Man and Woman standing in front of broken down car on side of road

AAA Rules of the Road

AAA takes the safety and well-being of our Members and Associates very seriously. As we continue to monitor the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, we are taking the necessary precautions to stay safe as we serve you. To learn more about how AAA is working to protect our Members and our Associates, please visit our COVID-19 safety page.

We are all about Safety – on and off the road – and an important part of that is making sure all of our Members know how we operate. AAA roadside assistance does not cover your car; AAA covers YOU as a Member in any car you are driving or riding in.

To get Roadside Assistance, YOU need to be with the vehicle at the time of disablement and service. When the AAA representative arrives you will need to show us your driver’s license.  Your membership benefits, like Roadside Assistance, cannot be used by any other person.

AAA membership with roadside assistance is designed to help you when the vehicle you are in is disabled. By the way, AAA considers a disabled vehicle, a vehicle that is broken down and you are unable to drive. Our goal is to get your car running again. If we are unable to, our goal is to move your vehicle to a place of repair.

Here are some other important things to be aware of:

  • An "eligible” vehicle is a four-wheel motor-driven passenger vehicle (i.e. cars, vans, and pickup trucks, including rented passenger vehicles). Coverage for motorcycles and recreational vehicles may be added with the appropriate membership rider
  • Four-wheeled commercial vehicles are eligible for service except for taxis and limousines.
  • AAA may decline coverage to a vehicle deemed unsafe to service. This includes but is not limited to overloaded vehicles, vehicles with attachments (i.e. plows), or vehicles with modifications.
  • AAA will only provide one tow per disablement.
  • Service will only be provided when the vehicle can be safely reached. All road surfaces leading to the vehicle must be safely accessible. Safety is determined by the AAA representative on the scene. All vehicles must be clear of ice and snow.
  • The majority of AAA services are covered for all eligible vehicles. Please note, the following services are only covered with a Plus RV or Premier RV Rider:
  • Towing of utility trailers attached to a covered vehicle.
  • Tire service on the inside dual wheel of trucks or vans.
  • Towing, extrication, and tire-service for motor homes and campers
  • Your AAA membership will cover the cost of petrol gasoline according to your membership coverage. AAA does not cover the delivery of diesel fuel. If your diesel vehicle runs out of fuel, we will tow you to a place of repair.
  • Your annual AAA membership provides a defined number of service calls per membership year. Calls include all services; tows, tire changes, battery service, fuel delivery, tire service, etc. If all available service calls are utilized AAA can still provide service at Member preferred rates.
  • If AAA service is unavailable (ie. limited access highways or police-directed tows) members may be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Service call entitlements are individual per Member on the membership and are not transferable among Members on a membership.
  • Service may be restricted, delayed or suspended due to severe weather conditions.
  • AAA membership is required for roadside assistance to be provided, if service is requested at the time of joining AAA, an Immediate Service fee may be required.

While AAA will do all we can to assist our Members, we reserve the right to deny coverage at our discretion.


*Some toll roads and some limited access highways provide their own roadside assistance and will not permit AAA to come to your assistance. You should request that they tow your vehicle to their lot off the toll road so that you may contact AAA to request service. In some instances some of the providers will accept your membership card in lieu of payment to remove your vehicle from the toll road or limited access highway. Otherwise, pay for the service and get an itemized receipt, which you may submit to AAA for reimbursement consideration.

**Products and services are subject to change without notice.