AAA Tire & Auto Service - Sylvania Heights

4.3 4.5 star 41 reviews

5916 West Sylvania Ave
Toledo, Ohio 43623
(419) 882-4991

Landmark: Formerly Smitty’s Automotive Service

Your health and well-being are our top priority. Your store is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each day. To help protect all of us, our employees are required to wear face coverings when meeting with members and customers. We ask you to wear a face covering as well. We also practice social distancing and provide hand sanitizer for regular usage as we follow government guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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41 reviews - 4.3 4.5 star

Michelle Tuttle 5/20/2021 5 stars

Great experience at Holland-Sylvania! Rick knows his stuff!

Terri Horn 4/10/2021 5 stars

They were very pleasant and very prompt

janice chu 2/20/2021 5 stars

Jeff Davis 2/12/2021 5 stars

Nothing but a five star review! Ric Lawrence and his team fixed my 1998 Jeep GC, explained exactly what it would take, what it would cost and when it would be ready. And then they delivered exactly what they described with no surprises. Thanks gentlemen.

Craig Schuele 12/6/2020 5 stars

Rick and his team are very helpful, explain the problem, and seem fair.

Susie Brown 11/27/2020 5 stars

They are the nicest people!

Janice Moore 9/25/2020 5 stars

They are always polite and take good care my car. I highly recommend them to family and friends.

Sean Mcmahon 9/5/2020 5 stars

I came in because I needed to get my oil changed before driving to Columbus the next day. They changed it and discovered that my back tire was damaged and was at severe risk of popping. Not only did they replace them for me but they managed to do it before I had to leave the day after. Very thankful for them catching it and replacing them beforehand. Highly recommend

Alex Misko 1/28/2020 5 stars

Mary Iz 1/18/2020 5 stars

My oil change was quick and I was well informed on my options. Included in an oil change is a tire rotation, and this is the only place that has ever asked me to stop by if I have a chance within the next week so they can check the wheel lug nut torque. Attention to detail and concern for the customer safety was really nice to see.

Jeff Klein 1/18/2020 4 stars

Purchased a 75 month battery on 1/16/19, less than a year ago. The battery wouldn't charge. They told me that their software only goes back to march so they won't be able to confirm the warranty because I couldn't find the paperwork. That battery cost me $200.00. the next day, the manager called me and said they would work it out. I took my car over and after tests they replaced the battery. I am only giving 4 stars because the problems that occurred because of the software glitch.To be clear this complaint isn't against Smitty's, it's against AAA and their incompetence with the software that wiped all previous data after the buyout. The store did the right thing.

Lil Hill 10/17/2019 1 star

Refused to work on my car because “it is unsafe to drive”. Why do you think i’m trying to get it fixed???

P Stresen 9/23/2019 5 stars

Always friendly and informative.

Jenny G 9/5/2019 5 stars

I've been coming here for years. Rick and Darryl have always been honest with me and gave me options when I had them.

Ryan Miller 8/24/2019 1 star

Jane Day 8/2/2019 5 stars

They keep my 12 year old car running smoothly, we go there for oil changes and all of our car maintenance.

Dannielle Barnett 7/28/2019 5 stars

Shalayna Beauty 7/2/2019 5 stars

My AIR IS FIXED!!!!!! Thanks a Million guys??

John Bettis 4/3/2019 5 stars

Thanks Rick for taking care of my mother's car! Having recently moved into the area, she feels much better knowing she has found a friendly, competent repair shop.

Jeremy 12/4/2018 5 stars

They went above and beyond for me. I’d definitely recommend them. Thank you, guys.

Monica Hanna 11/27/2018 5 stars

Robert Bezeau (Urbanight73) 11/12/2018 1 star

Talk to Rick to have shift solenoid replaced and they refused to use my own parts.... Based on the fact that the warranty and the fact that it's revenue-generating for the company....

Joyce Powell 11/6/2018 5 stars

Gayle Mosley 10/26/2018 5 stars

Great service.

kristina mohler 6/4/2018 3 stars

AUTO FINANCING USA 4/27/2018 1 star

Crooks! My son took his car there (2006 Ford Escape), we told them it needed a injector. They call us back and say yes it needs an injector and it will cost $406, after saying no they charged us $106 diagnostic fee for something that we already knew

tacobender666 3/30/2018 5 stars

They do great work ??

Johnny Thomas 1/28/2018 1 star

J De 12/14/2017 5 stars

Rick has proven himself to be very honest, experienced and skilled. He explains exactly what is going on with your car, and reviews options. Prices are reasonable. I highly recommend him.

Carol Venia-Stokes 11/8/2017 5 stars

They were very helpful and friendly when I was there but my favorite thing about Smittys is their inspirational and sometimes funny quotes on their sign out front.

shen zhang 10/8/2017 5 stars

It's hard to find a trusted auto place these days, Smitty's Automotive Service had been my choice of auto-store for a couple months now and would always be my place to go for my vehicles. Their honesty and good work had never failed me. As a student I wasn't able to afford too much, I used to owe an aged vehicle from 2000 and had been charged outrageously from other stores in the past, I'm glad I settled with Smitty's Automotive :) .

Rae Hausch 9/17/2017 5 stars

BlueMoonArtist Rosenberg 8/28/2017 4 stars

They fixed my van good

Doug Clough 8/6/2017 5 stars

Jim Cobak 6/27/2017 5 stars

Rick is the Best

Joe Hassen 5/5/2017 5 stars

Outstanding customer service, could not be happier. They troubleshoot and resolved a electrical issue due to rodent chewing on wires. Worked with my insurance company to file a claim and had my car repaired in a couple of days. Constant feedback, very polite and attentive. Even offered to pick me up. I'm a customer for life!

Richard Bartley 1/2/2017 3 stars

Julian Carrillo 3/10/2016 4 stars

Tim DeFrain 2/23/2013 5 stars

I believe auto repair and computer service are two areas that are the hardest to spend your money and believe that it’s all necessary. We have 2 high mileage cars that like most people we rely on every day to be dependable. Over the years Smitty’s has told me in advance, what was necessary to keep us on the road. Sometimes simple economics prevented us from taking their advice in a timely fashion. Every time their predictions came true. I don’t always like what Smitty’s tells me but I do believe it’s the truth. Now does anyone have a good computer guy?

John Schmidt 2/21/2013 5 stars

I have always had my vehicles serviced at Smitty’s. The management has always kept well informed about my cars maintenance and routine repairs. When my kids are home on short breaks Smitty’s is always very conscious about taking care of their vehicles in a timely manner. I have two vehicles with over 150k miles on them and still running strong.

Mike Webber 2/20/2013 5 stars

I have had my vehicles serviced by Smitty's for 10 plus years, without ever having a problem. All employees (at different locations) have been courteous and respectful and repairs have been made. Most of all, if multiple repairs are needed/recommended and one can wait awhile, they have always passed that information along to me. I didn't feel pressured into getting something done if they felt it could wait 6 months, I'm sure as long as safety issures weren't involved. Mike