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Drug Impaired Driving

Drugged impaired driving is a national epidemic that is receiving increasing attention, as a result of state legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational use. AAA is committed to educating motorists and the public about the risks of substance-impaired driving. AAA is initiating new research to improve understanding on the topic and is working collaboratively with safety stakeholders to reduce the impact of substance-impaired driving related crashes.

AAA Policy Summits

AAA is urging state policymakers to strengthen laws to help fight substance impaired driving and get more police officers trained to recognize drug impairment.

AAA has organized state policy summits nationwide, which have provided opportunities for leading experts to exchange ideas with local stakeholders on challenges, promising countermeasures and policy approaches to address drugged driving on a state specific level.

AAA Studies

Cannabis Impaired Driving – What We Know: Marijuana has the potential to impair a person’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. Marijuana can decrease car handling, performance and attention, while increasing reaction times, following distance, and lane departure.

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