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Travel like a pro with currency in hand. Convert a portion of your spending money into the local currency to limit unexpected fees from ATMs and debit or credit cards on small purchases. Consider how often you would visit cafés, shop at local markets, hail taxis and tip at restaurants. Be prepared with cash in hand so you are ready to enjoy your trip the moment you arrive.

Purchasing foreign currency through AAA is fast, easy and convenient, with more than 80 currencies all available at competitive rates. And next-day delivery is free with a minimum purchase.1

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I receive my currency?

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Online orders received weekdays before 3pm local time will be processed that day and use the shipping type selected in the order. Orders received after 3pm on weekdays or on weekends will be processed the following business day. Next-day delivery is free with minimum purchase.1 Contact your local AAA for details.

What currencies do you offer?

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Through its partnership with CXI, AAA offers more than 80 currencies—all available at competitive rates.

What is the minimum/maximum currency I can order?

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Orders placed at AAA are not subject to minimum or maximum amounts. All online orders are subject to a minimum value of $100 USD and no more than $2,999.99 USD per home delivery. Additional limits may apply.

Why do I need foreign currency? Why not simply use my credit or debit card?

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Though credit and debit cards are widely used, and many are accepted internationally, it is simple to overlook how often cash is needed. From gratuities and taxis to local merchants where additional haggling or limited acceptance becomes an issue, local currency can help you move smoothly and swiftly through your journey. Additionally, foreign transaction fees can mount quickly, and banks or credit card issuers may decline transactions or place holds on your card to limit perceived fraudulent charges.

Why not purchase at the airport or destination?

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As the last place to exchange funds before your intended destination, airports are notoriously the most expensive place to exchange foreign currency and can therefore charge exorbitant rates or fees. Upon arriving at your destination, there is no easy way to know what your exchange rate or fees would be. You may need to shop around for the best rate instead of enjoying your travel.

How do I pay online?

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Home delivery orders can be purchased with most major credit or debit cards issued in the United States. CXI does not accept international credit cards or prepaid cards. Members attempting to pay with international credit cards or prepaid cards will automatically be denied at checkout. Please be advised that other processing or cash advance fees may apply.

Currency exchange services provided by Currency Exchange International, Corp. The information on this page is subject to change without notice.

1Currency is delivered the next business day nationwide for all orders received before 3:00pm local time (earlier cutoff times apply for residents of Alaska and Hawaii). Members should contact their local AAA for minimum purchase requirements.