Not to worry! As long as we can safely get to you we'll transport you and your disabled bike back home, to a bike repair shop, or wherever you'd like.

Bicycle towing mileage is the same as your vehicle free towing mileage (5 miles for Classic, 100 miles for Plus/Premier, and one extra 200-mile tow for Premier Members). Any additional towing miles will be at the same low rate as it is for vehicles.

Bicycles covered:

  • Your bike, a friend's bike
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Tandems/trailers pulled by bicycles
  • The above is provided as long as service can be safely delivered using normal servicing equipment

Your bicycle must be disabled. Transportation will not be included for rider fatigue or physical inability to continue riding. A Bicycle Assistance call counts as one of your Roadside Assistance calls and there is no additional charge to you as a Member for bicycle coverage. You will need to show your Member card when the driver arrives.

Quick Tip:

Download your AAA Membership card to your Apple or Google Wallet so it's right there in your phone and you don't have to carry your wallet or a physical AAA card when you're out riding.

For complete information including bicycles NOT covered, download your Member Benefits Guide (PDF) and consult pages 17-18.