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If you’ve ever stood on the side of a highway and heard the roar of vehicles as they whiz by, you know how frightening and vulnerable it is to be in that position. When you see a disabled vehicle or emergency responder on the side of the road, please immediately reduce your speed and, when possible, move over one lane to give them more room.

Our tow operators are part of our family. These hard-working, caring individuals risk their lives every day to ensure the safety of our Members. Each of them is someone’s son or daughter. Someone’s parent. Someone’s cousin. Someone’s best friend. The love of someone’s life. Their heartbreaking deaths and injuries are all the more tragic because they’re so easily preventable.

To protect roadside workers, drivers with disabled vehicles, and others, and to improve highway safety, AAA offers these precautionary tips:
  • Remain alert, avoid distractions and focus on the task of driving.
  • Keep an eye out for situations where emergency vehicles, tow trucks, utility service vehicles or disabled vehicles are stopped on the side of the road.
  • When you see these situations, slow down and if possible move one lane over and away from the people and vehicles stopped at the side of the road.

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Tow operator loading vehicle on tow truck.


Public Service Announcement (30 second video)
AAA’s message is powerfully told by the very people, our towers and first responders, who put their lives on the line every day to rescue those in need. View our Move Over, Save Lives public service announcement with closed captioning by clicking here.

AAA and other traffic safety advocates led the way in getting Move Over Laws passed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, protecting tow providers and other emergency responders. In many states, the Move Over law needs to be strengthened to protect all roadside workers and the drivers and occupants of disabled vehicles. With more work to be done, AAA is committed to raising awareness of Move Over laws and the dangers associated with vehicles and people on the side of the road.

Tow operator working while traffic passes by.


AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Research
American Drivers’ Self-Reported Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding Move Over Laws.
This research summarizes drivers’ perceptions and attitudes towards Move Over laws, in an online survey, with a series of questions about their experiences, understanding of, and opinions towards Move Over laws.
Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (September 2021)

Driver Surveys
Move Over Public Opinion Poll
AAA solicited responses from thousands of U.S. licensed drivers to gauge awareness of Move Over laws and subsequent driver behavior.