2020 5 stars

Excellent center!!! Very helpful.

Lori Mead Image
Lori Mead 8/13/2020 5 stars

Great information on what states you can visit. The receptionist was wonderful

Anne Adams Image
Anne Adams 7/30/2020 5 stars

Very helpful and attentive to what I needed help with.

Jordan Ruiz Image
Jordan Ruiz 7/3/2020 5 stars

These guys saved me! I’m from CT and drove up to go to Sandy Hook beach. When i got to the beach, my car shut right off on me and would start back up. I called AAA, they towed my car over to the middletown shop, and they had my car back to me the next morning. Only had to pay $120 and my car was running like new. (I did have to get a hotel for the night but that was fine) Being that I was 2.5 hours away from home, I was stranded and they really came through and got me back on the road when I was freaking out about getting back home.

John B Image
John B 7/1/2020 5 stars

Great service. Forgot about free tour books and triptix

Ruth Cruz Image
Ruth Cruz 6/27/2020 5 stars

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention Alfredo very friendly and good service (Original) Excelente atención Alfredo muy amable y buen servicio

Al Young Cuda Image
Al Young Cuda 6/5/2020 5 stars

AAA Care right in the neighborhood

Mcdonald Coxson Image
Mcdonald Coxson 3/19/2020 2 stars

Margaret Furman Image
Margaret Furman 3/12/2020 5 stars

Luis S Image
Luis S 3/11/2020 3 stars

charlie williams Image
charlie williams 3/9/2020 5 stars

Jonathan Caminiti Image
Jonathan Caminiti 3/7/2020 2 stars

Not great

Jamie gowan Image
Jamie gowan 2/27/2020 5 stars

Informative about repairs needed and courteous.

Karen Ricotta Image
Karen Ricotta 2/27/2020 5 stars

Jennifer Regan Image
Jennifer Regan 2/18/2020 5 stars

The technician gave me a coupon. They always answer all my questions.

Patricia Taylor Image
Patricia Taylor 1/22/2020 3 stars

Patrice Meggison Image
Patrice Meggison 1/18/2020 5 stars

Paul Muniz Image
Paul Muniz 1/18/2020 5 stars

SuperJack 348 Image
SuperJack 348 1/13/2020 1 star

The worst car repair place ever. I will never recommend The prices are outrageous and we were charged 60 for the mechanic to give us a 2700 dollar plus estimate for a 125 dollar part. Unreal. I hope everyone reads this. Simply awful. Do not use Aaa repair in Middletown

Ambar Batista Image
Ambar Batista 12/31/2019 4 stars

Arjun Roy Image
Arjun Roy 12/30/2019 5 stars

tommy treacy Image
tommy treacy 12/28/2019 5 stars

anth arag Image
anth arag 12/25/2019 1 star

I specifically told them to rotate my tires. They did not. I marked my rear tire and just as I was looking at it, the person came out and fessed up to not rotating tires.

mace 14212 Image
mace 14212 11/17/2019 5 stars

Excellent customer service by the staff.

Diana Stover Image
Diana Stover 11/13/2019 5 stars

Sang Yi Image
Sang Yi 10/30/2019 1 star

Employees are liars and the manager doesn't care. Don't go here unless you want to get ripped off!!!

Katia Rodriguez Image
Katia Rodriguez 10/16/2019 1 star

Unprofessional, will take weeks for them to even look at your car. I just suggest not going here if you want a great job done on your car. Second time bringing the car in for them to fix one part that they messed up on. And now they’ve kept the car for 1 week and still haven’t fixed the issue. DISAPPOINTED. Don’t waste your time here

SnaggleTooth Productions Image
SnaggleTooth Productions 10/16/2019 1 star

My tow truck driver recommended I use a reputable AAA care center, and I’m upset I did. I had the car taken there, after a few days I picked it up and the car wasn’t fixed at all besides some coding. The manager (Chris) apologized for a communication error, I brought the car in and after a diagnostic they realized the issue that I said needing replacing was the issue, so they moved ahead to repair. I called to check on the status and was told it would be done shortly, I said no rush I’ll grab it tomorrow. 2 days later and no communication or call; I then call and speak to (Connor) who said the car is still on the lift and the part is wrong, I tell them order the part and replace it. Another 2 days pass, I call and speak to (Raphael), who goes to say “we’ve been waiting for your call, we don’t have your info (I’m an elite AAA member of 5 years). I react as surprised as you would imagination, and then to find out THEY STILL HAVENT ORDERED MY PART. All-in-all the only one who has has been helpful was Chris and even then his lack of communication with his team is pretty scary. Terrible shop, awful communication between shop hands and customers and overall the worst experience I’ve had...and I’m still waiting for my car

ellen elleng Image
ellen elleng 10/6/2019 5 stars

Anthony Bilello Image
Anthony Bilello 9/21/2019 1 star

Tami Mechura Image
Tami Mechura 9/20/2019 5 stars

My son works there, smile with great service, highly reccomend

Enrico Attanasio Image
Enrico Attanasio 8/24/2019 4 stars

J F Image
J F 8/15/2019 4 stars

Joanne Rothermel Image
Joanne Rothermel 8/10/2019 2 stars

Bad place to get auto fix.Very high prices.

TheOriginalBreau Image
TheOriginalBreau 8/9/2019 5 stars

Completed service as asked. Did not try to sell me anything additional

Travis Sherman Image
Travis Sherman 8/8/2019 2 stars

Over priced

Daniel Alston Image
Daniel Alston 7/31/2019 5 stars

Julie Knott Image
Julie Knott 7/21/2019 5 stars

Yesterday, we were driving on the Parkway and it was 102 degrees outside. Our AC was working fine and then all of a sudden, it started blowing hot air. We called the AAA Middletown car center and 12:30. By the time I got there at 1pm, they had taken our car in immediately. They ran some tests and found out our compressor had died (which with our old car, we weren't surprised about). But, instead of waiting in the service center, they got me a Lyft to our daughters pool party so we wouldn't miss any of it. It took a lot of work to find a new compressor, some of it even on their own personal time after the facility closed, but we had our car back that night and we didn't miss any of our special day. It was above and beyond what we could have asked for. Thank you, specifically to Chris, for all your help. I will be telling everyone about what an amazing experience we had there!

Stephanie Bea Image
Stephanie Bea 6/27/2019 1 star

Warning everyone anyway possible . Worst insurance ever

Aster-Rama Dewanti Image
Aster-Rama Dewanti 6/19/2019 5 stars

Very courteous and helpful staff. Great space to wait

hilda rodriguez Image
hilda rodriguez 5/28/2019 5 stars

Kristin Manganelli Image
Kristin Manganelli 4/26/2019 2 stars

Let me start this review by saying the customer service team really tried their best (hence two stars instead of one), but the maintenance department ruined this establishment for me. I went in earlier this week for a misfire issue, which i was informed was fixed and good to go, given my car back the next day, only for it to sputter out and die 20 minutes later. I refuse to pay $5400 for a repair I didn’t need before I brought my car in - for a car that isn’t worth more than $1000. That’s absurd. They are not very keen on keeping you updated in a timely manner if you are not waiting up to six hours (no I’m not kidding) at the shop for your car. How do you tell someone you will call them first thing in the morning, and keep me waiting until 1 pm when I end up having to call them?? Every time I bring my car here they continuously try to up-sell services I don’t need. Inaccurate receipts and poor record keeping, pushy insurance people, and a sick joke of a mechanic. I’ve been a loyal customer of this location for 5 or 6 years, and I’ll continue to be a AAA member (shoutout to roadside assistance), but I would never bring another car to this shop. Save yourself the headache and bring your car to a local mechanic, they probably won’t total your car. I really hope they take all these reviews and actually apply them to their business practices before somebody ends up suing them.

Hunter b Image
Hunter b 4/19/2019 5 stars

Vincent Minkler Image
Vincent Minkler 4/10/2019 1 star

I almost never leave reviews but my experience with this service center has been so bad the two times I have used them I felt compelled to write one. I brought my 2017 F-150 here for a simple oil change twice. The first time I informed them that the plug for this vehicle is plastic and is a single use plug, meaning it needs to have a new one installed each time the oil is changed (which is ridiculous on Ford's part I know). They had no idea what I was talking about and didn't order the replacement part until someone actually got under the truck and saw the issue. They apologized for not knowing about the plug and they informed me they order 15 extra just to ensure they had some for other customers. I decide to bring my vehicle back a second time for another oil change since I had already informed them of the single use plug. I dropped it off at 9am and said I needed back by 3pm and asked if it would be a problem. They informed me that it wouldn't be. At 235 I called since I hadn't heard anything only to find out there was the same issue with a replacement drain plug again. Not only that, but the "person" who previously replaced the drain plug (Which was them only they didn't know that at the time) didn't replace it correctly and I have been leaking oil, leaving the tank bone dry. They were waiting on the replacement drain plug and it wasn't going to get there until at least 430! No phone call to inform me of this. They obviously waited until it was close to the 3pm deadline to even start the oil change as well. I have had AAA for 15 years and I think their roadside assistance is great. However their maintenance division seems to try and ensure that you'll need their roadside assistance. Stay away from this shop.

Bill Kinneman Image
Bill Kinneman 2/21/2019 2 stars

In my previous interactions with AAA of Middletown, I was reasonably satisfied. They did good work on the car, but were pretty terrible about communication. I had to chase them down instead of getting word on changes in schedule or changes in the estimate, but I was willing to tolerate that for the good service and competitive prices. But with the latest repair, they have taken weeks to get parts, have completely ghosted on me and have had my car for 5 days with no clear idea of when they will return it. I will definitely bring my service elsewhere in the future and may consider ditching AAA for my travel and roadside assistance as well.

James Armstrong Image
James Armstrong 2/20/2019 1 star

Dangerous. Lied about checking brakes, were going to send me on my way with a serious brake fluid leak and severe damage to my rear brake drums. They are going to get somebody killed. Called Saturday to set up an appointment to get my brakes checked as I had symptoms of locking brakes(noise, burning smell, heat). I planned to drive to AAA for an International Drivers Permit anyway and thought nothing of getting both tasks done at once. We agreed on 1:00,then he said 2:00 before I corrected him, no biggie. I arrive and he takes my personal information and doesn't ask for specifics. He said that I was noted for an oil change! I corrected him and described the braking symptoms and 30 mins. later, he shows me some numbers relating to the integrity of each brake and says my brakes are fine. I insisted this couldn't be true, he then ASKS me if I want them to open up the brake drums to investigate. THIS should have been done as part of any brake inspection! They never looked inside! I have catastrophic brake damage and I was almost sent on my merry way! The manager comes along and points out other things that are awry(I believe these other issues are likely legit, I'm currently waiting for another mechanic to verify). I'm told I'll have a quote for all the work by the end of the day. I never heard back, the next day nothing, day 3,Monday, I call them. I'm told they are still seeing what parts are needed and I'd get a call that day. Tuesday comes along and I hear nothing, at noon I end up CALLING AAA Roadside to have them tow me FROM THEIR OWN GARAGE to another mechanic. AAA Roadside says there is an issue that I owe the garage money and must reconcile this before they can tow. I had kinda agreed to the oil change that they erroneously had my appointment for, so I was fine with paying that bill. I call to pay and I'm told that they are busy and a mechanic will call shortly. Almost 2 hours later I call again and get someone right away(I waited for nothing) and paid the

Jeff Wosleger Image
Jeff Wosleger 1/21/2019 5 stars

Excellent customer service and convenience. A very well run shop for car repair and regular service. Highly recommend!

Michael Colgan Image
Michael Colgan 12/29/2018 5 stars

I am a member of AAA . This shop is excellent, honest and well staffed . I would expect no less from AAA. Nice part is I'm an experienced mechanic . I spent some time listening to their sales people talking to customers . There was never a push to fix stuff. It was explained clearly to three different people I watched and if you said no it was no . You do have to understand it's strong advice . Nothing they said was wrong

Michael Colgan Image
Michael Colgan 12/25/2018 5 stars

I hate negative reviews most of them are looking for kick backs for being mechanically stupid to be honest sorry to say that but its true . I bring my Van in for front end work because I know these guys a top notch and honest and I don't own an alignment machine . I have a high school education in automotive repairs and have run one or two auto parts stores so I get it. Yes I have two email accounts to counteract stupid people . I might need six

Robert N. Brown Jr. Image
Robert N. Brown Jr. 12/22/2018 1 star

Christopher Vetter Image
Christopher Vetter 10/29/2018 2 stars

Asked for an estimate on fixing a clanking noise and was told I needed a new frame. Did some further research on my own and realized I needed a $35 bushing set to fix the problem.

Danny Elmore Image
Danny Elmore 10/9/2018 5 stars

Very friendly people. Always a pleasure to get my cars serviced here. Great for all my car problems including tires!??. Plus I get a discount for being a member of AAA.

Rita Lenich Image
Rita Lenich 9/20/2018 5 stars

Maryellen Dunn Image
Maryellen Dunn 8/8/2018 5 stars

Nafeesa Monroe Image
Nafeesa Monroe 8/5/2018 5 stars

Mary Smith Image
Mary Smith 8/4/2018 1 star

Asked them to check my brakes for pulsating did front brakes and rotors. I had to come back because I still had the pulsating they didn't check back rotars. Mechanical also left a hugh greasy footprint on my car mat. Unless you need an emergency tire or need a dead battery replaced in an emergency stay away.

Tom Smith Image
Tom Smith 6/11/2018 1 star

Called last Wednesday about a A/C recharge for my car. I couldn't do it that day and made what I thought was an appointment for today at 730 am. When I arrived there was no appointment and no mechanic to do the work until 8:30. The person there also didn't try to make another appointment or asked me to come back at 8:30...... It's like they didn't want my business.

BigRed ___CEA Image
BigRed ___CEA 4/21/2018 5 stars

Bill Kuntz Image
Bill Kuntz 4/18/2018 4 stars

Fast & Friendly!

Danielle Williamson Image
Danielle Williamson 2/23/2018 1 star

I'm writing this review helping my grandfather who is 87 years old and whom was taken advantage of at this AAA facility. He went in there to have an oil change and to ask about a specific noise aware of the what the issue was but wanted confirmation and the mechanic came back explained what was wrong my grandfather agreed to have that repaired and then stated that the exhausted needed to be repaired and made it seem important and it needed to be done asap. He then asked for myself to be called and explained the issue. The exhausted only had a small hole in it and didn't need to be repaired asap. I wasn't called until it was ready to be picked up and repairs were already done. I spoke with the manager and nothing, stated they did nothing wrong. DO NOT allow yourself to be taken for a fool there or let it happen to your family members. They took advantage of an 87 year old man that had an Italian accent and that wore hearing aids.. NEVER AGAIN!!! This is not a way to get more business and meet your quota. If I could've given them no stars I would have.

Mike Bridgeline Image
Mike Bridgeline 2/20/2018 4 stars

Great service . And helpful.

John Treubig Image
John Treubig 11/14/2017 4 stars

arun kandappan Image
arun kandappan 11/13/2017 5 stars

Shawn Palermo Image
Shawn Palermo 10/19/2017 5 stars

Sanjay Patel Image
Sanjay Patel 10/17/2017 5 stars

David Cook All4MyChildren LLC. Image
David Cook All4MyChildren LLC. 9/28/2017 4 stars

I have had two issues with my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee within the past three months. On both occasions the people here fixed and returned my vehicle within 24hrs. Price is the same as the field. I'll continue to use them

Sean Image
Sean 9/26/2017 4 stars

First time there to have my battery changed today. The facility is clean and staffs were friendly and efficient. I would like to give a five stars if they were sure about the labor cost beforehand.

Michael Hoffman Image
Michael Hoffman 9/24/2017 1 star

Ruined my car

Jared Cybulski Image
Jared Cybulski 9/14/2017 5 stars

Nice clean and friendly

Myrtle Berry Image
Myrtle Berry 9/4/2017 1 star

My car would not start on Sunday, August 27th. I tried it again on Monday. It still did not start. My daughter said that it did not sound like a battery but it could be the fuel injector pump. I called AAA and had it towed to Middletown because it's closer than Eatontown. They called to give the price to run the diagnostic. Of course it was the fuel injector. They needed to order a part. So far so good. Then things went south. My daughter was told that the part came in late in the day and the car would be ready the next day. OK. The next day she's told that the part just came in that morning. Someone's lying. They kept promising it but it was never done. Finally it was done on Saturday. My daughter went to pick it up with a signed blank check. They would not accept it because it was a "starter check." First of all, a starter check has a name typed in or hand written. This was a printed name on a check with a high number. Obviously an established account. A check with only a name is often known as a line check. This same account paid for AAA membership but can't pay for repairs. This greatly inconvenienced me as well as my daughter. She finally gets the car home and the gas gauge is not working. No doubt things were not lined up properly. These people are not fit to repair cars and their customer service is horrible. Lying is never acceptable. I don't know what I would do if there was no AAA in Eatontown! Don't waste your time in Middletown. Never again!

Gus M Image
Gus M 8/4/2017 4 stars

Manny si Image
Manny si 7/26/2017 1 star

Horrible service, twice I've used your services and you don't show up the time that is set always a hr or two hrs late your company needs to be honest with arrival timea

Lester Reavis Martin Image
Lester Reavis Martin 7/10/2017 3 stars

Goo travel info

Felice Burns Image
Felice Burns 12/20/2016 3 stars

Came in for an oil change and car ran rough for a few days after. Really nice folks there. But when I turned the card over to them I Specifically asked them to Only charge the oil and Not touch Anything else and Not try to upsell me Anything. They didn't follow that very simple instruction

John Gilgannon Image
John Gilgannon 11/16/2016 4 stars

Great friendly service from the staff.

Rich Young Image
Rich Young 9/6/2016 5 stars

Maryann Cantone-Hanna Image
Maryann Cantone-Hanna 8/29/2016 2 stars

Summary: get a fully written quote with details before giving them the go ahead to do the work. staff is friendly, but you cannot trust what they tell you on the phone. get it in writing. but i wont be returning. i went here for 4 tires and rear brakes on my car. i was originally going to go to costco for the tires, but thought it would be easier to take my car here and just get both done at the same time. they told me they would do a price match on the tires from costco. so i sent them an email with the details on the tires that i wanted and the price that they should match. they went ahead and put the tires on. the next day i get a call and they tell me the price will be higher for the brakes than i wanted. so i told them not to do that and ill just pay for the tires. without my authorization, AAA decided to put on different tires than what i had told them to put on. Then they pricematched these more expensive tires and said yes, we did price match them. Well thats great, but these are about $300 more (original set of 4 were $680 and the ones they put on the car were $960). Since they already put the tires on the car, they forced me to pay for them after i complained for about 20 min. then they gave me a mail in rebate form and said this will take off $70. but that rebate form was expired by 3 days and therefore unusable. im not saying its the absolute worst place, but this was a very shady thing to do. i wont go back.