10 Tips for Watching an Eagles Game with Friends and Family

By Kevin Kinkead

Things are looking up because our Philadelphia Eagles can't be any worse than they were last season... right? It can't get any worse than four wins, eleven losses, and a ludicrous tie with the Cincinnati Bengals.

This year is a fresh start. We've got a new team and a new coaching staff. We're looking forward to getting together with people we haven't seen in some time. It's always better to enjoy a football Sunday with friends and family, and if your gatherings resume this fall, consider these ten tips to keep yourself and everybody else happy.

1. Show up in the right frame of mind

Eagles fans are passionate and demanding, and we expect to win. 2020 brought us dangerously close to rock bottom, which means the only way to go is up! That's what we're hoping, but this new version of the Birds is going through a transitional year. We're on a fact-finding mission to see if Jalen Hurts is the real deal and determine if Nick Sirianni was the right choice for the head coaching job. 

You can't be disappointed if you don't have high expectations to begin with, which, admittedly, sounds like a crazy ask of Birds fans. But if you're able to look ahead to next season while approaching this one with curiosity and positivity, then you're going to find yourself in a good headspace.

Plus, you don't want to be that person who gets angry at the TV and makes everybody else in the room uncomfortable. Negadelphia is passé. 

2. Bring something, and make it local

The gathering's host might say something like, “you don't need to bring anything,” which means you should absolutely bring something. Make it local, too. If you're coming from Port Richmond, snag some of Stock's pound cake. Corropolese tomato pie is always a winner. Just don't show up empty-handed.

3. Diversify your beer selection

That quadruple-hopped hazy IPA with guava notes and citrus is probably pretty good, but there's maybe a 1% chance that your uncle will drink it. If you're in charge of the beer, mix it up. Simple is fine. We're Eagles fans, not food and drink connoisseurs.

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4. Dress code

Preferably, you're wearing midnight green. If somebody's neighbor or another random person ends up at the watch party, they can support their team, unless it's the Giants or Cowboys. In that case, they have to take off their jersey or turn it inside out. And if they refuse, unfortunately, they have to leave.

These are the rules.

5. Get outside if you can

There’s nothing better than doing the outdoor routine. Put the TV underneath a pop-up tent. Maybe halftime beers or cigars. Perhaps you just need a breath of fresh air after a back-breaking turnover. We'll be spending the next few months indoors, riding out the winter, so enjoy the early weeks of the season outside.

6. Try to sit still

Do not get up in the middle of play. You'll want to take your bathroom break or make a snack run during a commercial or at halftime. And definitely don't walk in front of the television. That's the worst infraction you can commit!

7. Have a stress reliever nearby

You're going to be angry at some point during the game, and it may not even have to do with the Eagles. Maybe the referees make a terrible call, or the broadcast freezes in the middle of a 40-yard DeVonta Smith fly route.

That's why it's important to have a stress reliever nearby to channel that frustration. A staple in my family is the “Bad Call Brick,” which is a foam... brick... that you chuck at the television. It's the perfect way to vent, though it should be noted that the B.C.B. was invented when those clunky old televisions were still a thing. They could handle a direct hit from the foam brick, but you don't want to be hurling this thing at your $2,000 4K flat screen.

8. Don't talk about your fantasy team

There's always one person at every gathering who wants to tell you about their fantasy team. The Eagles might be playing the Buccaneers, and this individual wants the Birds to win, of course, but “wouldn't mind” if Mike Evans logged 100 yards and found the end zone. 

This is a violation. Please don't talk about your fantasy team.

9. Pick and choose your corrections

At least one person at the gathering will not know the rules of the game. Your cousin might call for a pass interference flag on an end zone toss, even though face guarding is 100% legal in the NFL.

You will get the urge to correct your cousin and explain the rule but pick and choose your spots. You don't want to come across as a know-it-all. Each instance of ‘well, actually’ comes with diminishing returns.

10. Remember why you're there in the first place

We all want the Birds to win, but there's nothing like quality time with friends and family. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon, Monday night, or even Thursday if you can rally the troops on a school night. It's been a rough 18 months, and a lot of folks went a long time without seeing the people who really matter to them.

Go Birds.

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