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AAA for Recreational Vehicles

Americans have always been on the go. Arriving in ships from the Old World, driving wagon trains out west, and riding the rails in early American locomotives. Automobiles took to the (terrible) roads in droves in the beginning of the 20th century. And in the 1950's, with a smooth national road system and AAA, entire families could drive anywhere and see anything they desired.

Today, Americans are still up for a romantic road trip, but they're far more likely to be driving an RV, motorcycle, or camper—or hauling a motor home, ATV, or boat. If you're one of these care-free vacationers, you may want to expand the core benefits of either Plus or Premier Membership to provide Roadside Assistance to your Recreational Vehicles.

Cover Your Recreational Vehicles
RV coverage can be added to your existing AAA Plus or Premier membership to expand your covered vehicles. With RV coverage, all of the Roadside Assistance coverage that you get as a Plus/Premier Member extends to your RV. You get:

EXTENDED TOWING SERVICE: You can have your RV towed anywhere you want up to 100 miles1 with no charge for towing. (Any toll fees are extra.)

TIRE-CHANGE SERVICE: On dual-rear-wheel RVs get a flat tire replaced with your RV's spare.

EXTRA STUCK-WHEEL SERVICE: If a second tow truck is needed to get your camper or motor home out of a ditch or mud, you'll get the second truck for 1 hour (Plus)/2 hours (Premier) at no extra charge.1

FREE GAS: If you run out of gas, you can get enough to reach the nearest open service station. No charge for the service call or the gas. (Diesel fuel is not available.)


TRIP INTERRUPTION EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT: If your vehicle becomes disabled on a covered trip, AAA will reimburse you for certain expenses, such as car rental fees, lodging, or associated meals.

Make sure your vacations go off without a hitch. Visit your local AAA Store or call 866-MEMBERS talk to a AAA Associate about adding RV coverage to your Plus or Premier Membership.

1The RV Rider extends Plus and Premier Members' services to licensed campers, motor homes, motorcycles, travel trailers, and boat and utility trailers (but only if loaded with boat or recreational vehicle such as ATV, dirt bike, or jet ski). Certain exclusions apply. Call 866-MEMBERS for details.